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Flyers, etc


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Flyers, etc

  1. 1. Rethink Innovation, Think Tudor Flyer briefly presenting CRP Henri Tudor, its missions, objectives, values, main domains, programmes, and collaboration options How to use it? • Widely, to give a general view of Tudor French & English versions already available and German version available late February7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 2
  2. 2. Rethink Career, Think Tudor Flyer presenting employment opportunities at Tudor, PhD and internships included How to use it? • At business and job fairs • Collaborators giving courses in universities • University visits • Scientific conferences, etc. In French and English (already available)7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 3
  3. 3. Partnership for Innovation? Think Tudor Flyer presenting in detail our collaboration options and co- financing possibilities How to use it? • When visiting existing & future clients • During trade fairs, to give more information on how to get involved with Tudor’s activities To be published in February in French and English7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 4
  4. 4. 6th Development Plan Document presenting Tudor’s strategy How to use it? • To provide more information on Tudor’s strategy • Distribute especially to institutional and international partners Available only in English7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 5
  5. 5. Training &Conference Calendar Calendar with Tudor’s training &conference offers for 2012 How to use it? • As widely as possible • Distribution during events, fairs and conferences To be published late January in French7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 6
  6. 6. Annual Report Report presenting Tudor’s activities of the last year with many figures and success stories How to use it? • Send to major stakeholders and clients in April • Distribute as widely as possible To be published in April in English and French7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 7
  7. 7. Programme flyers Flyers presenting the different innovation programmes How to use them? • For the markets • When visiting existing & future clients • During fairs, B2B events, etc. To be published in February and March in French and English For select programmes, a German version will also be available7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 8
  8. 8. Department flyers Flyer presenting the RDI departments How to use them? • For the scientific community, national and international • As complementary information to project proposals • For your partner search • At scientific conferences, etc. To be published in February/March in English7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 9
  9. 9. Project flyers Flyer presenting each project How to use them? • Widely, to present the project to partners, during scientific conferences, etc. Downloadable from the new website in PDF format from April 19th, in English7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 10
  10. 10. Other communication material availableRoll-up presenting Tudor (EN)Roll-up presenting the 9 innovation programmes (EN and FR)Roll-up presenting each programme (EN)“Tudor” booth for fairsRoll-up presenting our employment opportunities (EN)“Tudor” booth for employment fairsSmall business cards presenting Tudor in a few wordsSmall business cards explaining how to apply to our job offersSmall business cards presenting each programme in a few wordsand with contact information (coming soon)Tudor’s corporate powerpoint presentation (on welcom)6 videos on Tudor’s success stories (available onPhotosVideosLogos)April 19th 2012: New Tudor website7/16/2012 Presentation Tudor 11