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2014 april yab meeting


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2014 april yab meeting

  1. 1. Ohio Youth Advisory Board Thursday, April 17, 2014 at Quest Business Center: 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus OH 43240
  2. 2. • We exist to be the knowledgeable statewide voice that influences policies and practices that effect all youth who have or will experience out of home care. OHIO YAB Mission
  3. 3. OHIO YAB Agenda Reporting Out: • Progress on OHIO YAB Focus Areas for 2014 Youth Brainstorming • Choice of Topics Lunch • Tardis Activity • Announcements from Ally Organizations New and Good Upcoming Opportunities
  4. 4. 2014 Ohio YAB Focus Areas • Outreach and Policy • Transitional Housing • Education • Youth Voice in Court • Independent Living Preparation • Employment
  5. 5. Outreach and Policy Progress on Goals 1. Columbus Dispatch article on extending foster care supports to 21 2. Presentation during statewide Legislative Briefing 3. OHIO YAB Youth Rights Handbook
  6. 6. Two NEW Youth Boards: • Regional YAB in Lake, Ashtabula and Geagua County • Ross County YAB – with plans to reach out and partner with nearby counties
  7. 7. 1.) Assisted in facilitating Kick-off of the Youth and Alumni Taskforce to End Youth Homelessness in Cincinnati. 2.) Compiling a list of transitional housing resources. 3.) Partnering with a Place 4 Me in Cleveland. Transitional Housing Progress on Goals
  8. 8. 1.) Youth recommendations from January OHIO YAB meeting. 2.) Youth input on Ohio Reach website. 3.) Youth input on combined Ohio Reach and Connecting the Dots conference (today). Education Progress on Goals
  9. 9. 1.) Staff at residential facilities should be trauma-informed, and skilled to assist youth in dealing with their triggers. 2.) Youth who are placed in residential facilities should be informed of their personal rights, and who to contact if they feel physically unsafe. 4.) Residential facilities should separate out youth who are suicidal from youth who are physically violent. 5.) Residential facilities should provide a distinction between tweens (ages 12-14) with teens (ages 15-17). Their developmental needs are different. 6.) Current residential policies be reviewed with input from current and/or former foster youth, including their policies on seclusion, staff training and independent living preparation. Advocating for Youth in Residential Placements Youth-Developed Recommendations
  10. 10. 1.) Regular meetings with GAL 2.) Met with judges 3.) Glossary of Court Language 4.) Teaching future GAL class. 5.) The needs of all youth matter. Youth Voice in Court Progress on Goals
  11. 11. LGBTQA Youth in Care Ohio Pride
  12. 12. 1.) Statewide Independent Living Curriculum 2.) Online Independent Living Clearinghouse of Resources 3.) Compile and share youth input about IL challenges, Best Practices and recommendations for the future Independent Living Preparation Progress on Goals
  13. 13. OYAB Moving Forward in 2014: Workforce Promote Best Practices: 1. Connecting the Dots 2. Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) 3. Overcoming barriers to foster youth having a savings account. 4. Address Stipend and gift card challenges. 5. Promote creative use of funding (i.e. Chafee, TANF- IL, WIA)
  14. 14. Youth Brainstorming Choice of Topics: 1. Housing After Foster Care: ~ facilitated by OHIO YAB Vice President Dominique Jefferson 2. Oct. 17 Youth Conference: Youth input on the name, menu and workshop ideas ~ co-facilitated by OHIO YAB Media Spokesman Charles Scott, with Will Murray of Ohio Reach 3. Mind Matters: Youth feedback on materials designed to inform foster youth about their medical rights, and how to access medical/mental health needs post-emancipation. 4. Funding for Independent Living and Aftercare: ~ co- facilitated by OHIO YAB Parliamentarian Dorothy Dodson, with Dan Shook of ODJFS
  15. 15. Lunchtime Activity 1. If you go anywhere in space and time, where would it be and why? 2. What’s your number one priority in the future?
  16. 16. New and Good: Because the challenge of the moment is the opportunity of the future
  17. 17. Upcoming Events and Opportunities April 27 – May 1, Three Days On the Hill June 12, SW Connecting the Dots Conference June 25-27, Purple Project Conference July 17, Ohio Youth Advisory Board Quarterly Meeting July 25, Teening Up for Success Conference Oct. 17, Connecting the Dots and Ohio Reach Conference