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Crown of Splendor Foundation


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A submission for the Challenge:Future Competition on YOUTH for youth project in Africa.

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Crown of Splendor Foundation

  1. 1. THE 2012: RURAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT The number of underprivileged youths are expected: 800 - 1000 Volunteering Hours: 18 hours per week YOUTH 4 youth challenge Denis Kyabaggu
  2. 2. BackgroundRural Human Development in Uganda still faces enormous challenges even amidst naturalendowments and human resource Capital that have not been optimally utilized. A cross-section of people young and old continue to wake up each day in the quagmire ofpoverty, Ignorance and disease.The Crown of Splendor Foundation (CSF) with an operational base in Bukomero – Kibogaa rural district in Central Uganda intends to avert the situation in the area by restoring socio-economic hope among the rural population who are engulfed in persistent absolute povertysituations that are a result of massive un-employment and under-employment
  3. 3. Problem StatementWhereas Rural Community Human Development Initiatives need both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques so as to bring about social-economic transformation,Bukomero Village in Kiboga lacks a Human Development Resource Center from wherethe population can acquire practical economic information and skills.The lack of such a resource and information Centre curtails the efficient and effectivedissemination and imparting of vital skills and knowledge to a wide cross-section of thepopulation who are in dire need of it for self help sustainability in household incomes. Itis against this background that Crown of Splendor Foundation is spearheading efforts toput in place a multi-purpose Community Human Development Resource Centre inBukomero – Kiboga District.
  4. 4. Project Aim The overall aim of the project is to provide a model center for equipping practical entrepreneurial skills to the rural youth population for socio-economic transformation
  5. 5. Project Objectives Be a coordination and reference Centre of all community development initiatives of Crown of Splendor Foundation in Bukomero. The center will as well provide a better and modest office premises for CSF. Be a conference /meeting center of all project beneficiaries of CSF whenever there is need to convene and deliberate on key socio-economic issues of the community.
  6. 6. Project Description & ComponentThe project design is structured along the following cross-cutting issues of humandevelopment aimed at reducing household poverty conditions. •Entrepreneurial skills Development through training in fields of agribusiness, trade and commerce, art and crafts, music and drama •Micro-finance programs that nurture a culture of micro-savings and subsequent easy access to micro credit facilities for maximum self help benefit. The micro-savings scheme for low and medium income individuals will provide easy access to affordable loans on a revolving fund basis through which viable economic activities will be undertaken
  7. 7. Project Significance/JustificationThe project’s main target beneficiaries are the youth age group who constitute a largerproportion of the population structure in Uganda. The youth in Bukomero continue toface a multiplicity of life challenge mainly stemming from unemployment andunderemployment.This is despite of the energetic and able bodies un-exploited labor force. A socioeconomic transformation of the youth will translate into for reaching positive impact onRural Human Development as far as long and healthy life, education attainment anddecent standard of living is concerned
  8. 8. Project BudgetItems to include: Building materials – bricks, sand, iron bars, cement, polythene sheet,pine hook, iron sheet, ridges, etc.; labor cost, transportation and other expenses to a tuneon US $21,200. (See http://slidver.d/293 for budget breakdown)
  9. 9. Conclusion In conclusion, provided that financial and logistical which are the key Implementation challenges are resolved and consequently sufficient investment funds are availed the project proposal will no doubt bring significant to many people, create future job employment in a sustainable manner for improved living standards in villages
  10. 10. THE 2012: RURAL HUMAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT of CROWN OF SPLENDOR FOUNDATION Press the “LIKE THIS” button  Written by Denis Kyabaggu Founder / President Crown of Splendor Foundation