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Blogging with john chow review

  1. 1. Blogging With John Chow Review – Revealed Secret From zero to over $40000 per month in 2 yearReview of: Blogging with John ChowTraining by: John ChowPrice: $37Reviewed by: napster09Rating: 5 of 5On December 4, 2012Summary:Blogging with John Chow is a blogging training course which was create by John Chow.who is a very successful blogger, speaker and entrepreneur, from making zero to over$40,000 per month in just 2 years. Blogging With John Chow is an all-in-one treatise onthe art of blogging, complete with step by step PDF guides, in-depth videos created byJohnchow along with multiple case studies thrown into the mix.Let ‘s discover it!Here are some things I’m going to cover in Blogging With Joh Chow Review:- What is Blogging with John Chow?- Blogger said about Blogging With John Chow? - What will you get if you have an access to this course? - The Pros and Cons - Who it is for? (And who it is not for?) - How can it help you?Let’s get started…What is Blogging with John Chow?Basically, Blogging with John Chow is a blogging training course which was training byJohn Chow. John Chow will teach you everything about blogging and how to make
  2. 2. money from it. You will learn how to create your killer content then generate traffic,build your list of readers and make money from them.The aim of this course is not teaching you how to make money by blogging. It is helpingyou how to build authority sites and your brand name as a successful blogger who canmake $40,000 per month.- What is Blogger said about Blogging With John Chow?The content of the modules are much too valuable to skim through.Work From Home Golf MomEverything you need to know.Zac JohnsonJohn really has over delivered with this course.Honest Clickbank ReviewsJohn breaks down a simple 30 day guide that walks you through the process.Blogging TipsI highly suggest this course to anyone that is looking to blog as a hobby or a business.Jason RogersOMG he’s stolen my heart. He does what I believe in.Tiffany DowThis is a “Blogging Bible”Nick HongI found it as one of the most insightful and in-depth training courses I have taken.Marlow CollinsDon’t miss out this one… John Chow is a trendmaker in online monetization.Ted WilsonThe information that he shared was awesome!Roxy FirestoneIt would probably take you 3 or 4 days of non stop reading to go through all thecontent properly but the action plan and references can be reviewed later when needed.Kevin MuldoonThis is why I love the 30 day action plan. When you get this product it will help ensurethat you actually consume it and are not completely frustrated just being given a ton ofinfo.Shoemoney
  3. 3. This isn’t just a simple goal on a list; each day in the action plan is a full page ofcontent on its own.Michael KwanHere is what you will get…Blogging with John Chow Training Course.To help you build your authority site and brand name, John Chow has created 10 moduleswhich are easy to follow. They are…- Module 1: Blogging 101 – Building Bank Accounts.In this module, John will explain “blogging” in more detailed, you will know what youhave to prepare before you creating your first blog. Can you really make money withblogging? You will know the true answer here. • What to Write About? • Your Brand-Module 2: Launching your blog.After researching yourself, you will have a lot of ideas about what to write. With thismodule, John Chow teaches you how to choose the coolest domain name to maximumyour brand. It also has the list of recommend themes and plugins which will be useful foryour wordpress blog. • Creating Your WordPress Blog • Themes • Plugins • Graphics- Module 3: Brand-o-nomics.The main thing you will learn in this module is 7+ habits of successful bloggers. You willalso learn about posting strategy and how to expand your brand. • Seven Habits of Successful Bloggers • When to Post and How Long? • Monitoring The Blogsophere • Claim Your Territory
  4. 4. • More On Branding- Module 4 – Content Is Duke, Prince, King…As the meaning of the module, you will learn everything about writing, how to gettargeted trafficto your content. The most important thing in this module is how to writewhen you have no idea! – It’s really cool • Be Awesome • The Content Kaleidoscope • Attracting Comments • Moderating All That Contents • Coming Up With Ideas When You Have Done- Module 5: List building.The money is in the list. This module will teach you how to build your list and how tobuild good relationship with your list. • First, The Bribe • Provide Valuable Information Regularly • Call Them to Action • Strategies to Build Your List • How to Create a Squeeze Page in 10 Minutes • Growing and Monetizing- Module 6: Monetizing 101.It will teach you some cool strategies to make money. It also teaches you how to sell adspaces to other people. • Create an Editorial Plan • Affiliate Marketing • Other Forms of Advertising on Your Blog • Amazon Product Ads • Defining and Charging for Ad Slots • AdSense Strategies
  5. 5. - Module 7: Hunting Down Readers.The more readers you have, the more chances to make money you get. This section willshow you how to get more RSS subscribers and how to connect with other bloggers. • RSS Feeds • Social Media • Connecting With Other Bloggers- Module 8: Being Google’s Best Friend.You will learn everything about the new Google. And it recommends you the best way tobuild backlinks and how to use paid traffic in the right way. • What About Panda and Penguin? • Keyword Research • Linking Strategies • Link Baiting • Deep Linking • AdWords Traffic and Articles Marketing- Module 9: Measure your success.John will show you how to analysis your website by using the tools he recommended. • Google Analytics • Google Alerts and Social Media Monitoring- Module 10: 30 days action plan.This is very cool section. It will give you the step by step action and all you have to do isfollowing it! • Day 1 – Outline Your Blog • Day 2 – Building Your Brand • Day 3 – Activate That Blog • Day 4 – Technical Stuff • Day 5 – Writing from the Start • Day 6 – Choosing a Theme
