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Israel immersion program brochure


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Israel immersion program brochure

  1. 1. Global Immersion ProgramApplication DestinationsTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF TEL AVIV UNIVERSITY Located in Israels cultural, financial and industrial heartland,What type of work do you see yourself doing in the next five years? Tel Aviv University is the largest university in Israel and the biggest Jewish university in the world. It is a major center of teaching and research, enrolling approximately 30,000 students._____________________________________________________________ TEL AVIV-YAFO_____________________________________________________________ Tel-Aviv, the first modern Jewish_____________________________________________________________ city built in Israel, and the ancient_____________________________________________________________ port city of Yafo were united intoHave you ever traveled outside the United States? Where? the municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo in 1950. Situated on_____________________________________________________________ the coast of the Social Conflict, Empowerment Mediterranean_____________________________________________________________ Sea, the combined and Creative Practice in Israel city is a center of_____________________________________________________________ commerce and culture, agriculture and tourism, and the home of Israels only stock exchange. Tel Aviv-Yafo is the country’s second_____________________________________________________________ largest city, a rapidly growing international metropolis with a booming population, energy and around-the-clock culture that givesAre you a U.S. citizen? ______ Do you have a U.S. passport? ______ it a cosmopolitan flair comparable to few other cities in this part of the world. The city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv-Yafo is known for its great restaurants and thriving night life.Describe any of your classes or experiences that might be relatedto this course. JERUSALEM Jerusalem, the largest city in_____________________________________________________________ Israel and the nations capital, is_____________________________________________________________ one of the most extraordinary_____________________________________________________________ places in the world, with its_____________________________________________________________ unique combina- tion of history, spiritual sanctityBriefly describe your expectations for the program and what you and colorfulwould like to accomplish. cultures. It is a place where the_____________________________________________________________ first century rubs shoulders with the 21st century and where pictur- esque "old" neighborhoods nestle against glistening office towers and high-rise apartments. An ancient Middle Eastern city of key_____________________________________________________________ Montgomery Ross Fisher Building importance to the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Jerusalem’s sites and museums attract a constant stream of pilgrims Los Angeles, CA 90089-0411_____________________________________________________________ of all faiths. At the heart of Jerusalem is the Old City, roughly 220 USC School of Social Work acres surrounded by walls built in the 16th century and divided into University Park Campus_____________________________________________________________ Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Armenian quarters. GALILEE Please return application along with a The Galilee is a mountainous region in the northern part of Israel non-refundable $250 deposit with an abundance of fertile valleys, forests and farmlands. (check made payable to USC) to: Relatively densely populated since ancient times, Galilee is home to Dan Hester the largest variety of ethnic communities in Israel today. Tourists are Director, International Programs drawn to recreational pursuits, nature preserves, hot springs, USC School of Social Work, MRF 202B historical sites, kibbutzim (communal farms) and religious shrines. 669 West 34th Street Los Angeles, California 90089-0411 213.740.3939
  2. 2. Program Overview Program Details Frequently Asked Questions Application FORMAT Will I get credit toward my degree? The three-week program is offered in the summer and comprises pre- If you are enrolled in the USC School of Social Work, you will receive a Social Conflict, Empowerment departure sessions in Los Angeles on the USC campus that include 4-unit credit for completing the program. Social Conflict, Empowerment and Creative Practice in lectures with faculty followed by an immersion visit in Israel. During and Creative Practice in the two weeks, daily instruction will combine lectures with faculty and Will this program help my chances of finding a job? Israel guest speakers, discussion panels and in-class discussion, expressive practice exercises, fieldwork experience and site visits to community organizations in and around Tel Aviv. Participants will also visit cultural With the world growing smaller every day and the economies of all nations becoming increasingly intertwined, employers, regardless of profession, are eager for employees who bring new and innovative Israel sites and participate in events in Tel Aviv-Yafo, in addition to taking two approaches that are often shaped by international experiences. special field excursions to Galilee and Jerusalem. Is financial aid available? PARTICIPANTS If you are receiving financial aid for your graduate education, you may BASIC INFORMATION The program is