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Philippines immersion program brochure


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Philippines immersion program brochure

  1. 1. Global Immersion ProgramApplication DestinationsTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF Metro Manila is the metropolitan area of the city ofWhat type of work do you see yourself doing in the next five years? Manila, the national capital of the Philippines. Though it is_____________________________________________________________ the smallest region in the country, the city is the most_____________________________________________________________ populous of the twelve defined metropolitan areas in the_____________________________________________________________ Philippines and the 11th most populous in the world with nearly 12 million residents. Nowhere else in the country can visitors acquire a_____________________________________________________________ greater dose of local color, a better understanding of the countrys multifaceted culture, or as many glimpses of its contrasts. Intramu-Have you ever traveled outside the United States? Where? ros, the “walled city;” Fort Santiago and Manila Cathedral retain the colonial city’s old Spanish-era influences, while the more modern_____________________________________________________________ Metro Manila boasts designer shopping malls and five-star hotels. Modern Day Slavery:_____________________________________________________________ Angeles City, one of the Combating Trafficking in the Philippines fastest-growing cities outside_____________________________________________________________ of Metro Manila, is gaining world fame today as the_____________________________________________________________ entertainment capital of the Philippines with a booming nightlife district. Its advanta-Are you a U.S. citizen? ______ Do you have a U.S. passport? ______ geous location offers quick access to Clark Freeport Zone, formerly known as Clark Air Base, home of the largest United States military facility outside theDescribe any of your classes or experiences that might be related continental United States. The base closed in 1991 after theto this course. devastating eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, now a natural wonder with its remains indelibly etched into the landscape.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Subic Bay, a former U.S. naval base converted into a popular beach town and_____________________________________________________________ duty-free zone, has become a thriving tourist destination._____________________________________________________________ The Philippines first free port continues to be one of the countrys major economicBriefly describe your expectations for the program and what you engines, including the fourth largest shipbuilding facility in thewould like to accomplish. world. As a destination, the area has maintained its allure that once charmed U.S. servicemen. Its community continues to_____________________________________________________________ preserve and protect the bay and its surrounding forests, inviting visitors to a bounty of eco-tourism theme parks._____________________________________________________________ Montgomery Ross Fisher Building Banaue Rice Los Angeles, CA 90089-0411_____________________________________________________________ Terraces (optional trip), USC School of Social Work University Park Campus_____________________________________________________________ commonly referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World,” stretch like stepping stones to Please return application along with a the sky reaching an altitude of non-refundable $250 deposit nearly 5,000 feet and envelop- (check made payable to USC) to: ing about 4,000 square miles Dan Hester of mountainside. The terraces were carved out of the hillside by Director, International Programs Ifugao tribes 2000 years ago without the aid of machinery to USC School of Social Work, MRF 202B provide level steps where the natives plant rice. Considered one 669 West 34th Street of mankinds greatest engineering feats, the terraces would Los Angeles, California 90089-0411 stretch half way around the world if they were laid end to end. 213.740.3939
  2. 2. Program Overview Program Details Frequently Asked Questions Application Modern Day Slavery: FORMAT Will I get credit toward my degree? Modern Day Slavery: The three-week program will begin with pre-departure sessions If you are enrolled in the USC School of Social Work, you will Combating Trafficking in the on the USC campus followed by two weeks in the Philippines, receive 4-unit credits for completing the program. Combating Trafficking in the Philippines where participants will be immersed in the social, cultural and political life of the country. The program will consist of lectures with faculty and guest speakers, discussion panels, experiential and reflective exercises, and group-based assignments. The Will this program help my chances of finding a job? With the world growing smaller every day and the economies of all nations becoming increasingly intertwined, employers, regardless Philippines program will also include site visits to social service, community of profession, are eager for employees who bring new and innova- and human rights organizations, as well as cultural excursions. tive approaches that are often shaped by experiences in Kay Chernush for the U.S. State Department. Students will participate in a two-day workshop on examining non-traditional classroom settings. BASIC INFORMATION and creating social solutions to trafficking, working with grassroots community-based initiatives, social service agencies, Is financial aid available? Name ________________________________________________________ policy specialists and public officials. The results will be If you are receiving or are eligible for financial aid, you may be able presented in a one-day conference focusing on combating to apply it toward international study. For details, visit the School of Student ID # ________________________________________________ _ _ modern day slavery and trafficking. Social