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Process book final3


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Process book for my MET-Rx rebranding project for Packaging 2 at Art Center College of Design. The assignment was to rebrand MET-Rx from logo, to messaging, to packaging. At the end of 14 weeks physical mock-ups were required, including at least one that held liquid.

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Process book final3

  1. 1. Met-rx rebranding Packaging 2 Alex Cabunoc instructed by ania borysiewicz art center college of design summer 2011
  2. 2. PACKAGE DESIGN & BOOK LAYOUT©2011 / Alex CabunocAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recordingor any information storage and retrieval system, withoutprior permission in writing from the publisher.CONTACTcabunocdesign@GMAIL.COMCell 310.748.9535Home 310.370.4717Instructed by Ania BorysiewiczArt Center College of Design1700 Lida Street, Pasadena, CA 91103Printed and Bound in Los Angeles, CA
  3. 3. Contents 08 16 34 52 08 company information 16 in-store research 34 user characteristics 52 design opportunities 10 company timeline 18 logo analysis 46 target demographics 54 mind mapping 12 current packaging 20 product experiments 48 consumer montage 58 inspirational research 24 user interviews 60 key attributes 26 case studies 62 packaging characteristics 70 mission statement demographicsintroduction development research target brand
  4. 4. 74 98 120 74 protein plus ideation 98 logo ideation 120 midterm presentation board 80 protein plus development 100 logo development 122 self promo takeaways 90 big 100 development 106 final logo 124 final photography 92 ampflied shooter 110 palette explorations development 114 final brand colors 94 R.T.D. 51 development 116 graphic developmentdevelopment development conclusionpackage graphic
  5. 5. introduction
  6. 6. 8 Company Profile About Met-RxIn troduction: Company inform ation Met-Rx., Inc. a subsidiary of NBTY, Inc. Founded in 1991, MET-Rx ® Engineered Nutrition revolutionized the sport nutrition industry Valued at $21 million dollars with a high protein, meal replacement shake fortified with an exclusive protein blend called Headquarters in Ronkonkoma, NY METAMYOSYN ®. Developed by a physician based on metabolic research, METAMYOSYN ® protein is a highly bio-available fuel that supports muscle and strength.* METAMYOSYN® changed sports nutrition forever when it was introduced to the world’s top athletes and celebrities. Today, a new generation is testing the limits of their bodies’ potential and nutrition is playing a crucial role in the evolution of sport. Athletes are breaking down the barriers of possibility by going faster, higher, and pushing their bodies further than ever imagined. MET-Rx continues to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition with a diverse range of products engineered for the next generation of athletes. All those who use state-of-the-art nutrition to achieve their goals — and who never, ever accept limits of mind, body or spirit — are the ones we call… Team MET-Rx
  7. 7. 9Dr. A. Scott Connelly Challenge ObservationFounder of Met-Rx and BodyRx Weak market representation Nine stores visited but only 4 carried Met-Rx ProductsGraduate of Boston University in anesthesiology Dr. Scott Connelly’s Legal problems Over 20 lawsuits erodes credibilityHas over 20 lawsuits against him Met-Rx currently owned by NBTY Changing hands often has led to decreased brand loyalty and confidence Formula changes The current formula does not taste like or packaged like the more preferred orginal Market Saturation Market is saturated with numerous companies that look nearly identical Weak emerging market influence Met-Rx has little representation in emerging markets and demographics like health/wellness or action sports like MMABill PhillipsFounder partner of Met-RxAuthor of Body for Life series
  8. 8. 10In troduction: Company Timeline 1991 1995 1996 1996 Met-Rx was founded by Dr. Scott Penn State Sports Medicine Newsletter Following a distribution disagreement NBC Dateline airs “Hype in a Bottle”, Connelly. It sold a propriety protein publishes “Is It Real Or Is It Met-Rx” and his eventual departure, Bill an investigation into Met-Rx showing supplement originally formulated to which concluded that Met-Rx results Phillips acquires future Met-RX that the company failed to publish aid critically ill patients from losing not proven by scientific methods competitor EAS. peer reviewed documentation to muscle mass. Met-Rx was marketed substantiate product claims. with the assistance of Bill Phillips of Body for Life fame.
