Help People Help Themselves


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Presentation made for a competition submission to cover the Crown of Splendor Foundation and how it's address the issue of Youths helping other youths.

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Help People Help Themselves

  1. 1. Help People, Help Themselves “YOUTH FOR YOUTH” Challenge:Future Quick Challenge Georgina Ngalme (Papua New Guinea)
  2. 2. Project Stats:• Final Project Submission / Call for Action: June 10, 2012• The Name of Your Project: Help People, Help Themselves• Team Leader: Georgina Ngalme• Underprivileged Youth: School dropouts, Home scholars• Number of People in the Team: 0• Volunteering hours spent: Weekends: ½ day. Working Days: 2-3 hours• Number of youth impacted: Approx 300 – 400• Period of Project /Action: June 11, 2012 – May 16, 2013
  3. 3. Answering The Question Using your creativity and experience, come up with an idea on how you could help make real impact for the underprivileged youth, from abandoned and homeless to immigrants and disabled ones?
  4. 4. Views…• From my perspective, when looking at the underprivileged youth, from abandoned and homeless to immigrants and disabled one is a kind of a very „tense‟ situation.• As there are many contributing factors that leads to the youth being underprivileged.• From my experience as a youth in the age of 23 and from observations, I believe that “Employment” must be provided to engaged the youth to at least for them to earn their living.
  5. 5. Suggestion as an AnswerIn my perspective as a youthand from a Papua NewGuinean point of view withregard to this matter, Istrongly believe that“Employment Opportunities”should be provided to theyouths to get themselvesengaged in to improve theirliving standards.Employment: In this contextcan mean any job that anyonecan perform.
  6. 6. Employment OpportunitiesEducated point of viewAdditional job opportunities must beprovided by the government in thegovernmental sector, non-government organizations, publicand private sectors and create manyvacant positions for the graduatedstudents to get engaged in.
  7. 7. Employment OpportunitiesUneducated point of viewCertain responsibilities can be given to them to engaged themin farming, sporting .Or adult literacy be provided for them to enhance their skills incarpentry, mechanic, electrician, sewing etc…Others can do basic jobs like house-keeping, join the securityforce, drivers.
  8. 8. Implementations• In Papua New Guinea, there is less job opportunities provided for the huge number of students and it resulted in a few offered with jobs while the large bulk of students remain unsuccessful.• Therefore, there are two proposed projects and a firm that will be offered as an employment opportunities for the underprivileged youths in my country to work in, hence there are many projects but will start with the two listed below and work things out from there. a) Poultry & Piggery Project b) Establish a Security Firm
  9. 9. Justification I chose the two projects and a firm because the employment does not have a range, or criteria to meet to be qualified for that job. Anybody and that will include the underprivileged youths can take this post as a credit for them to earn a living for themselves. Most importantly the main idea or the objective behind this is to provide an avenue for the underprivileged youths and to keep them busy and concentrate in the job at hand so that they will have no free time to engage themselves in causing social problems.
  10. 10. Thank you…Press the “Like This” button Contact Details Miss Georgina Lorna Ngalme Executive Officer to the Deans President‟s Office Divine Word University Telephone: (675) 422 2937 DL: (675) 424 1868 Fax: (675) 422 2812 Email: