September USC School of Social Work Student Org Newsletter


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September 2011 Student Org Newsletter

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September USC School of Social Work Student Org Newsletter

  1. 1. In this Edition:Message from the Secretary USC School ofWhat is GPSS?Time to Get Your Vote On! Social WorkMeet the New Director ofStudent Services September NewsletterCelebrating Our Successes September 5, 2011Memories from the BonfireFor Our Friends @ the VACCaucus CornerAny Ideas?Contact Us Our First Full Newsletter of the Year!MSW Trojans!As we enter the 2011-2012 Academic Year, I would like to invite you all to peruseour first full newsletter! On the first Monday of each month you will receive an emailwith a newsletter and calendar attached. The calendar serves as a way to keepstudents informed of what is going on at the UPC campus, various academiccenters, and the community-at-large, while the newsletter allows Student Org,Student Caucuses, and Interest Groups to tell you how you can get involvedthrough committees, attending meetings, or just enjoying events. And don’t forgetto keep your eyes out for important announcements and messages from facultyand administration! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, pleaseemail us at We look forward to hearing from you! Maddison Gan, Student Org Secretary 1
  2. 2. What is GPSS?The Graduate Professional Student Senate gives graduate students a voice at USC. We plana wide variety of events to encourage interaction and development between students anddisperse funding for recognized student organizations. For more information please see thewebsite or feel free to contact Alana Copeland Time to get your vote on!Hello fellow Trojans!In the coming weeks there will be students campaigning to represent USC School of SocialWork students in the Graduate Professional Student Senate. Please support them, listen towhat they have to bring to the table and VOTE. Remember the person you elect will bejoining Student Org. in representing YOU. Here are the important dates to remember:Campaigning September 5 – September 23, 2011.VOTING September 19 – September 23, 2011Fight On! Meet the New Director of Student Services!Hello Trojans and welcome to the 2011-2012 academic year!Let me begin by saying how excited I am to be here! I have recently come on board USC’sSchool of Social Work as the Director of Student Services. However, I am not new to the USCcommunity. I have earned both my Master’s and Doctorate in Education here while workingwithin the Division of Student Affairs; first with the Office for Residential Education and laterwith the Office of Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards. I have also served thelocal community as a Neighborhood Council member and taught part-time with USC’sSchool of Policy Planning and Development.We in the Student Services Team here in the School of Social Work are here to serve you. Ourgoal is to make a positive impact on your educational goals. We have tutors and writingcoaches ready to support you in your academic endeavors. We encourage you to getinvolved with Student Org and the student caucus groups as well as find ways to engagewith your local community. We look forward to assisting wherever possible, celebrating youraccomplishments along the way, and congratulating you at your graduation.Fight on!JoshJoshua J. Watson, Ed.D.Director of Student Services 2
  3. 3. Celebrating Our SuccessesCommunity Immersion:Community Immersion was a great success! There were students in 23 communities inthe San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles areas. There were over 60continuing students volunteering their time and expertise. On Tuesday incomingstudents were able to meet the 18 caucus and interest groups that are active at theSchool of Social Work. On Friday the workshops were heavily attended. A specialthank you to the faculty that helped plan and put on the week-long immersion. Also,thank you to the student leaders that made Community Immersion run great!Welcome Back Bonfire:The Student Org Board would like to thank all of you who attended our annualbonfire! We were able to meet students from Skirball, UPC, and the VAC. It was agreat day at the beach with delicious food, awesome friends, and even a fun gameof volleyball! We hope you enjoyed it and felt a part of our MSW family. We wouldalso like to thank the caucuses who made this event possible; Asian Pacific Islander,Men In Social Work, Latino/a , and Skirball Social Work Caucuses. Thank you for yourcollaboration!Graduation Fundraiser:The Student