  9. 9. 11 1999 1999 2000 2003Met-Rx headquarters moved from Met-Rx is sued by the FTC for using Met-Rx, Inc. purchased by Rexall Met-Rx, Inc. sold again to become aIrvine, CA to Boca Raton, FL. androstenedione in its products Sundown for $108 mil. subsidiary of NBTY and now based in Ronkonkoma, NY
  10. 10. 12In troduction: Current produ ct p ackaging MET-RX Protein Plus MET-RX AMplified Shooter Met-Rx Protein Plus has been reformulated to give you the competitive A one-of-a-kind energy shot in a unique, capsulized delivery system. This advantage – especially when it comes to quality protein! highly concentrated formula is designed to rev your mind and magnify energy levels throughout the system for a rapid intensity spike. It is designed with more Met-Rx Protein Plus contains 46g per serving of exclusive METAMYOSYN® stimulating energy per ounce than any other MET-Rx product ever released.* protein blend, which combines premium whey protein isolates and casein The MET-Rx AMPLIFIED SHOOTER is ounce for ounce... the energy champion! proteins, plus L-Glutamine and naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids - Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine. Studies show that whey is a fast-acting protein while casein is slow-acting, which results in a more prolonged absorption rate to extend the delivery of amino acids to muscles.* Best of all, MET-Rx Protein Plus Protein Powder does not contain added sugar, corn syrup solids, mono- or diglycerides, and is now free of aspartame and hydrogenated oils – which means 0 trans fats!
  11. 11. 13MET-RX Big 100 Meal Replacement Bar Met-Rx RTD 51The Big 100 is Power Anytime! A meal replacement bar with our exclusive Now fitness-minded individuals can get exactly what they want in a ready-to-drinkMETAMYOSYN ® protein blend, this power-packed bar is a great tasting way shake—high performance protein and more of it! MET-Rx RTD 51 is the powerhouseto fuel up on demand! of protein shakes. Each nutritionally advanced, ready-to-drink shake is packed to the max with 51 grams of Metamyosyn® protein that helps support muscle.* Low in fat and containing 4g - 6g (depending on flavor) net carbs, it’s also a natural source of valuable amino acids. Get shakin’ in your choice of delicious Frosty Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla flavors, Mocha Blast, Peanut Butter and Cookies & Crème.
  12. 12. research
  13. 13. 16 shelf PresenceREe arch: in-store research To learn more about how nutritional supplements, especially MET-RX products, are marketed and sold to customers, I visited several stores to observe their shelf presence and any special point of purchase displays they might have. I was surprised to learn how little of a shelf presence MET-RX had, and how easily all the products seem to blend in with each other. Retail Location Visited Met-Rx Products available Rite Aid No Lindberg Nutrition No Target Yes (limited) Walgreen’s Yes (limited) Good Earth Vitamins No GNC Live Well No Vitamin World No CVS Pharmacy Yes (limited) Vitamin Shoppe Yes
  14. 14. 17
  15. 15. Upper Registration mark: Registration mark’s color and size is distracting Corporate colors: Uninspired color choices do not aid brand recognition or distinguish brand from competitors. Red is a common color in this particular industry Main logo font choice: Logo font neither evokes any emotion or helps brand stand apart from competition through brand recognition 18 Pronunciation ambiguity:REe arch: logo analysis Uncertainty whether brand name should be pronounced as “Metrix” or “Met Rx” Drop Shadow: Logo’s drop shadow is problematic when placed on colored backgrounds. Drop shadow cheapens the logo and makes it appear dated “Engineered nutrition”: Vague tagline doesn’t distinguish Met-Rx products, manufacturing processes, results or services from competitors too much leading: Too much leading between main logo and catchphrase italicized font: Font italicization makes logo appear dated lower Registration mark: Second registration mark appears redundant
  16. 16. 19Background colors:Loose graphic standards allow for logo placement ondistracting backgrounds“shaping every Body”:Inconsistent tagline message as well as inconsistentfont graphic standardsbackground illustration:Background illustration is distracting and inconsistentwith branding
  17. 17. 20REe arch: produ ct experiment one Peanut butter and dried fruit protein bars Ingredients overall reception 1 cup protein powder, Using my Design Leadership classmates as 1/2 cup oat bran guinea pigs, I allowed them to eat both the protein 1/2 cup whole-wheat flour bars and the following muffins to get an honest 1/4 cup wheat germ opinion of how these two different foods came out. 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 cup raisins With regards to the protein bars, they were pretty 1/2 cup dried cherries well received. They said that the flavor reminded 1/2 cup dried blueberries them of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 1/2 cup dried apricots Overall, I thought the bars were a bit too moist 1 (12.3-ounce) package soft silken tofu and very dense. It was more akin to a fruit cake 1/2 cup unfiltered apple juice than a protein bar. But they were not as bad as 1/2 cup packed dark brown sugar I had feared they would be. However, with all 2 large whole eggs, beaten the sugars added to this recipe, I don’t believe I 2/3 cup natural peanut butter would call this healthy. Canola oil, for pan
