[Challenge:Future] Love|Life|Music ...


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[Challenge:Future] Love|Life|Music ...

  1. 1. Love|Life|Music<br />…it’s all about youth Expression | Perception | Participation<br />Team #LLM<br />Adedayo Adeyanju | Nubi Kayode | Titilayo Ijagbemi<br />
  2. 2. The #LLM Idea<br /> The Love|Life|Music project idea or simply #LLM is one with the purpose of using the arts & music as media for youthexpression, perception & participationwith themselves & the society. Our work can all be put under one umbrella – Paradigm Shift in SocialChange. The #LLM solution embeds funinto social change.<br />#LLM<br />
  3. 3. The #LLM Idea<br />#LLM for involves a series of activities targeted at Expression|Perception|Participation: Murals, Art Social Change exhibitions, Photo expos & mini “unplugged” concerts, real-community building activities, etc. will be outlets for this project. Instant deliverables will be the grasp of how to create meaning while having fun doing these things.<br />Our project idea is not solely change oriented; it’s a social enterprise because we realize the impracticality of an idea without necessary support. Volunteer action is ingrained in the ethos of the idea & fun is the only way to keep those volunteers coming back on their quest for meaningful ways to have impact.<br />Fun @Creating<br />Fun @Collaborating<br />Fun @Volunteering<br />Fun @Organizing<br />Fun @Learning<br />#LLM<br />
  4. 4. WhatPeopleThink<br />This is an avenue to allow for understanding of religious differences when it comes to fate and faith, as the platform here is fun and not strife or tensions<br />The #LLM is definitely a fun way to push youths with awesome ideas on fashion, song writing, and singing (creativity, as a whole) as it allows for exposure and development.<br />Patrick Dinneya (Faith and Religion)<br />DamilolaTeidi (Model, Singer, and Songwriter)<br />Having volunteered to be an experienced contributor, I sure feel part of a bigger community of developers, as I get to pass on my knowledge and experience while having fun with my camera<br />ImoleBalogun (Freelance Artist – TCD Concept)<br />As a youth with civil engineering background the #LLM allows for me steam off – applying my skills in a fun but yet meaningful way, as I get to meet with other community builders and come up with ideas that we can all implement.<br />I sure have been looking for avenues to share my blog post in reading, so as to get across to the “needed audience”; this project idea would be a best start for me<br />EmmanuellaOdi (Community Builder)<br />Dania Idam (Blogger & Entertainer)<br />#LLM<br />
  5. 5. OurIdeaConnect<br />Our Team questions for Chiamanda Adichie<br /><ul><li>Do you think there is need for innovation to deal with social change, and what is your opinion of embedding fun in any proposal?
  6. 6. Do you think “meaningful fun” can be embedded in the way we do things in this part of the world – Africa?
  7. 7. Look at the #LLM project idea, is it something a potential “experience contributor” would like to be involved in and why?</li></ul>We would be thrilled to connect to our very own Chiamanda Adichiefor an interview, as she is definitely a model of a youth who has engaged in meaningful fun – creating .<br />With the power of creative writing (as well as presenting them) which portray the society – it’s current position and future position, she creates a means of engaging people in meaningfulfun– learning while getting these information.<br />Her invitation to the TED goes a long way to show the importance of spreading the idea(s) she had about subject matters which revolved around social change.<br />We look to get across to her via the The Future Project (Nigeria) channel.<br />#LLM<br />