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The American Quagmire


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the troubles of the world have only just begun

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The American Quagmire

  1. 1. The Great American Presidential gifts of 2009 Bush to Obama Through the lens of James Joiner An Average American Patriot And an Average Indian Patriot
  2. 8. Afghanistan……..No easy way out
  3. 9. Bush guaranteed the loss of Afghanistan first by the attack then enforced it by the needless attack on Iraq to get into the middle east to help Israel establish a new middle east order! He got away with bragging about the success of Iraq because of him and the surge but never mentioned Afghanistan was failing during the interim ! Now along with the disorder Bush created around the world and the financial crisis he created for America and the world Obama will also have to deal with the loss in Afghanistan that is now known as Obama's Vietnam! What a friggen future bush has created for us, Obama, and the world before he escaped to Crawford! Obama,s Vietnam..time is running out An Average American Patriot
  4. 10. Afghanistan is like the old Yugoslavia. Maybe they need to break it up into separate states for the Pashtuns and other tribes. I would include Waziristan in Pakistan. The only alternative I see is dictatorship, ethnic division, and permanent war. An Average American Patriot Obama,s Yugoslavia..time is running out True and now even Pakistan is breaking up… who’s next? An Average Indian Patriot
  5. 11. We are running out of time and like it or not we were committed the day we attacked them because they refused to allow us to put an oil pipeline through Afghanistan! Americans do not know the truth about Afghanistan. we do not have clean hands in Afghanistan An Average American Patriot ……… and in Pakistan An Average Indian Patriot
  6. 12. Obama’s Response… <ul><li>'Taliban a Common Threat to India, US and Pak' I find it interesting or rather provocative that the Taliban has announced a 10-day ceasefire in Swat valley to facilitate the implementation of Shariah law in the region. It becomes more obvious every day that the Taliban is in charge not the Pakistani Government, the Afghan Government and certainly not us! </li></ul><ul><li>Afghanistan Is A Failed State, But Not Beyond Saving Iraq is a failed State thanks to Bush Everything Bush interfered with has failed and yea Afghanistan is a failed State. At least as how we envision it as long as it differs from the one the Taliban wants. I am sick of saying in every regard today, This is just Beginning! </li></ul>
  7. 13. Happiness….
  8. 14. Will Obamanation too pass? <ul><li>Courtesy James Joiner </li></ul>Jim’s first book, &quot;Life In The Trenches Of American Society: How to Survive 21st Century Society” started him on a journey that currently encompasses six books, two must read manuscripts, a Manifesto to the World, and a Blog. Jim lives and writes in Massachusetts. [email_address]