The Frontlinelay System


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The frontline lay system free horse racing laying system

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The Frontlinelay System

  1. 1. Frontline Lay SystemBefore I write about the Frontline Lay system, let me ask you a few questions:• Do you regularly earn loads of money gambling on racehorses?• Do you find it easy to pick the winner of a 12 horse race?• Or, are you like many ordinary mortals, who couldnt predict the winner of a one horse race?You are lucky, because in this free report I will give you an insight into the world of aprofessional gambler who makes his living from laying horses. The Frontline Laysystem is a proven method that consistently wins you money time and time again.In case you havent heard my name is Ross William Turner, I am 30 years old, and Ihave been making an income from laying horses for the past 7 years. Lastyear I made around £57,000! This could be you: 1
  2. 2. Frontline Lay SystemSo there I was, quietly making money and minding my own business taking moneyoff the "mug punters". I generally try to keep myself updated on the lay betting sceneso I signed up for some emails about other lay betting systems. I was amazed by therubbish being sent out by the so called gambling "Gurus".Its obvious that these "Gurus" have no idea what they are talking about. Forthose lay betting systems that do work, they have two major flaws:• Either these systems are not proven to work in the long term; or• The selection process is not clear enough, leaving too many unanswered questions.I decided that enough is enough! I have put my own killer method down on paper andin this free report I will give you some clues as to what to look for. As well as thisfree report you will be receiving my 5 day email course on successful lay betting.Among the things to consider should be:• Planning• Consistency• Discipline• Ground Conditions• Distance• WeightJust keeping these six points in mind will improve your chances of becomingsuccessful when laying horses!Here is an example of my lay betting system in action:The 1st Filter: • Ensure that the said horse lies within the top 3 in terms of betting forecast. • Ensure the odds are less than 5/1 or 6.0 on Betfair.The 2nd Filter: • If the horse is favourite add 2 Marks. • If horse is second/joint first favourite add 1 Mark. • If the horse lies outside first two betting positions subtract 1 MarkThe 3rd Filter: • If the horse has ran in the last 5 days add 1 Mark. • If the horse hasn’t ran in the last 5 days subtract 1 Mark.The 4th Filter: • If the horse has won in his last 3 runs award 2 Marks. • If the horse hasnt won in his last 3 runs subtract 1 Mark.The 5th Filter: • If the horse has won over this ground before (i.e. hard/soft/good) award 3 Marks. • If horse has won over similar ground add 1 Mark. • If horse hasn’t won over same/similar ground subtract 2 Marks 2
  3. 3. Frontline Lay SystemThe 6th Filter: • If the horse has won at this course before award 2 Marks. • If horse has came 2nd at this course award 1 Mark. • If horse has done neither, subtract 2 Marks.Once you have gone through the selection process, any horse that has +3 Marks andabove, you leave alone! In other words, the higher the Negative (-) Mark, the betterchances of the horse losing, and you should Lay those horses!After going through the process, I selected to lay Dickie Le Davoir: 3
  4. 4. Frontline Lay SystemLets look at the results. Dickie came in second, ¾ length behind the winner.I remember what it was like to be stuck in a dead end job, doing the daily grind,sucking up to a boss you hate, just to pay the bills and only having the weekend tolook forward to. Using my system, I will show you how to select horse to lay but also:• Give you more time with the family, as you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home.• Having more free time to spend your money, taking things easy with a stress free life.• No more early mornings.• Being one of the few people that actually makes money from horse racing by just working a couple of hours a day.• Being the envy of all your friends, having them beg you for tips. 4
  5. 5. Frontline Lay SystemI hope you have enjoyed this free report and check your email regularly for moreexcellent free stuff. If you require more information on laying horses like a Pro thenhead over to Frontline Lay.I wish you well on your future success.Ross Ross the author of the Frontline Lay ebook which shows people how to lay race horses successfully. With experience in a wide variety of sports betting Ross has made a living as a Pro gambler for the last 7 years. As well as horse racing, Ross has profited from football, boxing, tennis and golf. Rosss shares his experiences and current sporting activities giving advice on what it takes to get the job done. 5