  18. 18. 21
  19. 19. 22REe arch: produ ct experiment two Banana Muffins with Protein Powder Ingredients Overall reception 1 cup white whole wheat flour (4.5 oz) The muffins came out pretty good in my opinion. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda There was a rubbery texture that immediately gave 1/2 teaspoon baking powder away the fact that these were made with protein 1/4 teaspoon salt (see note) powder. The flavor was pleasant and definitely 1 large egg white, lightly beaten with a fork reminiscent of banana bread. They were not as 6 tablespoons protein powder moist as normal cupcakes, but were well received 2 tablespoons vegetable oil and there were none left by the end of class. 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt (Yoplait) 1/2 teaspoon vanilla 2 tablespoons turbinado sugar 2 mashed bananas (8 oz)
  20. 20. 23
  21. 21. 24 interviews and insightsREe arch: User interviews For secondary research and to gain more insight into how MET-RX products are used and perceived, I conducted three interviews of people who both weight train and use nutritional supplements. I wanted to glean more understanding in how nutritional supplements are used, prepared, stored and what they think about the MET-RX brand specifically.
  22. 22. 25Jimmy Kim Steven Sandoval Steve ChinHsuan WangHow long have you been weight training? How long have you been weight training? How long have you been weight training?6 years I have been training on and off for a number of years. Lifting off and on for a couple of years I have been training actively for the past 9 months.On average, how much do you spend on On average, how much do you spend onsupplements in a month? On average, how much do you spend on supplements in a month?I spend about $50 a month, but I know that a lot of supplements in a month? I believe 40 dollars.people who workout spend more money than I do. I spend $35-45 dollars a month; I buy larger quantities so I don’t have to purchase supplies as often. Why did you choose the particular supplementalHave you ever heard of the brand MET-Rx and if brands that you currently use?so, what is your opinion of this brand? Why did you choose the particular supplemental I basically look at the package first, design isI haven’t heard of it. brands that you currently use? okay? I will start to read the back. I never really I choose those supplements for the combination look at those one with arnold arms in the frontWhy did you choose the particular supplemental value and quality needed for my fitness goals. Taste that labels HUGE XXXX w/e. ISOPURE has a fairlybrands that you currently use? is a big contributing factor for my product selection. nice graphic design, and the ZEROCARB onesI’m using ISO Sensation is because of the taste. provides less calories/fat for the same amount ofI believe that above certain quality, the effect of protein as other brands.protein is pretty much the same. I use superpump “I would like to see the packagingbecause I tried a sample, and I liked it. I never make the product more portabletake supplements from a company that I haven’t “Basically, I hate the packaging that and possibly easier to mix on theheard of before just to be safe. makes it look very extreme. I am just go. Maybe make the packaging a casual lifter and I don’t exactly resealable and individually wrapped. ”“I would make them so that it is want people to see me carrying aeasy to open the package. Also, container with Arnold around. I willthe scoop inside the supplement never, and don’t want to look like that. ”is used for a long time, and itbecomes dirty sometimes. ”
  23. 23. Rese arch: case study: lei ca26
  24. 24. 27Company Information Business Observations Name: Leica Camera AG Tradition of quality lenses Industry: Camera and Optics Clean, modern design across whole product line Headquarters: Wetzler, Germany Emphasis on design and performance versus affordability and market share Established: 1913 Reputation is known for higher priced lenses but leader in industryLeica Camera AG, a German optics company,produces Leica cameras. The predecessor of thecompany, formerly Ernst Leitz GmbH, is now threecompanies: Leica Camera AG, Leica GeosystemsAG, and Leica Microsystems AG, producingcameras, geosurvey equipment, and microscopes,respectively. Leica Microsystems AG is the ownerof the Leica brand, and grants licences to LeicaCamera AG and Leica Geosystems.