designed for a limited number of graduate-level social also be able to use it toward international study. For details, visit the work students who are interested in creative practice, social justice School of Social Work’s Financial Aid Office. Name ________________________________________________________ and client empowerment and those who want to study international social work by learning how Israeli society deals with its social Do I need a passport and visa? Student ID # ________________________________________________ _ _ problems. It will be of a particular value to students interested in Yes. To obtain a passport for the first time, you will need to go in communities and community organization, children and families, work person to any passport acceptance facility with two photos of yourself, with minorities and immigrants, group work and social justice issues. proof of U.S. citizenship and a valid form of photo identification. Your Date of Birth _______________/________________/______________ ___ passport needs to be valid at least six months from the intended date ACCOMMODATIONS (subject to change) of entering Israel. As a United States citizen, you do not need to obtain Address______________________________________________________ USC will arrange housing in Tel Aviv at either a small hotel or short- a visa prior to traveling to Israel as long as you are traveling as a term apartment. tourist and do not plan on staying in Israel beyond three months. For _____________________________________________________________ _ more details, visit COSTS Program costs include two-week accommodations (double-room What is the weather like in Tel Aviv in the summer? Phone __________________________Cell _______________________ ___ occupancy), breakfast and lunches, local transportation during The summer temperatures remain in the 80s and 90s. It rarely rains in program hours, field excursions to Jerusalem and Galilee, and an the summer. Email ________________________________________________________ administrative fee. Other fees are additional including tuition for a 4-unit course (SOWK599) and a required health insurance policy if not What do I pack? Alternative E-mail ___________________________________________ __ enrolled in the mandatory USC student health insurance plan and Casual, light clothing. Jeans are acceptable in the classroom and in theThe University of Southern California School of covered by the international study abroad option. All participants will field. You may also want to bring a bathing suit and sweater or jacketSocial Work offers a unique global immersion program be responsible for their own dinners and snacks, non-program local for comfort in air-conditioned buildings. Please note that you will bein Israel for individuals interested in Israel’s current transportation and other incidentals. able to travel with two checked pieces of luggage weighing no more SCHOOL INFORMATION than 50 pounds per piece. You will be charged additional fees forand longstanding social conflicts and its creative WHAT STUDENTS WILL GAIN excess luggage and weight. Enrolled atproblem-solving practices focused on community and • Exposure to international social work through understanding social problems and social problem-solving in a different culture What is the money situation? Orange County Academic Centerclient empowerment and social change. The local currency is the Israeli new shekel (ILS). You can exchange • A comparative perspective on similar social issues approached your money at banks and exchange bureaus. You can also use credit San Diego Academic CenterThe Social Conflict, Empowerment and Creative differently in the United States and Israel cards and ATM cards. Skirball Academic CenterPractice in Israel program provides students the • A historical, cultural and social perspective of the factors that shape Where do I get more information? University Park Campusopportunity to explore Israel in an intensive two-week Israeli society Please contact Clinical Associate Professor Michal Sela-Amit at 213.821.4402 or Virtual Academic Centerimmersion visit that will span various regions, • Knowledge of empowerment theory and its application to clients insub-cultures and communities including urban different social work settingsand rural, Jewish and Arabic, and immigrants. • Theoretical foundation and evidence-based practice knowledge Full-time Part-timeStudents will observe practice with a variety of client of expressive therapies utilizing performing arts, visual arts andgroups and in different social settings including music with individuals, groups and communitiesschools, immigrant-absorption centers, prisons and • A repertoire of expressive practice skills and EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATIONcommunity centers. They will engage in an open techniques that can be utilized in working with various clients and communities Name ________________________________________________________dialogue with Israeli social workers, multi-professionalteam members, community representatives and • A broader understanding of Relationship _____________________________________________ _____ challenges and opportunitiesclients. In addition, they will be immersed in the social embedded in working withinand cultural life of Israel through interaction with interdisciplinary teams for Address ____________________________________________________ __faculty and students at Tel Aviv University, as well as the benefit of communities and clients Phone ______________________________________________________ _ _community groups in the Tel Aviv-Yafo municipality. USC’s MSW Students in Israel in 2008