Org Board would like to begin by thanking all those who supported ourCarne Asada fundraiser on September 1, 2011 -- our very first fundraiser of the year!The delicious food was provided by Zamora Bros and was a huge success! The nextGraduation fundraiser will be a Zumbathon which will take place at Barrio ActionYouth and Family Center on Saturday, October 22 from 10:00 am -12:00 pm. Furtherdetails will be in October’s newsletter. Also it is not too late to join the GraduationCommittee, those who are interested can email Raquel Zamora Our first graduation committee meeting will be held inOctober-–date and time TBA—and everyone is welcome to join. Our graduationfestivities won’t be possible without a great committee! Get involved and join! 3
  4. 4. Memories… 4
  5. 5. For Our Friends @ the VAC The Meaning of Student Org to the VAC The official purpose of Student Org is “to form a working relationshipamong the students in the School of Social Work to meet the changingdemands of social work education and to present to the faculty andadministration student positions on the improvements of social work and socialwork education that will have lasting impact upon the student, university, andcommunities.” Student Org primarily focuses on representing the School ofSocial Work on a macro level. Issues that are voiced and shared by the entirestudent body of the Virtual Academic Center (VAC) can be presented, sincethe VAC is an integral part of the School of Social Work at the University ofSouthern California. Student Org is currently supporting the various caucuses withadministrative concerns and budgetary topics. However, each specificcaucus represents a specific focus area, such as a specialty of social work,students’ common interests or one of the recognized academic centers. Eachcaucus has their own board and unique agenda that can include specialevents, fundraising and interpersonal communication. Essentially, the VACCaucus can represent the VAC on a more local level. If any VAC student has any questions about any significant topic, pleasefeel free to contact me at I am Julie Row, the current VACRepresentative, who directly works with Student Org and represents the VACstudent body. The election has been held for the second VAC Representativeposition, so that there can be a team of two people who can work together toensure that there will be a great start to effective representation for the VAC. 5
  6. 6. Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Caucus Caucus Corner Welcome (back) Social Work Trojans! We hope that you had an enjoyable summer vacation and are looking forward to the 2011-2012 academic year! This past summer, the API board worked tirelessly to create a schedule of events that will foster students to network with each other and with the community. In particular, we are happy to present the following events: Our first general meeting will be on Tuesday, September 6that 11:30AM in SWC 106 (the Smart Classroom). This will be the first opportunity to formally meet ourboard, learn about our caucus, network with fellow classmates, and enjoy a deliciously freelunch! All of our meetings throughout the year will also be on the 1st Tuesday of every month in thesame room at the same time.Discussed in further details at our meeting will be our quest for leaders in our caucus. We are lookingfor 2 First Year Representatives, an OC Representative, SD Representative, Skirball Representative,and VAC Representative. This is a great way to gain leadership experience and be proactive in ourcaucus.API will be co-hosing the tailgate on September 10th for the USC vs. Utah game. This tailgate will befrom 12PM-4:30PM and will be themed, "Go Trojans!" We will be serving the LA Dog (bacon-wrappedhot dog) as well as Veggie Dogs accompanied by drinks for donations. Come by in your cardinaland gold gear!Lastly, API will be hosting apparel sales on the 13th and 15th of September during universalbreak. Come pick up a USC School of Social Work T-Shirt or check out our hoodies!For more information, join our USC Asian Pacific Islander Social Work Caucus Facebook Page or emailus at We hope to see you soon!Black Social Work CaucusThe Black Social Work Caucus would like to take this opportunity to welcome students to become apart of the Black Social Work Caucus (BSWC). The Black Social Work Caucus of the University ofSouthern California is committed to building solidarity among its members, USC School of Social Work,faculty, administration, staff, student body, the University Community, and the black community atlarge by encouraging the understanding and acceptance of