  25. 25. REe arch: case study: Crank Brothers28
  26. 26. 29Company Information Business Observations Name: Crank Brothers High emphasis on form and materials Industry: Sporting and Recreational Goods Company philosophy based on design and Supplies Known for elegant and reliable products Headquarters: Laguna Beach, CA Modern inspired use of colors and truth in materials Established: 2000 Use of well designed and non-traditional pack aging to stand apart from competitorsFrank Hermansen founded Crankbrothers in Still, it wasn’t until 2001 that Crankbrothers reallythe mid ’90s along with business partner Carl made its presence known in the industry. ThatWinefornder, a mechanical engineer. The two met year Hermansen and Winefornder brought thewhile designing scuba gear for another company in Eggbeater clipless pedal to Interbike. That’s whensouthern California. Herrick, too, took notice and joined the company eight months after the unveiling of the mud-Despite jobs in the diving world, both men shared shedding pedal. Herrick’s marketing skills, coupleda passion for bikes and began looking for ways with the revolutionary design of the Eggbeater,of developing products for cyclists. Their first triggered a meteoric rise in the company’s fortunes.effort was the Hydrapak, a design subsequentlylicensed to Bell. But it was another product, theSpeedlever, that gave the brand its start in 1997.The extendable, hub-mounted, tire lever was a hitat the Interbike trade show, even being namedbest product of the year by several publications,including VeloNews.
  27. 27. REe arch: case study: Patagonia30
  28. 28. 31Company Information Business Observations Name: Patagonia, Inc. Emphasis on ethical business and design Industry: Retail Outdoor Clothing & Supplies Leader in industry despite reputation of higher priced goods Headquarters: Ventura, CA Known for well made products and high performance Established: 1972Patagonia, Inc. is a Ventura, California-basedclothing company, focusing mainly on outdoorclothing. The company is a member of severalenvironmental movements. It was founded by YvonChouinard in 1972.Though Patagonia is considered to be a sport-specificapparel manufacturer, some of the company’s mostpopular products are general apparel. Patagoniafleeces, rain jackets, and coats are some of the mostwidely-worn products in the outdoor apparel industry.Patagonia received two “Gear of the Year” awardsin 2010. The company was praised for its use oflightweight and recycled materials.
  29. 29. Targetdemographics
  30. 30. The new Met-rx demographicIn order to differentiate itself from its competitors, the newMET-RX brand will need to target a new demographic.
  31. 31. He’s fit... Tar get Demog raph ics: user char acteristics34
  32. 32. 35...Not Freakish.
  33. 33. he’s Not Metrosexual... Tar get Demog raph ics: user char acteristics36
  34. 34. 37...but definitely sexual.
  35. 35. Not arrogant... Tar get Demog raph ics: user char acteristics38
  36. 36. 39...But not a pushover.
  37. 37. He’s well read... Tar get Demog raph ics: user char acteristics40
  38. 38. 41...but not stuck in his own head.
  39. 39. He’s adventurous... Tar get Demog raph ics: user char acteristics42
  40. 40. 43...Not “x-treme!”
  41. 41. 44 so why should his nutritional supplements looks like this?Tar get Demograph ics: user characteristics
  42. 42. 45
  43. 43. 46 So who is he?Tar get Demog He’s the Man’s man, when you’re no longer a boy. He’s smart, but open to new ideas He’s not easily swayed by what’s hip at the moment. He’s cultured enough to know how many tines araph ics: User overview salad fork has, but eats his steak raw.
