Human Rights Day


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Human Rights Day

  1. 1. A STATEMENT ON INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY Date : December 10, 2010The promotion and protection of human rights has been a major concern for the United Nations thathad a major responsible to protect the repeat of the horrors of the World War II. Respect for humanrights and human dignity "is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world", as theGeneral Assembly declared the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1950, all States andinterested organizations were invited by the General Assembly to observe 10 December as HumanRights Day (resolution 423(V)).The Day marks the anniversary of the Assemblys adoption of the Universal Declaration of HumanRights in 1948. Over the years, a whole network of human rights instruments and mechanisms hasbeen developed to ensure the primacy of human rights and to confront human rights violationswherever they may occur.Sadly, in our home-front, the regime’s atrocities have continued for decades. The regime in Burmahas held its “sham elections” without regarding international call for fair and inclusiveness. Thefundamental rights for the contestant parties to organize, press and assemblywere denied. Theflawed voting process favored the regime’s party USDP without transparent.The social and political activities of recently released political leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, whocontinued to call for national reconciliation, have been constantly sabotaged by the regime. Morethen 2200 prisoners of conscience including our 8888 generation leaders are still remained in thejails through out the country.In the meantime, the ethnic Karens, Kachins and Shans are the major victims of civil wars amongthose in the north and eastern corners of Burma bordering with Thailand and China, where morethan a half millions of internally displaced people live in dire conditions after fleeing conflictsituations in their villages. Over 4,000 ethnic nationality villages have been burnt down by themilitary regime. "The world cannot wait while the military regime continues its atrocities againstthe people of Burma [Myanmar]," said the jurists from Britain, Mongolia, South Africa, the UnitedStates and Venezuela in the report "Crimes in Burma". "We have called on the UNSC and memberstates to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate and report on crimes against humanity andwar crimes in Burma." Later, Mr. Quintana, the special rapporteur for Burma finally concluded thatBurma indeed needed to establish a commission of inquiry with a specific fact-finding mandate toaddress the question of international crimes against the generals in Burma."The people have been suffering under the brutal rules of the world worst dictators like ThanShwe of Burma, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan, and Kim Jong Il of North Korea helplessly for decades.The world’s crisis in the trouble-spots demands to review the ruling infrastructure of UN and itsSecurity Council that guarantee to Russia and China, a key superpower selling its veto to the
  2. 2. dictators for their energy and natural resources in turn nowadays, to do whatever they want. Itindeed is the time for world community to seriously find a way to stop Burma regime that has beenmoving backward against the Universal Declarations of Human Right.While marking the important day of mankind, we would like to urge international community tocall on their governments and all concerned organizations putting an end the sufferings of thepeople in the world like us.“Please, use your liberty to promote ours” – Daw Aung San Suu KyiCo-opreative Organizations1 ) Overseas National Students Organization of Burma ( H.Q ) Denmark Tay Za Thura General Secretary E-mail : tayzathura@gmail.com2 ) Burmese Democratic Community ( Netherlands ) Ko Myat Thiha Political Dept E-mail : ) International Foundation for Burma National Congress ( USA ) ( I.F.B.N.C ) Ko Htun Hlaing Director ( Political Action Committee ) E-mail : kyiwayphy0@yahoo.com4 ) National League for Democracy ( L.A ) Netherlands Ko Hla Myint Naing Chairman E-mail : hlamyintnaing@yahoo.com5 ) Overseas National Students Organization of Burma ( Branch ) Sweden Ko Toe Win Political Dept E-mail :
  3. 3. 6 ) Burma Democratic Concern ( BDC ) United Kingdom Ko Myo Thein Director E-mail : myothein@bdcburma.org7 ) Burma Bureau Germany Ko Sonny Aung Than Oo Foreign Affairs E-mail : atoburma@web.de8 ) Overseas National Students Organization of Burma ( Branch ) Thailand Ko Than Phay Secretary E-mail : thanpae@gmail.com9 ) All Burma Monks Representative Committee ( India ) Ashin Thavara General Secretary E-mail :