diversity, creativity, self-determination,ethical practices, and minority leadership. It was founded in 1969 on the basis of integrating amulticultural perspective into the curriculum, dialogue, and student body of the USC School of SocialWork. We are dedicated to academic achievement, professionalism, and social justice for all peopleof African descent and human kind. Our vision this year is to inspire and motivate change.The newly elected Board Members for the 2011/2012 school year DeAndra Jones/ Co-Chair, KavinaHall/Co-Chair, Pamela Thompson/Secretary, Folake Balogun/Treasurer, are dedicated to making thisyears caucus a memorable experience for all students. This years caucus will be hosting severalevents in the fall school year, those events include a Tailgate Party September 10th, Welcome backmixer-At The Game- September 23rd, Study Jam-October 13th, USC Grad Lounge and a Holidayparty-December 16th. During the Spring school year we have Kareoke Night or Brown Bag-January27th, Black history month-single celebration or Multiple events- February 25th, Happy hour- March30th, Study jam-March 20th, April-The Gala, Saturday April 21st. For more information on the BSWCyou can also find scheduled events, evites and other information on Facebook( Please feel free to contact any member of theBSWC if you would like to become a part of the Black Social Work Caucus (BSWC). 6
  7. 7. Christian Social Work CaucusWelcome incoming and continuing MSW students! We are the Christian Social Work Caucus here atUSC!Our mission is to SPREAD the gospel of Jesus Christ to the School of Social Work and the USC Campusthrough compassion and service, to EXPLORE the Bible as a means of informing social work practice,to OFFER support and fellowship to Christian social workers as we all collectively strive to empowerand defend marginalized, disenfranchised and oppressed populations, and to ENCOURAGE aspiritual growth among the student body to strengthen the individual as they reach for their goalsand dreams within their careers and life.Our FIRST General meeting on UPC is September 6, 2011 @ 11:15 am in MRF 303 and on OCAC isSeptember 8, 2011 @ 11:15, location pending.Join us and be part of the exciting new things we have this year!On October 1, 2011 we will be co-sponsoring a tailgate at UPC; you are invited to come and join theTrojan experience with us!Find us on Facebook to keep posted with future events and information: USC School of Social WorkChristian Caucus.Let’s encourage one another on toward the finish line!Clinical Social Work CaucusHave a question, need a cookie or just want to say hi?! Stop by our table in the SOWK Courtyard onThurs., Sept. 6, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.Dont miss our First CSWC Member Meeting! Thurs., Sept. 8, 11 a.m - 1 p.m. in SWC 106 (Snacks will beprovided!)Be sure to join our Facebook page to stay up to date on CSWC events andannouncements! you a VAC student? Join our meetings and events virtually by adding USC_Clinical on Skype!Forensic Social Work CaucusForensics Caucus first general meeting for members and those interested on 9/22/11 in MRF 330 from11:15-12:30pm.Food and Drinks will be provided.See you all there!International Social Work CaucusWelcome incoming students to the academic year 2011-2012The theme of International Social Work Caucus (ISWC) for the year 2011-2012 is Fostering GlobalExchange.The Mission of the ISWC is to promote awareness of international issues that affect the global world.We seek to provide a bridge between USC School of Social Work students and internationalorganizations through providing professional networking opportunities, as well as to provideinformation to students that are interested in abroad internships.We have amazing upcoming Events that include TWO INTERNATIONAL TRIPS and various Los Angelesbased as well as OC/SD/Skirball based events. Add ISWC on facebook or email to get added to the fb and email list.Tabling – Come join International Social Work Caucus (ISWC) for our first Tabling and Chocolate Salein Galiban Courtyard at the UPC. Stop by on Tuesday August 30, 2011 between 11.00AM - 12.30PMand on Tuesday September 06, 2011 between 11.00AM– 12.30PM. You can buy chocolates, getinformed of our exciting upcoming events and share some love, and if nothing else, just come by forsome conversations . 7
