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Incorporating the Creative Sector in Rural Economic Development Strategies: Rood


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This presentation was delivered at NADO's 2018 Annual Training Conference, held in Charlotte, NC on October 13-16. For more information, visit:

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Incorporating the Creative Sector in Rural Economic Development Strategies: Rood

  1. 1. National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Annual Training Conference (ATC) – October 16, 2018 “Investing in the Future of Regional Development” NADO ATC Session: Incorporating the Creative Sector in Rural Economic Development Strategies Twitter: @NatlGovsAssoc Facebook: NationalGovernorsAssociation
  2. 2. The National Governors Association (NGA) Founding 1908 - President Teddy Roosevelt invited governors to the White House What We Do NGA is bipartisan in representing state government and developing innovative solutions
  3. 3. National Governors Association • Government Relations • Management Consulting & Training • NGA Center for Best Practices
  4. 4. NGA Center for Best Practices Policy Areas 1. Economic Opportunity 2. Education 3. Environment, Energy & Transportation 4. Health 5. Homeland Security & Public Safety Services • National meetings of governors & policy advisors • Research & reports – NADO member accessible • Multi-state policy academies, learning labs • Technical assistance for states
  5. 5. Center for Best Practices Economic Opportunity (EO) Division
  6. 6. Economic Opportunity Division (EO) Issue Areas Economic Development Human Services Postsecondary Education Workforce Development
  7. 7. EO Division – Example projects in Issue areas Workforce – skills gap, future work • Apprenticeships, internships & work-based learning • Talent pipeline from school to work • Occupational licensing • Disability employment Human Services - place-based and 2-generational strategies • Child welfare, juvenile justice • School nutrition • Economic Development • Entrepreneurship (Kauffman) • Access to capital (Treasury) • Tech-based economic development (National Science Foundation) • Advanced manufacturing (NIST) • Rural economic development, particularly related to creative sector (NEA)
  8. 8. NGA - NEA history extends over decades Film & media Economic Development Literacy
  9. 9. Recent Findings Five roles: Arts, culture and design 1. States can build dynamic industry clusters with their creative sectors. 2. States can make traditional sectors (such as manufacturing & tourism) more competitive by integrating them with the creative sector. 3. States can reinforce their entrepreneurial ecosystems with place-based arts districts. 4. States can improve their quality of life through historic preservation & reclamation of abandoned spaces for the creative sector. 5. States can better prepare their workforce by integrating the arts with education.
  10. 10. Current project partnership, a cooperative agreement
  11. 11. I. Identified promising practices Extensive NASAA research > rural examples II. Engaged national experts Experts roundtable > Spring 2018 III. Developing governors’ guide > to be released December 2018 • What are best practices for strengthening rural economies through the arts? • What unique policy roles can governors and the state level play? Current project activities
  12. 12. Governors’ roles: 1. Provide leadership for the state’s creative sector to benefit rural communities 2. Capitalize on existing regional cultural assets 3. Build the state infrastructure for cultural & creative partnerships with other policy areas 4. Develop local talent & human capital with creative skills 5. Create an environment friendly to investment & innovation Building a Systems Change Framework for Governors Framework includes ~30 potential ingredients for action to strengthen rural areas
  13. 13. Watch for the NGA report in December … Thank you! Sally Rood Facebook: NationalGovernorsAssociationTwitter: @NatlGovsAssoc