  44. 44. 47demographic breakdownprimarily malemid 20’s to late 50’seducatedmiddle to upper-middle class incomemore interested in health & fitness versus sizewell groomedactive lifestylesocially, nutritionally, and ecologically awaresingle, Married, and married with childrenmay also pursue alternative forms of fitness (, pilates, and mma)
  45. 45. Tar get Demog raph ics: consumer mon tage48
  46. 46. 49
  47. 47. branddevelopment
  48. 48. 52 design opportunitiesBrand develo pm ent: consumer mon tage After my research and store visits, I was able to identify a few initial design opportunities were a good place to begin designing from.
  49. 49. Akward, bulky containersCurrent containers are large, awkward barrels thatare difficult to carryUsers basically have to hug the bottles like teddybears which is somewhat emasculatingEverything is alikeMarket is saturated with similar branded barrels, 53both in graphic design and package designDifficult to distinguish one company from anotherand one product from anotherStand out in a crowdChange the package styling to target a newdemographic and stand out among competitorsIncorporated handlesHandles could be incorporated into barrel to makelifting easierHandles should be designed to be cost effective,not diminish structural integrity, and be convenient
  50. 50. 54 Mind mapping: phase 1Brand develo pm ent: Mind As a product major, I’ve done several mind maps throughout my time at Art Center, however this mind map was a new experience in that it was limited to only 7 minutes and was more like free association writing than the more pensive mind mapping I’m accustomed to. I found that this method allowed for a more free flow of thoughts and ideas to be generated, even though many of those ideas weren’t necessarily applicable to this project or even feasible.Mapping
  51. 51. 55
  52. 52. 56 Mind mapping: phase 2Brand develo pm ent: Mind A second attempt at this new mind mapping technique. I found it very useful to do this activity more than once to get into the groove and get the hang of this type of brainstorming.Mapping
  53. 53. 57
  54. 54. 58 retail inspiration visitBrand develo pm ent: ide ation inspir ational research In order to get some inspiration and more technical know-how, I visited a retail location to see how other products, especially those outside of the nutritional supplement category are packaged. I wanted to see examples of how products solve problems of ergonomics and graphic treatments on different materials. I also wanted to see which various manufacturing processes were used most often and examples of different materials and finishes.
  55. 55. 59
  56. 56. 60Brand develo pm ent: Key A ttributes brand key Attributes To help guide the development process, we were tasked with defining six key attributes that would describe our new brand. These attributes are what set our brand apart from the competition. These attributes are used across all stages of the development process. For my MET-RX rebrand, I’ve chose the following from attributes: (from left to right) Modular, Authoritative, Precise, Nutritional, Sleek, Intuitive.
  57. 57. 61 Modular Precise SleekAuthoritative Nutritional Intuitive
  58. 58. 62 PAckaging CharacteristicsBrand develo pm ent: p ackaging char To better attract my new target demographic, I want the new MET-RX brand to have certain characteristics in both its physical packaging and graphic application. These characteristics are separate from its key attributes which convey more of the feeling of the new MET-RX brand. These characteristics describe the actual look of the new brand. I’ve narrowed down 7 characteristics my packaging will embody.acteristics
  59. 59. 63Authoritative, Bold stancePhysically, I want the packaging to have a stance on the shelf that is moreaggressive and leans in as though it is advancing. Current packaging just seems tosit on shelves. This lean will be expressed throughout the entire packaging family.
  60. 60. 64Brand develo pm ent: p ackaging characteristics clean lines The physical shape of the packaging should be simple and without any unnecessary or overly designed components. Forms would tend to be closer to Euclidian shapes and waste should be reduced to a minimum.
  61. 61. 65Architechtural/contemporary influenceShapes should feel familiar and purposeful. The overall design could be seen withvisual cues taken from architecture and contemporary design.
  62. 62. 66Brand develo pm ent: p ackaging characteristics a clear message Graphic application should convey a simple and clear message. current packaging is too garish and confusing with little hierarchy. New graphics would have a clearer first, second and third read. MET-RX logo will be more prominent and easier to locate.
  63. 63. 67feels good in your handI want to improve the tactile experience of handling the new MET-RX packaging. Thisimprovement would be conveyed by either improving ergonomics and/or upgradingthe materials. Current packaging is cumbersome and appears to have a lowperceived value compared to its relatively high price point.
