College and career ready


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College and career ready

  1. 1. Career Readiness in Kentucky A proposed definition from the Board of Directors Kentucky Association for Career and Technical Education
  2. 2. AgendaWhat we did.How we did it.What is Career Readiness?Recommendations for Assessment & Implementation.Questions/Answers.
  3. 3. What We DidLobbied for voice in discussions.Met with Secretary and Commissioner.Attended meetings – TEK, Education Committees, BOE, etc.Informed association membership.Accepted offer to help define career readiness.Researched and discussed draft definition with Board.Revised and presented final definition to Board.
  4. 4. How We Did It – Guiding Principles College Readiness and Career Readiness are two separate concepts; there are commonalities between them, but also some significant differences. There is a difference between being job ready (entry level) and Career Ready. The definition of Career Readiness must identify the components of knowledge, skills, and aptitudes needed for a student to be Career Ready. A student can be College Ready, Career Ready or both College and Career Ready.
  5. 5. How We Did It – Citations 1. What is Career Ready?, Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), Arlington, VA 2. Reflect, Transform, Lead: A New Vision for Career and Technical Education, National Association of State Directors of Career TEchnical Education Consortium (NADCTEc), Silver Spring, MD 3. Proposed College and Career Ready Performance Index, Georgia Department of Education, Atlanta, GA 4. Unified Strategy for College and Career Readiness (Senate Bill 1 (2009), Kentucky Department of Education and Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, Frankfort, KY, June 15, 2010 5. A Guide for Selecting Career Clusters and Career Majors in Kentucky, Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfort, KY, 2002
  6. 6. What is Career Readiness? Career Readiness consists of three elements:the level of preparation attained in core academiccommunication and math skills, which will allow students tofunction and excel in the classroom, at the workplace or inroutine daily activities;employability skills, such as critical thinking andresponsibility, which are essential in any career area; andtechnical and job-specific skills related to a specific careerpathway that offers life-sustaining wages and opportunities foradvancement.
  7. 7. Career
  8. 8. Readiness
  9. 9. Recommendations for Assessment - Categories Category Measurement(demonstrate competence in (multiple measurement toolseach category and portfolio) in each category)Technical Skills Industry Certification KOSSAAcademic Proficiency Skills ACTin Communications/Math COMPASS KYOTE WorkKeys/NCRC (applied math, locating information, reading for information)Employability Skills ASVAB NOCTI-Job Ready WorkKeys/NCRC (listening, teamwork)
  10. 10. Individual Learning PlanWe believe the ILP is underutilized, and it could be used to collect the following employment dataGPA in academic and technical courses (transcript)AttendanceLeadership activities in Career & Technical Student OrganizationsCertificates received for skill demonstrations in CTSO eventsWork-based learning activities
  11. 11. Recommendations for ImplementationStatewide implementation of the Career Major Certificate (outlined in the 2002 KDE document, A Guide to Selecting Career Clusters and Career Majors in Kentucky)Design and award of Career Readiness Certificate for achieving one measure in each category of readiness.
  12. 12. The Kentucky Career Major Certificaterepresents the culmination of the high schoolportion of the Individual Learning Plan forstudents who major in a specific career in highschool. Requires completion of four elements:graduation requirements, an approved coursesequence in any career cluster, related work-basedlearning, and a culminating project demonstratingcommunications, math, and technical skills.
  13. 13. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKYCareer Readiness Certificate DRAFT In recognition of demonstrated academic, technical and employability skills Your Name Date Governor
  14. 14. The Kentucky Career Readiness CertificateThe Career Readiness Certificate is a multiple-measure, assessment-based credential that givesemployers, educators, and students a uniformmeasure of key workplace skills. The certificatedocuments that a student attained at least onemeasure across each of the three skill areas:Technical Skills, Academic Proficiency Skills inCommunications and Math, and Employability Skills.
  15. 15. Questions?