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Comm with the Elderly: end-of-life decision-making


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Comm with the Elderly: end-of-life decision-making

  1. 1. By Nick Rindge
  2. 2. As we age, we facedecisions that range fromsimple to extremelycomplex. They are WHATpsychosocial, spiritual, legal, and/or medicalnature. in IS IT? QU’EST-CE QUE C’EST?
  3. 3. Common decisions include degree offamily involvement, wills, and how tospend limited time and energy. Some reflect on the meaning of life or deal with psychologically unfinished business, preparing to “Meet his or her Maker”
  4. 4. However, medical end-of-life decisions are oftenthe most challenging forthe terminally ill Within end-of-life decision-making is a debate about whether or not we’re allowed to choose physician-assisted suicide
  5. 5. Some people believe that we shouldn’t be allowed to decide to end our own lives… …And some people think it is a patient’s right to receive euthanasia What do YOU think?
  6. 6. WHO USES IT?Anyone directly affected by the end-of-life debate! Dang lil mama! Them dentures look right!
  8. 8. …SO WHAT? Why does all this matter? Well, dying is something we all have in common.
  9. 9. That being said, physician-assistedsuicide is a pretty grave topic…
  10. 10. In most cases, the debate struggle is dead in the water!
  11. 11. So many jokes, I’m just killing myself!!
  12. 12. Really, the end-of-life debate matters because it is central to Communication with the Elderly. Like I joked, the chance that YOU either have or will experience death is 100%.Being basically the only conflictin Comm with the elderly, it’simportant to take a stance.
  13. 13. CRITICISMMany people live with painful disabilities or conditions that make living nearly impossible. Should we let these people choose to die? What if they are healthy, but don’t want to live?
  14. 14. What an ethical nightmare! COME HERE, KIDDIES
  16. 16. Nick’s checklist for E.O.L.D.M.P.A.S.(end-of-life decision-making: physician-assisted Suicide) “HOLY ACRONYM BATMAN!! IT JUST MIGHT WORK!”
  17. 17. IS IT REALLY THAT EASY?-Assess patient’s decision-making skills-Evaluate sincerity of patient’s condition-Review pertinent Medical Facts-Choose appropriate time and place-Family must be present and aware-Sensitivity and Consistence
  18. 18. CREDIT FOR PICTURES“Crossroads” (6 July 2011) used with permission from Shelly, B.“Old Woman” (1 November 2011) used with permission from Big D.“Funny Baby”“Strange clown” used with permission from coffey67.“Old man and boy” used with permission from cheivan.“Funeral procession for RUC offier” used with permission from Burns Library, Boston College.“Gravestone” used with permission from Keturah Stickann.“Elderly People” used with permission from bensons.“Belly up” used with permission from Anne Glamore.“Net Over Face” used with permission from Bloody Marty Mix.“Old Woman with a Fur Hat” used with permission from Olsen Webb.“Old Woman near Chang Ri” used with permission from M’sieur Rico.“Flag” used with permission from Cayusa.“Batman and Robin” used with permission from AntoineWentzler.