  64. 64. 68Brand develo pm ent: p ackaging characteristics informative In conjunction with clearer graphics, I want the new MET-rx packaging to more informative and easier to understand. My research has shown that users appreciate certain details regarding nutrition and information to be clearly visible and prominent. However, current packaging often is confusing and displays too many messages to be successfully informative.
  65. 65. 69feels like you got your money’s worthIt’s fairly accepted that MET-Rx brand products are priced higher than similarcompeting products. this may have been acceptable earlier when they’re productswere considered more innovative and cutting edge. however, nowadays this pricedifference, real or perceived, is hurting their market share. Without changing theprice point of their products, i would like to increase the perceived value and leavethe customer with a feeling that they are in fact getting their money’s worth.
  66. 66. Mission Statement Brand develo pm ent: mission s tatement70
  67. 67. 71Through the use of distinctive packaging thatborrows from architecture and contemporary design,attract a more savvy and health conscious user tothe Met-RX brand of nutritional supplements. Withthe introduction of bold, clean lines the Met-RX userwill find the intuitive packaging more convenientand informative than the competition. Simply put,the new Met-RX brand is a better fit.
  68. 68. Packagedevelopment
  69. 69. 74 Phase 1 form ideationpac kage develo pm ent: form ske tc hes: Phase one Using my initial concepts as inspiration I started to sketch these initial form explorations. They take cues from different types of containers and packaging.
  70. 70. 75
  71. 71. 76 phase 2 form ideationpac kage develo pm ent: form ske tc hes: Phase two From my initial thumbnails, I gravitated towards this concept of a container with a leaning, aggressive stance. This seems to be a good solution to several aspects of my packaging design that I was trying to achieve as well as help my design stand apart from the competitor’s packaging. In this phase, I wanted to concentrate more on this concept and try to further nail down certain aesthetic proportions and features.
  72. 72. 77
  73. 73. 78 phase 3 form ideationpac kage develo pm ent: form ske tc hes: Phase three From phase two explorations, I wanted to continue to develop the “aggressive stance” in the packaging. I also wanted to resolve certain issues like the inclusion of a handle and develop this idea of hard outer frame, symbolic of the frame of a body builder, used to support the softer container within the structure.
  74. 74. 79
  75. 75. 80 phase 1 package designpac kage develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase one Using my thumbnails as a starting point, I came up with these four mock ups as initial concept directions to take my packaging concept. Each concept, however, incorporated the aggressive leaning stance from my sketches.
  76. 76. 81
  77. 77. 82 phase 2 package designpac kage develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase two Based on feedback from the first phase, I’ve decided to continue to develop the package design with the hard outer skeletal frame that supports a softer bag full of the protein powder.
  78. 78. 83
  79. 79. 84 phase 3 package designpac kage develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase three Further form development of the package design. The lid in the previous iteration disrupted the profile of the container, so in this version it has been recessed. Edges were also filleted and an edge was added to both sides for structural and aesthetic reasons.
  80. 80. 85
  81. 81. 86 phase 4 package designpac kage develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase four This was my final hand-made iteration for this package design before I moved onto rapid prototyping. In this version I reduced the height so that it was 12” in width when placed on its side. 12” is the standard depth of a cabinet and I wanted to ensure that if someone placed it in their cabinet, that they would still be able to close the doors without difficulty. Also, the side wall was refined to a much cleaner and simpler shape. The top side of the wall was increased in height to hide the lid from view when from the side. The top handle was also refined and finalized.
  82. 82. 87
  83. 83. 88 phase 5 package designpac kage develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase five After coming to a point where I could no longer develop the form using basic materials by hand, I decided to design the final packaging using SolidWorks. These are renderings from my design which later would be 3-D printed using FDM.
  84. 84. 89
  85. 85. 90pac kage develo pm ent: Big 100 colossal design Big 100 Colossal Protein Bar develeopment Version 1 Version 2 Initial concept model for the protein bar. I wanted to use In this version, the tilt was reversed making the stance more European gourmet chocolate bar packaging as inspiration. aggressive and leaning in versus leaning away. The shape was My goal was to make the bars more appealing and appetizing simplified and graphic treatments were just beginning to be versus their current packaging. I also wanted to echo the conceptualized. The overall size was reduced somewhat too to aggressive stance and titled form from the protein powder in make the bar a more realistic serving size. the overall form.
