He is Lord B5


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He is Lord B5

  1. 1. Comunicación y Gerencia He is Lord Section B - 5 Pg 109 Click to add Text
  2. 2. New titlesfor Jesus
  3. 3. From the beginningpeople were asking‘who is this?’ Jesusasked his disciples‘Who do you say I am?’In the New Testamentvarious titles are givento Jesus to express hisidentity.
  4. 4. LordChrist/MessiahSon of ManSon of GodThe WordNew Creation
  5. 5. Before his death Jesus was a teacher, aman the disciples had followed. Theyshared meals, lodgings etcAfter his death they no longer saw him astheir equal, they saw godlike qualities inhim.
  6. 6. Believing in monotheism,(one God) theydid not understand how there could be asecond God, so they did not specificallyuse the term God for Jesus.They honoured him with different titles.
  7. 7. LordBefore his death they used Lord - meaning agood man and wise teacher. Rabbi, Master,and Teacher to show respectAfter death, Lord – meaning they believedthat Jesus was united with God, he was thesame as God
  8. 8. Christ (messiah)Before death Jesus said he was the Christ(Messiah). This brought him into conflict withthe Sanhedrin.After death, the disciples were sure thatJesus was the Messiah (Christ) promised bythe Old TestamentThey used the scriptures to prove that hewas the Christ, descended from David,promised by God and waited for by theJewish people
  9. 9. Son of ManIn the Old Testament, Son of Manmeant a human being.Later prophets preached that theMessiah would be ‘like a son of man’.Jesus used this title for himself also,meaning he was the messiah.Showing his human identity
  10. 10. Son of GodIt was usually used to mean a verygood man.But…Jesus was the Son of God, the ‘onlybeloved son of God’Jesus was the son that God, the father,had given his authority to in his wordsand deedsJesus was uniquely related to God
  11. 11. The Word (of God)By 90AD Christians now understood thecomplete unity of Jesus as son and God asfather.Now Jesus was referred to as ‘God’Jesus was ‘God’ in human formSt John used ‘the Word’ to explain howGod had worked through Jesus ofNazareth.
  12. 12. The Word‘The Word became flesh and lived amongus’.- means that the one God who createdthe world, made the Jewish people hischosen people, sent his commandments toguide them – took on a human form andlived in the world.God became man in Jesus of Nazareth
  13. 13. New CreationJesus announced and inaugurated thekingdom of God.This kingdom consists of the full reignof God in the world, a reign thatrestores right relationship between God,humanity and creation.Paul calls this kingdom the "newcreation", and confesses that Christ isthe "first born" of this creation
  14. 14. Son of God•Find other titles for Jesus in the Bibleat:http://www.amazingchange.org/titles.htm