  6. 6. • Day 7 – Claim Your Territory!• Day 8 – Content Calendar Creation• Day 9 – Create Your List• Day 10 – Content for Your List• Day 11 – Fill in the Pages• Day 12 – Create a Comment List• Day 13 – Start Commenting• Day 14 – Social Media and RSS in the House• Day 15 – The First Ads• Day 16 – Content Upgrade• Day 17 – Connect with Other Bloggers• Day 18 – Find Your Target Audience and Revise• Day 19 – What’s Working?• Day 20 – Linking to Other Sites• Day 21 – Deep Linking and Natural Linking• Day 22 – Advertising?• Day 23 – Get More Immediate Traffic• Day 24 – Brainstorm Guest Post Opportunities• Day 25 – Monetizing Part 2• Day 26 – Comment Boosting Hat Trick• Day 27 – Review Analytics and Revise Your Plans• Day 28 – AdSense on Your Site?• Day 29 – Content Calendar Revision• Day 30 – Taking it to the Next Level
  7. 7. Blogging Done For YouJohn Chow has prepared 30 businesses for you, all ready to go. Instead of taking weeksand lots of money to set up your online business, while also wasting weeks of readingand digesting a truckload of information. You don’t have to worry about possibly wastingweeks or even months of your life, or all the little money that you have left.This is what John Chow said about in Blogging Done For You: • You don’t have to worry about site designing. • You don’t have to worry about content creation. • You don’t even have to worry about researching anything. 30 full businesses right in your hand that have been proven to work, time and again.All of the heavy lifting and hard work is already done, so John want you to solely focuson just driving traffic to your new business and making money, rather than spending itbanging your head against the table, trying to figure out what niche to concentrate on.($47 per month)
  8. 8. Blogging Automation Empire ModulesJohn reveals the proven formula he has perfected over the past 6 years for tapping intothe enormous leverage of outsourcing to automate the following things: • Sales Copy • On-Page SEO • Quality Backlinking • Building Entire Site From Scratch • Creating Custom WP-Plugins • Site Design • Writing High Quality Articles That Will Pass Google’s TestAccording to John, you can leverage the value of this immense pool of human resourcesto cut down your time working significantly, just like what John is doing, you should beoutsourcing your weaknesses so you can concentrate on the things that you are reallygood at. ($97 One-Time Payment)The Pros and Cons.This is my own estimation about Blogging with John Chow when I learn strategies andexperience here. May be you will think in different way so please leave a comment andwe will discuss.
  9. 9. The Pros of Blogging with John Chow.- Blogging with John Chow is easy to follow system.- It’s very friendly with newbie in blogging.- It comes from one of the biggest blogger in the world so that you can do the action likea successful blogger.- It teaches you the habits of successful bloggers.- You can learn the way to write articles even if you have no idea to write.- Everything is up-to-date, includes new Google’s algorithms- Express support.- You will learn how to make best benefit with 2 hours of blogging a day. That savesyour time.- It has 60 days money back guarantee. That’s too awesome.The Cons- You can’t save the books to your computer because it is online version – which can’t bedownloaded.- It only teaches you about WordPress. If you use blogspot or other free hosting, youshould buy hosting account.- It launches after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days have a lot of discount forhosting account.- It requires you to write a lot, so that some newbies will get stressful.- It requires some money to get started. (It’s not free)- Some of the modules can be explained in more detailed way.- The methods that John teaches are time consuming, for those who is an impetuousperson will find it very hard, which means this is not suitable for those who are lookingfor the get-rich-quick system. (Actually this is not entirely a bad point)With those Pros and Cons, I think it will be…For? • People who want to make stable and safe income. • People want to build authority site. • People want to brand their names as successful blogger. • People who want to write articles to present their opinion. • People who want to learn more about blogging. • People who have some bucks to invest.Not for? • People who want to make money fast. • People who don’t want to write.
  10. 10. • People who don’t have money to start. • People who don’t want to be successful blogger!I think if you have at least $50 and want to make money in the sure way, it’s time toinvest for returning. You are learning to become a successful blogger. By following thiscourse, you will have the writing skills, your brand and your buyers list. And the HUGEthing is your name will be known as a successful blogger in the world! Your lifestyle willbe changed! Signup Today to Change Your LifeStyleBlogging With John Chow Review – ConclusionI highly recommend Blogging With John Chow. For those who wants to become asuccessful blogger like John Chow, this is a must have blogging training course. JohnChow is really a trustworthy person, I can guarantee that you will make money online byusing his methods. Also, I must thank John Chow as he provides such a high qualityproduct in the internet marketing world.That’s biggest thing Blogging with John Chow can help you.It’s not hype. Give it 30 days to try then decide to follow or not. With 60 days moneyback guarantee, you can’t be wrong. Signup Today to Change Your LifeStyleBlogging With John Chow BonusDid you believe that by just having a WordPress blog will give you profits? This eBookwill tell you How to Building a business with Blogging Step by Step ( 7 ebook )I will give you this eBook as a bonus if you purchase via this page. Please forward yourreceipt number to and I will send out your bonus then 24 - 48hours.