  86. 86. 91Version 3 Version 4This was the midterm mock-up that continued much of the same This version takes into consideration all the previous commentsgraphic applications from the rest of the line. The materials and suggestions. I’ve expanded the line to include 4 differentare not quite believable yet and overall the packaging lacks a flavor variants. Also the imagery and more color have beencertain appetizing quality. Currently in this state it appears too applied to increase appetizing qualities. The material is nowscientific and clinical. much more believable too.
  87. 87. 92pac kage develo pm ent: AMplified shooter design Amplified shooter develeopment Version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Initial concept model for the amplified shooter In this version, I’ve upgraded the material to plastic This mock-up incorporated the first attempt at packaging. It borrows design cues from the sheeting; a clear type in the front with an opaque graphics. The direction of the “lean” was also protein powder container with the aggressive white type in the back. I also incorporated a reversed so that the packaging is advancing versus stance. This was also an experiment to test gusseted bottom to allow for more liquid and have retreating as was the case in the previous versions. materials. In this case, I used Ziploc bags and the pouch stand on its own. The tear away opening filled it with water to represent the liquid. was also cut into a shape that makes it more intuitive.
  88. 88. 93Version 4 Version 5 Version 6This version is nearly identical to the previous For the mid-term mock-up this version had updated In this version the graphics have been updatedone, except that I also incorporated the back graphics based on feedback from the instructor. again. All the copy has been brought the outsidegraphics as well. This packaging had graphics applied on the of the packaging and the introduction of a image is outside of the package as well as on the inside placed on the inside of the packaging. The pouch to play with various layers and have a “push/pull” has also been altered so that it no longer has that effect from the graphics. The outside graphics narrowing effect near the base due to the gusset were applied with chromatech. One corner was bottom. Optically the sides now appear more also given a larger radius to mimic the protein parallel than previous versions. The liquid has powder container..The angle of the lean was also been changed from water to vodka to prevent the reduced so it wasn’t as severe. clouding and growth of organic material that seems to be unavoidable in the previous models.
  89. 89. 94pac kage develo pm ent: r.T.D. 51 Design R.T.D. 51 Protein shake develeopment Version 1 Version 2 As my first packaging attempt at the protein shake, I made a lot The second version incorporated graphic elements and a of discoveries. First off, my initial idea to use latex paint turned combination of white and transparent plastic sheeting on the out to be unsuccessful as the paint almost immediately begins same visual level. I also was able to add a properly painted to separate back into its base mixing colors. The slant was straw to go with the rest of my brand colors. I did encounter also going the wrong direction, and the gusset wasn’t working similar problems with this version as I did with the amplified correctly because I made it too large. However, I liked the shot packaging, including the need to flare the base to prevent direction this was going and it was worth further pursuing. a narrowing towards the bottom. I also replaced the liquid with a chocolate syrup mixture which contains a lot of preservatives.
  90. 90. 95Version 3 Version 4Based on the feedback, I adjusted some of the measurements The final version of the protein shakes had a new liquid for theand exposed more of the liquid along the right and bottom strawberry flavor. I used a strawberry scented shampoo. As foredges. I also introduced a new flavor, strawberry, however the the chocolate flavor, I used a more concentrated mixture andPepto Bismo/strawberry syrup combination of liquids was far added saltwater instead of plain water to further deter growthtoo fluorescent for a final version. The imagery was rotated and of foreign bodies. The imagery was enlarged and the strawthe various graphic elements were tweaked. solution was finalized.
  91. 91. Graphicdevelopment
  92. 92. 98Graph ic develo pm ent: Logo Development: Phase One Initial Logo Ideations These sketches here represent my first attempt at redesigning the Met-Rx logo from its current form. Many of the sketches are too stylized and decorative to be a good alternative but nevertheless it was a good exercise to explore any and all possible directions.
  93. 93. 99
  94. 94. ph. 2: a ph. 2: b100graph ic develo pm ent: Logo Development: Phase two ph. 2: c ph. 2: d Phase 2 logo refinement From my initial ideation sketches in phase one, I choose 8 directions to refine. Using existing fonts, I digitized and altered them to create new proprietary logos that I hoped would capture the 6 attributes I identified for my new brand.