  8. 8. Pot Luck/General Meeting: ISWC’s first general meeting and International Pot Luck on September 15,2011 at 11.30AM – 12.30PM at Hamovich MRF. Meet new members, introduce yourself to boardmembers & advisors and be the part of ISWC community. More info will be sent over email.Tailgate: Join ISWC and party like a Trojan on September 17, 2011 at 9.00AM by VKC. Look out formore info in an email and on our fb page.We have great opportunities for students: ISWC is looking for Skirball Rep., Student Org. Rep. and VACRep. – Deadline is Sep 12, 2011. Please email at for more information.Don’t forget to pre-order the most wanted track jacket.Contact us to on facebook @ look forward to working with you and serving for International Social Work Caucus!Fight OnJewish Social Work CaucusOur members would like to invite you to the upcoming September happenings:1) If you missed our first CHALLAH BACK meeting… There’s good news! You have other opportunitiesto stay in touch with the Jewish Social Work Caucus!2) Please join us for BIG SUNDAY. The 10nth anniversary of SEPTEMBER 11th is coming up. In an effort torepair the world, we will begin by repairing the city! Come join the BIG SUNDAY event with SocialWork students, synagogues and other non-profit organizations from all over LA. We will be assistingthe SOVA food pantry in collecting, sorting, boxing food and writing letters to soldiers! Everyone is alsowelcome to join for a BIG community breakfast.When: Sunday, 9/11/11 from 8:00 am - 12:00 pmWhere: 6111 Melrose Avenue., L.A.3) Rabbi Ethan Bair from USC Hillel will be speaking on September 22 about Social Work from theperspective of Jewish values, such as Repairing the world, (Tikkun Olam), Charity (tzedakah), etc.More information will be announced, stay tuned!Remember Take Care, Self Care,Jewish Social Work CaucusLatino/a Social Work CaucusContact E-mail: latinosw@usc.eduFriend us on Facebook: USC Latino Social Work Caucus The LSWC Board hopes that everyone has enjoyed their first 2 weeks of school and is starting off the new school year on the right track! We would like to thank EVERYONE who was able to attend the first Tailgate of the season that was co-hosted by the Clinical Social Work Caucus and us! We hope you had a good break from studying. Continue to join and support in our upcoming events: Empanada Sale Tuesday, September 6, 2011 – 11:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m. Enjoy delicious home-made empanadas & refreshments during the U-Break in the Gabilan Courtyard. San Diego Campus Mentor/Mentee Mixer Friday, September 9, 2011 – 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. This event is aimed for all mentors and mentees who attend the S.D. campus. Take a break from studying & join us for our first mentor/mentee mixer at Dave and Buster’s in San Diego. If OC or UPC students are interested, please stay posted on upcoming details. Second General Meeting/Mentor & Mentee Mixer Thursday, September 13, 2011 – 11:15 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. – SWC 106 Join us for our 2nd general meeting of the year. There will be a speed “meet & greet” for all 8
  9. 9. students interested in the mentorship program. This is an opportunity for all mentors and menteesto meet each other.Pupusa SaleThursday, September 22, 2011 – 11:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.Enjoy delicious home-made pupusas & mingle with others during the U-Break in the Gabilancourtyard.Community HikeSaturday, September 24, 2011 – 8:00 a.m. – 12: 00 p.m.Join us for a community hike at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena. Bring water & snacks as we willdebrief and have a discussion afterwards.Nacho SaleTuesday, September 27, 2011 – 11:00 a.m. – 12: 45 p.m.Enjoy yummy nachos (with or without jalapenos) & support our caucus during the Universal Breakat the Gabilan Courtyard!Meet with High School MenteesThursday, September 29, 2011 – 11:15 a.m. – 12:20 p.m.We will be hosting a panel at Jefferson high school about college; more info to come.*Learn more about our events by attending our meetings, joining our mailing list, or “friend-ing” us onfacebook! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.-ADELANTEThe Latina/o Social Work CaucusMen in Social Work CaucusThe Men in Social Work Caucus (MSWC) addresses the challenges and needs of men in the field ofsocial work and strives to put forth a renewed vision of masculinity, as this vision affects all membersof our society. On behalf of Nick Holt and Elmer Ornelas (Co-Chairs), Amber Rivas (Treasurer) and JoelGutierrez (Secretary), we welcome all new students to the 2011-2012 year. Please join us in one of ourupcoming events:9/6/11: MSWC First General Meeting (11:30-12:30 PM in MRF 320)10/29/11: MSWC Tailgate with Social Action and Forensic Caucuses...and please follow the Men in Social Work Caucus at for ourupcoming calendar photo shoots, World Famous Chill by the Grill, volunteering, OC fundraisingevent, alumni and networking events, intramural sports activities, and other creative events andfundraisers.Military Social Work Interest GroupThe USC Military Social Work Interest Group (MilSWIG) promotes the welfare, social interests,education, outreach, and support of Military service members and Veterans, their families, and theircommunities. We welcome the participation of all graduate and professional studentsregardless of concentration.Co-chairsMichell MolinaHannah Stryker  Secretary of State Phillip Chaidez  Treasurer Tianna Harris 9
