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  • Middle school mathematics is critical to success in higher level math in high school. The 21st century jobs out there won’t be welcoming to anyone who “can’t do math.” We know all kids can learn - make sure your school provides the math instruction needed by all kids.
  • Did you know

    1. 1. Did You Know? The six fastest growing jobs locally are computer related and require an education beyond High School. Hint: Take Math, Science and Computer Classes in High School to be prepared for computer-related degrees in college.
    2. 2. Did You Know? Students who take advanced classes in High School are more prepared for college- No matter what their grade is. Hint: Take challenging classes in High School- AP & College Prep
    3. 3. Did You Know? You can’t become a member of the military without at least a High School diploma. Hint: The more education you have, the higher your military ranking.
    4. 4. Did You Know?? Over a lifetime, workers with a college degree will earn nearly $1,000,000 more than workers without a college degree. Hint: Education Pays
    5. 5. Did You Know? Someone working full-time at minimum wage earns only $10, 712. This is $8,000 less than what the government defines as poverty. Hint: The more education you have, the higher your hourly wage.
    6. 6. Did You Know? A person with a college degree, on average, makes twice as much money as a person with only a High School diploma? Hint: Your education must go beyond High School!
    7. 7. Did You Know? You can earn college credit in High School. Some students can test out of college classes by doing well in High School. Hint: Take AP Courses in High School to save time and Money in College
    8. 8. DID YOU KNOW? <ul><li>Students who take Algebra and </li></ul><ul><li>Geometry by the end of 9 th grade </li></ul><ul><li>are more likely to go to college. </li></ul>Hint: Work hard in your math classes now so you can take Algebra in 8 th grade.
    9. 9. Did You know? Nine of the ten fastest growing occupations are in Healthcare or Computers. Hint: Strong Math and Science Skills are Key
    10. 10. Did You know? In Kentucky, 75% of citizens with less than a High School diploma registered to vote. 95% of citizens with a college degree were registered to vote. Hint: Knowledge is Power!
    11. 11. Did You Know? 70% of the 30 fastest-growing jobs will require an education beyond High School. Hint: You will need some type of school or training beyond High School to get a good job.
    12. 12. Did You Know? Today's workers are likely to change jobs 12-13 times over their lifetimes-sometimes by their own choice, often times not.  Hint: The more education you have, the more likely you are to find a job.
    13. 13. EDUCATION EDUCATION Which Way Will You Go? Did You Know? Support for students with disabilities continues in educational programs beyond High School? Hint: A disability doesn’t keep you from furthering your education and reaching your Goals.
    14. 14. Only 12% of new jobs will be available to workers without a High School diploma. . Did You Know? Hint: The more Education you have, the more opportunities available to you.
    15. 15. <ul><li>Three-fourths of Chinese students earn degrees in math, science and engineering. </li></ul>Did You know? Hint: Science and Math skills are vital.