  95. 95. ph. 2: e ph. 2: f 101 ph. 2: hph. 2: g
  96. 96. ph.3: a ph. 3: b102graph ic develo pm ent: Logo Development: Phase three ph. 3: c ph. 3: d Phase 3 logo refinement Based on the comments from class and the instructor, I made a few variations of one version of the logo as well as some new logo comps.
  97. 97. ph. 3: e ph. 3: f 103ph. 3: g ph. 3: h
  98. 98. ph.4: a ph. 4: b104graph ic develo pm ent: Logo Development: Phase four ph. 4: c ph. 4: d Phase 4 logo refinement From the previous week’s critique, the logo direction was narrowed down to two different directions. From here I was able to make several iterations of both versions.
  99. 99. ph.4: e ph. 4: f 105ph. 4: g ph. 4: h
  100. 100. 106 Final Met-rx logog After the various iterations, this is the finalized logoraph ic develo pm ent: Finalized logo in white on a black background.
  101. 101. 107
  102. 102. g raph ic develo pm ent: logo origins108
  103. 103. 109Inspirational typeface:Corbel Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg HhUsing the font Corbel bold I was able to adjust Ii Jj Kk ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zzand tweak the various characters to createsomething more proprietary and give my logo acertain amount of uniqueness. MET-RX
  104. 104. 110graph ic develo pm ent: Initial brand color pale tte explor ations Color palette variant 1 Using white as the main background, this palette draws inspiration from industrial colors and moods.
  105. 105. 111Color palette variant 2This palette is still based on a white backgroundbut uses more luxurious colors like browns andcreams to increase perceived value.
  106. 106. 112graph ic develo pm ent: Initial brand color pale tte explor ations Color palette variant 3 With a warm gray as the main color, this palette uses a dark mocha as a grounding color with bright yellows to make objects pop with purple as an added luxurious accent
  107. 107. 113Color palette variant 4This is the coolest of my color palettes using a lotof grays. Black yellow and red accents are used tobring certain objects forward strategically.
  108. 108. 114 Final brand colorsg Through feedback with the mock-ups and theraph ic develo pm ent: Final brand color pale tte natural progression of the graphic development, the final brand colors were narrowed down to these four colors to capture the new MET-RX® brand.
  109. 109. 115White Pantone Black PMS 1385 Pantone 431
  110. 110. 116 Initial graphic developmentg For the initial graphic development, I decided to stick withraph ic develo pm ent: Protein Plus design: Phase one just black and white values to concentrate solely on the graphic placement. This first round was fairly unsuccessful and I found only elements of some of the variations that I wanted to carry forward to the next phase. But as this was the first phase, I was not too concerned.
  111. 111. 117
  112. 112. conclusion
  113. 113. 120 Midterm presentation boardConclusion: Midterm presen For the midterm, I created this poster to help illustrate my new MET-RX concept. it contains ideation sketches as well as the new logo and my mission statement for the rebranded MET-RX. Printed as a 60”x30” poster, it will be revised and printed again for the final presentation based on feedback. The finalized version will also include the professional photography of my packages.tation board
  114. 114. IntuItIvenutrItIonalauthorItatIve 121 Through the use of distinctive packaging that borrows from architecture and contemporary design, attract a more savvy and health conscious user to the Met-RX brand of nutritional supplements. With the introduction of bold, clean lines the Met-RX user will find the intuitive packaging more convenient and informative than the competition. Simply put, the new Met-RX brand is a better fit.Modular Packaging 2 Alex Cabunoc Art Center College of Designsleek IdeatIon sketchesprecIse
  115. 115. 122Conclusion: self promotional ta keaways Self promo takeaway For the final presentation, we were tasked with designing and producing 12 self promotional takeaways about the process of this project. I made 12 mini-books with 2 interior gate folds. The cover also has a vacuum form detail and the book itself is bound with stainless steel cable straps.
  116. 116. 123
  117. 117. 124Conclusion: final photography Final Photography With all the packaging finalized for all four MET-RX products, I was able to have my line photographed professionally. In addition to the larger photograph, several detail shots were also taken.
  118. 118. 125
  119. 119. thank you.