  10. 10.  Fundraising Daniel Burns  Community Outreach Kristy Kleinman  Student Org Rep Jason Sim  SDAC Rep Mary Liesenberg  OCAC Rep Tara DebraberMilSWIG Upcoming events  September  Tailgate! (Sept 10)  Orange County “ Stand Down” (Sept 17 & 18)  October  Immersion trip to JFTB Los Alamitos  November  “Brown Bag” regarding virtual client  February 2012  “Brown Bag” job & placement lecture; military social workers in different branches and alumni will discuss possible job opportunities  March 2012  Family Day Run at Camp Pendleton or MCRDOrange County Social Work CaucusGreetings Fellow MSW Students!We represent the Orange County Caucus located at the Orange County Academic Center in Irvine.For those of you who are unfamiliar with the caucus, our purpose is to meet the needs of full-time andpart-time students at the Orange County Academic Center. The caucus is a collaborative effortamong student leadership, caucus representatives and fellow MSW students. The organizationensures all Orange County Academic Center students have an opportunity to network, socialize andcollaborate with one another and with other academic units. The caucus promotes interacting andbuilding connections with University Park, Skirball, San Diego and the Virtual Academic Center,uniting all USC social work students. Additionally, the Orange County Social Work Caucus helps involve MSW students in local volunteer community service projects in Orange County. With the help of our advisor, Leslie Wind, we have planned numerous fundraisers, service projects, and events for the 2011-2012 academic year! The Orange County Caucus members are very excited to start the year and look forward to meeting everyone! Board Members: Advisor: Leslie Co-Chair: Nancy Guzman- Co-Chair: Ashley Sewalk Secretary: Monica Hour- Treasurer: Gerolyn Lopez- Social Events Co-Chair: Alicia Social events Co-Chair: Yesenia Merino- Sampling of Upcoming Events: 9/6/11: Golden Spoon Fundraiser 9/21/11: Hockey Game @ Honda Center @ 7:00pm = (FB events page) 10
  11. 11. 9/27/11: Jamba Juice Fundraiser10/1/11: NAMI Walk in Huntington BeachCheck our facebook for weekly updates on events: CaucusMission Statement: To serve as advocates for part-time students while helping them build theirnetworks while at USC in addition promoting the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) corevalues of social justice and service to the community.Upcoming events:Monthly meetings- last Sunday of each monthWelcome Valet- first week of the new semester.Fundraiser Pizza Sale- September 12-19 at UPC, OCAC, City Center and SDACTailgate- October 1 in partnership with the Christian Caucus and Skirball CaucusBrown Bag- October and FebruaryHoliday Community Drive- November thru DecemberPart-Time Caucus 2011-2012 Board:Laura Knight & Nicole Matsumoto, Co-ChairsAmber Carpenter, TreasurerDenise Rizo, SecretaryLauren Johnson, Community ChairKarla Arnold, Training CoordinatorGabriela C. Alvarado, OCAC Rep,Jacqueline Early, OCAC RepKerry Paysen, SDAC RepChristine Ho, SDAC RepFacebook: Matsumoto, Co-Chair <>,Laura Knight, Co-Chair <>Amber Carpenter, Treasurer <>Denise Rizo, Secretary <>Lauren Johnson, Community Chair <>Karla Arnold, Training Coordinator <>Gabriela C. Alvarado, OCAC Rep <>Jacqueline Early, OCAC Rep <>,Kerry Paysen, SDAC Rep <>Christine Ho, SDAC Rep <>Heather Halperin, Advisor <>Rainbow Alliance Social Work CaucusGreetings from Rainbow Alliance! Hope everyone has enjoyed the first few weeks of school.Rainbow Alliance is excited for the year and invites all LGBTQ students AND allies to attend ourupcoming events! • 9/6 Bake Sale- We will be in Gabilan Courtyard from 11:00-1:00 tabling and selling treats. Stop by to say hi or for more info about Rainbow Alliance. • 9/8 First General Meeting-Our first meeting will be in MRF 338 at 11:30. Come learn about our caucus, meet other students, and share your own ideas for the year. Lunch will be provided. • 9/17 Tailgate- Fight on with Rainbow Alliance before the football team takes on Syracuse! 11
