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Germany immersion program brochure


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Germany immersion program brochure

  1. 1. Global Immersion ProgramApplication DestinationsTELL US ABOUT YOURSELF LOS ALAMITOS ARMY AIRFIELD, a military airport operated by theWhat type of work do you see yourself doing in the next five years? California Army National Guard on the 1,400-acre Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, Calif., is one of_____________________________________________________________ the most active Department of Defense aviation operations in the_____________________________________________________________ continental United States._____________________________________________________________ RAMSTEIN AIR BASE, a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) installation, serves as the headquarters for the United States Air_____________________________________________________________ Forces in Europe. Located near Kaiserslautern, Germany, the base sits at the hub of the largest American military community in EuropeHave you ever traveled outside the United States? Where? with roughly 50,000 U.S. personnel living in the area._____________________________________________________________ LANDSTUHL REGIONAL MEDICAL Military Culture: CENTER is the largest military hospital outside the continental U.S. Forces Abroad in_____________________________________________________________ Germany United States. Located near Landstuhl, Germany, it serves as the_____________________________________________________________ nearest treatment center for wounded soldiers coming from Iraq_____________________________________________________________ and Afghanistan, as well as for troops stationed in Germany.Are you a U.S. citizen? ______ Do you have a U.S. passport? ______ U.S. ARMY GARRISON HEIDELBERG comprises a number of United States military installations in and around Heidelberg, Germany,Describe any of your classes or experiences that might be related including the headquarters of the U.S. Army in Europe and severalto this course. NATO facilities. U.S. ARMY GARRISON BAUMHOLDER, home of the 170th Infantry_____________________________________________________________ Brigade Combat Team, represents one of the largest concentrations of U.S. Army combat units outside the continental United States. The_____________________________________________________________ base, known as “The Rock,” is nestled among the rolling hills of central Germany._____________________________________________________________ LUXEMBOURG AMERICAN_____________________________________________________________ CEMETERY AND MEMORIAL, situated in a beautiful wooded area near Luxembourg City, is one of 14Briefly describe your expectations for the program and what you permanent World War II Americanwould like to accomplish. military cemeteries erected on foreign soil by the American Battle_____________________________________________________________ Monuments Commission. American soldiers who died in the battles of the Second World War are buried_____________________________________________________________ Montgomery Ross Fisher Building here, as is the acclaimed war hero Army General George S. Patton. Los Angeles, CA 90089-0411_____________________________________________________________ USC School of Social Work STRASBOURG, FRANCE, perched University Park Campus_____________________________________________________________ definitively between France and Germany, has been part of both throughout the centuries. In this Please return application along with a capital of the Alsace region, streets non-refundable $250 deposit still bear the names of the medieval (check made payable to USC) to: tradesmen who lived and worked Dan Hester there. The home of the European Director, International Programs Parliament and Council of Europe, USC School of Social Work, MRF 202B this often-overlooked and surpris- 669 West 34th Street ingly cosmopolitan destination features a stunning cathedral. Los Angeles, California 90089-0411 213.740.3939
  2. 2. Program Overview Program Details Frequently Asked Questions Application Military Culture: FORMAT Will I get credit toward my degree? Military Culture: The three-week program will begin with pre-departure sessions If you are enrolled in the USC School of Social Work, you will U.S. Forces Abroad in on the USC campus followed by a visit to the Los Alamitos Army receive 4-unit credits for completing the program. U.S. Forces Abroad in Germany Germany Airfield in California. During the two weeks in Europe, students will participate in a rigorous, experiential learning experience Will this program help my chances of finding a job? that combines daily lectures with guest speakers and field visits With the world growing smaller every day and the economies of all to a variety of sites including the U.S. Air Force Deployment nations becoming increasingly intertwined, employers, regardless Transition Center at Ramstein Air Base, Outpatient Behavioral of profession, are eager for employees who bring new and innova- Health at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and Europe tive approaches that are often shaped by experiences in Regional Medical Command in Heidelberg that provides mental non-traditional classroom settings. BASIC INFORMATION health services to Army personnel. Is financial aid available? Name ________________________________________________________ PARTICIPANTS If you are receiving or are eligible for financial aid for your educa- The program is designed for a limited