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The Power of Social Media for Dentists


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Why social media has become a tool that dentists can't ignore.

Published in: Healthcare
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The Power of Social Media for Dentists

  1. 1. The Power of Social Media for Dentists Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved. The Power of Social Media for Dentists
  2. 2. Patient Communications Has Changed in the 21st Century Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 2 Social media now reaches more people than any other local media outlet, and data shows that it has signi@icant in@luence in the healthcare decision-making process. To build a dental practice in today’s digitally savvy world, social media needs to be a priority. Patients expect it as part of the dentist- patient relationship, and it’s become a marketing tool that dentists can’t ignore. *  7 out of 10 adults 18+ use social media regularly – including your patients and prospects. *  Facebook has 1 billion users daily and a market cap greater than GE, and Ford and GM combined. *  Social media’s household penetration, frequency of use, and “share of mind” in your market far exceeds other traditional local marketing services. *  Traditional local media is in a slow death spiral – household penetration of local newspapers is < 25% nationally, local radio ratings are in decline, Yellow Pages and Penny Savers are now irrelevant. Google, Facebook, and the mobile revolution are driving this. *  89% of U.S. companies with revenues > $10 million use social media for marketing purposes. There is a reason they do so: It works.
  3. 3. 22 Reasons Why Social Media is so Powerful for Dentists Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 3
  4. 4. 1)  Social media pro@iles rank very high in search engines like Google -- and sometimes even higher than a practice’s website. If you don’t have a pro@ile, you’re limiting your exposure. If you have one but it’s empty or out-of-date, it could appear as if you’re out of business when someone clicks over to it straight from search. 2)  In 2016, Facebook and Twitter will offer more reasons to conduct local “near me” searches directly on their platforms. You will need to post regularly to appear in those results – if you don’t, you risk becoming digitally invisible on two of the biggest platforms in the world. 3)  When you post useful information on social media, new patients can learn more about you beyond a list of credentials in a biography on your website, which can only aid in their decision-making process to see you. 4)  Every dentist has an online reputation and footprint whether he/she wants one or not. You can either ignore it – or take charge of it by conveying the image you want to convey instead of relying on what others write about you on sites like on Healthgrades or Yelp. 5)  It introduces and connects you with prospective patients in a more meaningful way than an advertisement, and in a much more inexpensive way than direct mail or an advertisement in a local publication. Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 4 Social Media Makes It Easier for Prospective Patients to Find and Choose You
  5. 5. 6)  Patients expect their dentists to be current and up-to-date in their education, treatments, and patient communication methods. If you’re not on social media, you risk appearing out-of-touch and old- fashioned. 7)  The more frequently you post on social media, the more chances you’ll have that your patients will share your posts to their own social networks – leading to more exposure for your practice and more word-of-mouth referrals. 8)  When patients’ see useful content from you on social media, they realize that you care about their day- to-day well-being, and that you understand their needs. If you don’t, it implies an attitude of indifference. 9)  You can improve health outcomes for patients through the tips and content you share on social media. 10) Fewer people are calling friends/family for referrals and recommendations; they’re posting requests on social media for people in their own networks to answer. In fact, “social media will a major referral source for healthcare providers,” according to a Jan. 2016 article in Forbes. This is something money can’t buy. Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 5 Social Media Improves Patient Relationships & Encourages Word-of-Mouth Referrals
  6. 6. 11)  61% of social media users trust social media posts and activity by healthcare professionals over any other group.1 12)  41% of people say social media would affect their choice of healthcare facility.2 13)  More than 40% of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. If that information doesn’t come from you, it’ll come from someone else.3 14)  Social media is where your patients communicate with each other, especially when it comes to their health. In fact, recent stats show that 33% of consumers now use social media for health-related matters, including how they feel about health providers, drugs, treatments, medical devices and health plans.4 15)  45% of consumers say information from social media would affect their decisions to seek a second opinion.5 16)  88% of consumers are in@luenced by reviews and comments online and the ability to search on Facebook will connect people to these comments quickly.6 Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 6 Data Shows that Patients Use Social Media for Healthcare Decisions 1 Price Waterhouse Coopers 2 Demi & Cooper 3 Mediabistro 4 SparkReport 5 Price Waterhouse Coopers 6 LocalVox
  7. 7. 17)  You can promote new credentials you’ve acquired; new treatments and products you offer; articles you’ve published; presentations you’ve given; your website; and more. 18)  You can gain attention for causes you believe in like National Children’s Dental Health Month and gum disease prevention. 19)  You can spread the word about state-of-the-art treatments that your patients can bene@it from. 20)  It gives you an easy and timely way to educate and comment on items in the news to help your patients discern between hype and truth. 21)  Through social networking communities and groups, you can connect with colleagues and other industry experts. 22)  It keeps you top-of-mind. When patients see that you’re posting content that’s useful and relevant to their lives, they consider you their go-to source for information instead of WebMD or Google -- while reminding them you’re there for them. Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 7 Social Media Exponentially AmpliQies Your Experience and Expertise
  8. 8. Shareable Media 2016. All Rights Reserved 8 The more dentists embrace social media, the more patients and prospects you’ll reach. But to do social media right that takes time – something you probably don’t have. We do. Contact us today: Your social media presence should be as professional as you are in the of@ice. Let the professionals at Shareable Media help. The Bo'om Line