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Nahi Chalta Hai


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a pragmatic approach post the mumbai terror attacks would be to say enough...nahi chalta hai..time for citizens to do their bit

Published in: Education, News & Politics
  • Since some of the content in this presentation is from the blog post I wrote on Nov 27, 2008, you might be interested in reading that also:
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Nahi Chalta Hai

  1. 1. No more… Nahin chalta hai (it wont do..)
  2. 2. I have watched a city of a million dreams held hostage by 20 or so men who have purged from their souls every trace of humanity - let’s not confer on them the dignity of a religion – and I have felt the blood drain out of me. I have felt a sense of paralysis and rage. My family and I are safe at home, none of my friends were in the hotels or at the other attack sites; but I am numb, not with fear or personal loss, but something far deeper: a sense of overpowering bleakness. Sambit Bal (Editor of Cricinfo) in his post (unrelated to cricket)
  3. 3. Mumbai, please stop getting on with life. Cry! Become angry! Do something to let those in power know that they can’t go off to sleep and let another terrorist attack happen, knowing well that the Mumbaikar’s resilience and spirit will ensure that they don’t get blamed in the end.
  4. 4. ..India is now part of the global terrorist battleground . Bombay attacks may only be a beginning. ……… Worse may follow. …..Vir Sanghvi The war on terror has now been pushed to our homes thru 9/11 to 26/11 While the Western world may have driven Al Qaeda and its likes from their soils by their responses in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the like..India now is the new travel destination for terror.. ably supported by a failed Pakistan for unwittingly (?) sponsoring terrorism… No more anger. No more promises. It’s time to act..
  5. 5. else it will be this taj
  6. 6. When a city like Mumbai which has had a record 14 terror attacks in the past 15 years and, following the customary mourning, outrage and media attention that follows the aftermath of each attack abates and the incredibly resilient Mumbaikars ‘move on’ and not demand more from the government, that is also sadly chalta hai ……… When a traffic cop demands a bribe from a motorist and he just pays up because that is how the Indian system works, that is chalta hai in security When the city’s roads are a maze of potholes and the motorists put up with it without taking the municipality to task, that is chalta hai in action When we let children suffer.. that is chalta hai in society
  7. 7. If this kind of terrorist event does not galvanize the nation’s psyche into united action, nothing else will.  Can we standup and be counted now and say nahin chalta hai   “we won’t stand for it”
  8. 8. SHUN chalta hai…
  9. 9. Start a national Nahin Chalta Hai campaign. We need a collective change in attitude to show our children…. FOR STARTERS that there is a new rainbow of hope
  10. 10. … and bow our heads down in front of only these colors...