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Animals in Danger


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Made by Ya'ara Barkan

Animals in Danger

  1. 1. The blue whales in the oceans don’t have enough krill to eat, and people hunt them.
  2. 2. The elephants in Africa and India are in danger because people are hunting them, to get ivory from their tusks.
  3. 3. The polar bears are in danger because ice in the North pole is melting, and people hunt them.
  4. 4. Today, hunting animals and cutting trees is very limited, thanks to what the WWF is doing.
  5. 5. There are many things we can do. We can demonstrate for animal rights.
  6. 6. What else? We can limit animal hunting by law.
  7. 7. We can write about animals in danger in the newspaper, and report on them on TV.
  8. 8. We must take care of the animals if we want them in our world.