Work’s Financial Aid Office. PARTICIPANTS Do I need a passport and visa? Date of Birth _______________/________________/______________ ___ The program is designed for a limited number of graduate-level Yes. You will need a passport for entry into the Philippines. United social work students on a first-come, first-served basis. States citizens and green card holders will not need a visa unless Address______________________________________________________ Prospective participants are encouraged to attend at least one you plan to stay more than 21 days in the Philippines. If those areHuman trafficking – the illegal trade of human beings for sexual informational meeting to become familiar with the expectations your plans, you will need to contact the closest Philippine Consul- _____________________________________________________________ _exploitation or forced labor – is the second most lucrative illicit and logistics of the program. ate to make arrangements for a visa. Also, if you are an interna-enterprise in the world and the fastest growing, according to tional student, you will need to investigate if a visa is required. Phone __________________________Cell _______________________ ___ ACCOMMODATIONS (subject to change)the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. One USC will arrange housing at lodging facilities on or near the What is the weather like in the Philippines? Email ________________________________________________________of the undersides of globalization, human trafficking exists University of the Philippines campus in Metro Manila. Accommo- The rainy season starts in June, so the weather becomes veryin at least 127 countries – places like the Philippines – where dations may be arranged in other locations as well. humid at this time, with the possibility of showers usually in the early mornings and afternoons. Alternative E-mail ___________________________________________ __changing social and economic conditions have brought large COSTSnumbers of people from rural areas into urban centers where Program costs include two-week accommodations (double-room What health precautions should I take?they don’t have jobs or employment prospects, and government occupancy), daily breakfast, weekday lunches, local transporta- Vaccinations are not required for travel in the Philippines. However, SCHOOL INFORMATION tion during program hours and field excursions. In addition, some visitors choose to safeguard themselves against malaria,corruption has turned a blind eye to the epidemic. The promise costs include a program administrative fee. Other fees are Hepatitis A and dengue fever, although the possibility of contract- Enrolled atof good jobs and economic opportunity lure residents to what additional, including tuition for a required 4-unit course and a ing any of these diseases is remote. You should consult your healththey believe will bring them a better life. health insurance policy if not enrolled in the mandatory USC care provider and learn more about protecting yourself when Orange County Academic Center student health insurance plan and covered by the international traveling in a tropical environment. study abroad option. All participants will be responsible for their San Diego Academic CenterTrafficking humans is not new, but the complexity of this own roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles to Manila, Philippines; What do I pack? Skirball Academic Centerphenomenon continues to grow in magnitude each year. dinners; weekend lunches; non-program related transportation Casual, light clothing. Jeans are acceptable in the classroom and in and other incidentals. the field. Tank tops are also acceptable for the classroom, but you University Park CampusThe University of Southern California School of Social may want to bring a light sweater or a shawl to cover up as some ofWork offers a unique cultural immersion program in the WHAT STUDENTS WILL GAIN the communities we visit are more conservative. You may also want Virtual Academic CenterPhilippines to understand this form of modern day slavery to bring a bathing suit and a light jacket for the evenings. Appropri- • Exposure to the diversity of the Philippines ate dinner attire is suggested for evening events. Please note thatand the global efforts underway to combat the problem. airline baggage requirements may change, so it is important that Full-time Part-time • Historical, cultural, religious and socialUtilizing a comparative perspective, participants will explore perspectives of the factors that shape you check with your airline regarding baggage allowances. You may Philippines society and promote resilience be charged additional baggage action and social change strategies the United States andthe Philippines use to suppress human trafficking networks. • Hands-on experience in examining What is the money situation? EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION human trafficking The local currency of the Philippines is the peso. You can exchange your money at banks, department stores and hotels, although Name ________________________________________________________Visits to governmental agencies, non-governmental organi- • Increased knowledge of child, labor money changers offer the best rates. You can also use creditzations and other Filipina and international institutions that and sex trafficking cards and/or ATM cards. Relationship _____________________________________________ _____wage early detection, prevention, advocacy and awareness • Understanding of trafficking from Can I arrive early and/or stay longer than thecampaigns will enlighten students how policy and social various perspectives Address ____________________________________________________ __ two-week program?services are coordinated to curb human trafficking. Such • International network of friends Yes, at your own expense. Phone ______________________________________________________ _ _insight will better prepare social workers to identify and work and professional connectionswith trafficked victims. For more information contact: Self-portrait by a 15-year old Annalisa Enrile, Clinical Assistant Professor trafficking victim “Kala” 213.821.1334 •