  12. 12. • 9/20 Military Acceptance Project Celebration- Salute LGBT service members and celebrate the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” at the Bourbon Street Bar and Grill in San Diego from 7-10pm. For more info about the Military Acceptance Project go to free to email us anytime at if you want to get involved or have anyquestions! Also, don’t forget to “like” us on facebook to see updates about our events. We lookforward to seeing you all soon!San Diego CaucusSoftball SundaySunday, August 28, was the SDAC’s Third Annual Softball Game and it was a BLAST! Thank you to allof those who made it. Don’t fret if you were unable to attend as there will be many more events inthe future hosted by the fabulous caucuses at SDAC.When there were enough players to field two teams it was GAME ON! The Odds started the gamewith a solid base hit quickly taking the lead. The Evens answered each run. The two teams battled forthree solid innings before halftime where they enjoyed the potluck smorgasbord. After a short restand relaxation the contest resumed. Ultimately, the teams were so evenly matched the game endedin a draw and a good time was had by all! Most importantly it is never to early to get ready for theFlynn Cup Tourney!!All Caucus MixerThursday, September 1, was our first Meet & Greet Mixer with all SDAC Caucuses workingcollaboratively. New and returning students alike had an opportunity to meet and interact withcaucus, interest group, and student-run non-profits Military Acceptance Project (MAP) and SocialJustice USA. Teamwork ran rampant as students manned tables other than their own to ensure thatevery organization was recognized and available to anyone interested.9/11 Heroes Run San DiegoThe SDAC Trojans invite all of you to participate in this years 9/11 Heroes Run in San Diego hosted bythe Travis Manion Foundation. If San Diego is too far from you go to to find arace near you. You can run, walk, volunteer and or make a donation. To join the USC SDAC Trojansfollow this link the Date/Future EventsSeptember: Elections for First Year Liaisons to Caucuses and Interest GroupsOctober: Midterm Mayhem is a series of events designed to keep you sane during midterms. Activitiesmay include (but are not limited to) Flag Football, Skating (Ice or Roller), massage, and Game Night. Community Service Opportunities will be posted for your consideration. We are hoping to have one day each month where Trojans go out together to serve the community. November: We invite you to take a few hours this month to give thanks through community service. Stay tuned as there will be several opportunities available to participate. Details will be provided in late September as some sites will require a reservation. Congratulations on the successful completion of the first couple weeks of graduate school! Take a few minutes to acknowledge small victories! "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen." ~Frank Loyd Wright Skirball Caucus SKIRBALL CAUCUS The mission of the Skirball Caucus is to enhance the experience of Skirball students by creating a supportive social network and advocating for students needs; facilitate the transition to the University Park Campus by helping build relationships with other caucuses, Orange County 12
  13. 13. Campus students, San Diego Campus students, and former Skirball students; and to bridge socialwork values with the mission of the Skirball Cultural Center.Priscilla Gubatan - Chair 851-0459Lindsey Palmer - Co-Chair 301-7230Heather Connors - Treasurer 327-2228Yvette Diaz de Tuesta - Secretary 268-1447skirballswc@gmail.comFacebook Page: USC School of Social Work - Skirball Caucus( Caucus & Part-time Caucus USC Football Tailgate - USC vs ArizonaOctober 1, 2011 from 10am to 2pmSocial Action CaucusWe hope that classes and placements have started well for everyone! The SAC Board looks forwardto meeting all interested students at our first general meeting on Thurs Sep 8th in MRF 303 from 11:30 to12:30. We will discuss our first Brown Bag event of the semester which will focus on suicide preventionamong the LGBTQ youth in LA through the Trevor Project. Additionally, we are also looking for a first-year representative as well as a part-time representative to join the SAC board this year. Weencourage everyone with any interest in serving our community to join us on the 8th. We WANT toknow your ideas and interests and value any input you are willing to bring.Hope to see you all there and remember, we have free high fives at every meeting!If you see any of us around campus, feel free to ask us any questions you may have. You can alsoemail us at uscmswSAC@gmail.comSAC BoardPresident: Lauren EatonVice President: Josh