number of graduate-level tion, you may be able to apply it toward international study. For Student ID # ________________________________________________ _ _ social work. Prospective participants are encouraged to attend details, visit the School of Social Work’s Financial Aid Office. at least one informational meeting to become familiar with the expectations and logistics of this one-of-a-kind program. Do I need a passport and visa? Date of Birth _______________/________________/______________ ___ Yes. You will need a passport for entry into Europe. United States ACCOMMODATIONS (subject to change) citizens and green card holders will not need a visa to enter Europe. Address______________________________________________________ USC will arrange weekday housing at lodging facilities near Los However, if you are an international student, you will need to Alamitos and Ramstein Air Base and weekend accommodations investigate if a visa is required for your entry into Europe. _____________________________________________________________ _ in Strasbourg, France. What is the weather like in Northern Europe? Phone __________________________Cell _______________________ ___The School of Social Work at the University of Southern Cali- COSTS During May and June, the weather in Northern Europe varies as itfornia offers a global immersion program in Germany that Program costs include two-week accommodations (double-room shifts from cooler spring to slightly warmer summer temperatures. Email ________________________________________________________ occupancy), daily breakfast, weekday lunches, local transporta- While it can be moderately warm during the day and generally coolwill prepare students to meet the critical need for culturally tion during program hours and field excursions. In addition, in the evening, periodic showers can be expected anytime.competent behavioral healthcare providers who work with Alternative E-mail ___________________________________________ __ costs include a program administrative fee. Other fees areservicemembers and their families. The three-week program additional, including tuition for a required 4-unit course and a What do I pack? health insurance policy if not enrolled in the mandatory USC Casual, light, but warm, clothing. Jeans are acceptable in thewill take place at Los Alamitos Army Airfield in California and student health insurance plan and covered by the international classroom and in the field. You may also want to bring a bathing SCHOOL INFORMATIONU.S. military installations in Germany, including Ramstein study abroad option. All participants will be responsible for their suit and a sweater, jacket or light overcoat for the evenings. PleaseAir Base, the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the own roundtrip airfare from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany, note airline baggage requirements may change, so it is important to check with your airline regarding baggage allowances. You may Enrolled at dinners, weekend lunches, non-program related transportation,U.S. Army Garrisons in Baumholder and Heidelberg. and other incidentals. be charged additional baggage fees. Orange County Academic CenterDesigned to increase military fluency, the experience will also WHAT STUDENTS WILL GAIN What is the money situation? San Diego Academic Centerhelp participants develop a deeper understanding of systems The euro is the official currency of the European countries on this Skirball Academic Centerof care in place for military personnel during deployment and • Appreciation for the military’s emphasis on mission trip. All major credit cards and traveler’s cheques are accepted, and readiness, support of service, honor and cohesion, andthe transition back home. there is ample access to ATMs. University Park Campus how these influence social work delivery at the micro, mezzo and macro levels Virtual Academic Center Can I arrive early and/or stay longer than the two-week program?Through visits to key military installations in the United • Understanding of the impact of military transitions and You will need to arrive at the same time as the entire delegationStates and Germany, students will have a unique opportunity stressful life events on a military family traveling to Germany. However, you can stay longer in Europe atto gain an understanding of how the uniformed services your own expense. Full-time Part-time • Knowledge of issues related tocoordinate care during deployment. Such insight will better loss, stressors, changes and For more information contact: transitions over a veteran’s lifeprepare future social work practitioners to help reintegrating Anthony Hassan, Clinical Associate Professor cycle as pertinent to designing 213.743.2050 • EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATIONservicemembers navigate multiple systems of care provided interventionsfor transitioning veterans and their families. • Awareness of risk and Name ________________________________________________________ protective factors associated with deployment, military serviceParticipants will also take part in cultural excursions, which and other aspects of life and Relationship _____________________________________________ _____may include visits to the Luxembourg American Cemetery and role transitions that servicemembers and Address ____________________________________________________ __Memorial, where Army General George S. Patton is buried, veterans experienceand Strasbourg, France, often considered the capital city of Phone ______________________________________________________ _ _Europe and a symbol of post-war unity.