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Managing Online Learning with Moodle


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This presentation was part of a recent webinar demonstrating various Moodle functions to better manage users, personalise learning and track their progress. Functions demonstrated include roles, groups, groupings, cohorts, activity completion and progress tracking.

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Managing Online Learning with Moodle

  1. 1.  Managing Online Learning with Moodle 2.0 Presented by My Learning Space
  2. 2. Road map  2 -Roles -Groups, groupings & cohorts -Activity completion -Progress tracking
  3. 3.  3Poll...
  4. 4. Roles  4 Roles -capabilities & permissions assigned to user Capabilities -functions that can be performed by a user in a context Permissions -capabilities set to allow, prevent, prohibit or inherit
  5. 5. Groups, groupings & cohorts  5 Groups -collection of course participants Groupings -combination of groups Cohorts -site wide or category level groups
  6. 6. Activity completion & progress tracking  6 Activity completion -set access to activity (or resource) based on condition Conditions -conditions based on action, date, grade etc Progress tracking -course can be auto or manually marked complete Pre-requisite -completion can be pre-requisite for another course
  7. 7.  7Demo...
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  9. 9. Food for thought  9 Give a man to fish & feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish & feed him for a life time. -Confucius
  10. 10. 10 Consultancy Hosting Training Support 1300 GET LMS (438 567)