HammerSecretary: Katharine KaftanskiTreasurer: Pardis GhandhariCommunity Service Chair: Sofia BacioPublic Relations Chair: Taylor GuthrieSocial Workers for Environmental JusticeWelcome to SWEJ...Social Workers for Environmental Justice! Our goals include: * Raising awarenessof environmental issues and the green movement * Inspiring students to take action to improve ourenvironment, and * Discussing the intersection of environmental issues and social justice.We hope to make measurable change on campus and in the community with various events andforums. Get involved in SWEJ and you can look forward to tree planting events, Food Justice/ HungerAwareness month in October, bringing more local food to USC, and more! Please, call (562)243-9940, or look for us on Facebook. We look forward to your ideas andinvolvement!Tuesday August 30th: SWEJ will be present at the caucus mixer at Traddies bar, hosted by Men inSocial Work, from 4pm to 11pm. Come say hello!Thursday Sept 1st: First all-member meeting of the year! 11:30am-12:30pm, Room TBA (likely in MRF).Look for the member newsletter/ check Facebook for updates.Saturday Sept 17th: SWEJ is co-hosting the Social Work Tailgate for the USC v Syracuse game, along 13
  14. 14. with the Rainbow Alliance and International Social Work caucus. Look for food, merhcandise, andmore on the day of!Tuesday October 4th: Root Down LA is conducting a sustainable food cooking demonstration. Comelearn how to make delicious, earth-friendly dishes with a great organization. Root Down LA teacheskids how to cook healthy, sustainable meals and wants to share their great work with us! MRF 218from 11:30am to 12:30pmThursday Oct 6th: All-member meeting! 11:30-12:30pm, Room TBA.All of November: Hunger Awareness and Food Justice month! Look for great events and possibly atree-planting day.Thursday Nov 10: Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger. SWEJ is co-hosting this great brown bag onhunger in America with the Jewish Student Caucus. 11:30am-12:30pm, Room TBA.Virtual Academic Center CaucusExecutive Board: VAC Caucus 2011-2012Divya Gupta is the Chair of the VAC Caucus. She is part of the October 2011 Cohort. She is fromSaddle River, New Jersey. She can be found on Facebook.Jennifer Segura is the Co-Chair for the VAC Caucus. She is part of the October 2011 Cohort. Shecurrently lives in Fresno, California. She is devoted to work alongside the VAC caucus to help studentsexpress their voice. She can be found on Facebook.Corrine St. Thomas is the Secretary for the VAC Caucus. She is part of the January 2011 Cohort. Shecurrently lives in Huntington Beach, California. She is enthusiastic about connect VAC students to USCand loves putting her organizational skills to work. She can be found on Facebook.Lucinda Walker is the Treasurer for the VAC Caucus. She is part of the January 2011 Cohort. Shecurrently lives in Berkeley, California. She wants participate in ground school activities and connectstudent to one another. She can be found on Facebook.Mission Statement:The VAC caucus is an arm of student leadership that serves as a connector between VAC students,student organization, and the School administration. Goals of the caucus include fundraising forextracurricular programming and student events in addition to hosting web- based focus groups andmeetings. The VAC caucus is committed to empowering adn creating a cohesive student body withour students who are spread throughout the US and the world.Facebook page:USC VAC Student Caucus – Search for us!More information to come!! Any Ideas??? Have an idea about how to make the Newsletter even more spectacular?! Know of a great community service opportunity? Want to encourage the student body to learn about a specific organization? Want to bring our attention to a social justice issue? Let us know! We want your input! Send any ideas to or find Maddison during her office hours (Tuesday 1-2). 14
  15. 15. Contact Us: President OCAC Rep Lorena Garcia Eric Perez Office Hours: Th 4-5 Office Hours: T 11-12 Vice President OCAC Rep Spencer Dunn Esbe Garcia Office Hours: Th 11-12 Office Hours: Th 4-5 Secretary SDAC Rep Email us: Maddison Gan Mako Csapo Office Hours: T 1-2 Office Hours: T 4-5 Treasurer SDAC RepFind us on Facebook: Michelle Osuna Gena Truitt http://www.facebook. Office Hours: T 12-1 Office Hours: T 11-12 com/UscStudentOrg Elections and Recruitment Skirball Rep Jose Ortiz Kristin Teti Office Hours: Th 10-11 Office Hours: 2nd W 5:30- 6:30 Community Service Gabriela Quirarte VAC Rep Julie Row Office Hours: T 11-12 Graduation Raquel Zamora Office Hours: Th 9-10 GPSS Rep Alana Copeland Office Hours: Th 5-6 15