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MSW@USC Field Placement Webinar


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MSW@USC Field Placement Webinar

  1. 1. Field Education Webinar
  2. 2. Overview• The USC Field Team• Social Work Overview• MSW Field Placement• Field PlacementSelection Process• Interview Timelines• Q&A
  3. 3. Getting to Know You• What region of the U.S. are you from?• Do you have previous social work experience?• Which concentration interests you the most?
  4. 4. Regional Field TeamThe USC RegionalCoordinators:Ruth Cislowskicislowski@usc.eduAmber Fordamberfor@usc.eduLaurel Davislaurela@usc.eduRenee
  5. 5. What is a Social Worker?Social workers are highly trained andexperienced professionals who:• Assist individuals, families, groups and communities.• Develop policy and programs to help others access services.• Help prevent crises and counsel individuals, families andcommunities to cope more effectively with the stresses ofeveryday life.• Have knowledge of human development and behavior, social,economic and cultural institutions and government.
  6. 6. Governing Organizations for Social WorkThe Council on Social Work Education (CSWE)Nonprofit national association that accredits social workeducation in this United States Association of Social WorkSteward of Core Values of Social Work and Ethicshttp://naswdc.orgDisseminates core competencies for the profession
  8. 8. Field EducationFoundation Year 16 -20 hrs/wk 450 hrsConcentration Year 20 hrs/week 550 hrsTotal = 1,000 hours50 percent of time dedicated to direct practice
  9. 9. Field EducationUSC Finds Placements in Your CommunityFoundation Year Goals• Build core competencies• Work with diverse populationsConcentration Year Goals• Focus on area of study• Student interviews/selects option(s)• Agency recommendations welcomed
  10. 10. Field Education:It’s Not Just About the Hours• Gain quality experience in a professionalsetting.• Expand your professional network.• Give back to your community.
  11. 11. Field Education is Part of the CurriculumIntegrative Learning Seminar• Integrates classroom learning and field experience• Students collaborate to identify and seek solutions andresources for casesThis course is taken as co-requisite to Field Practicum in the twosemesters of the foundation year.
  12. 12. Types of PracticeDirect PracticeTime working directly with clients: at least 50%Indirect PracticeTime focusing on indirect practice: at least 10%
  13. 13. USC Field Placement Expectations• Case assignments (6–8 by the end of the first semester)• 50% of time in direct contact with clients• Accessibility to resources (phone, computer, desk)• Enthusiastic Field Instructor/Agency• Within 30 miles of and/or 45-60 minute drive from thestudent
  14. 14. Sample of Current Placement Sites• County Departmentof Mental Health• Veteran’s Affairs• Hospitals/Medical Centers• Lutheran Social Services• Youth and FamilyService Centers• Schools• Department of Healthand Human Services• Dialysis Treatment Centers• AIDS Care• Prisons/Corrections• Community Health Centers• Therapeutic Counseling• HomelessShelters/TransitionalHousing• Intervention Services• Behavioral/ MentalHealth Facilities• Alzheimer’s Agencies• Catholic Charities• Jewish Family & Children’sServices• Disability Centers• American Red Cross• Foster Agencies• Adoption Services• Rape Crisis Centers• Rehabilitation Centers• Alcohol and DrugFacilities/Substance Abuse• Women’s Centers• Mental Health Clinic• Hospice• Transitional Services• Cancer Centers• Adult Day Health Care• Juvenile Delinquency
  15. 15. USC Field Placement SelectionBring the Best Education toLife in Your Community
  16. 16. Placement Process
  17. 17. Roles in Field Education —MSW on Agency Staff17USC SCHOOL OFSOCIAL WORK• Regional Coordinator• Field Faculty Advisor• Seminar Instructor/Liaison/Academic AdvisorStudent MSW Field InstructorAGENCY
  18. 18. Roles in Field Education —MSW Not on Agency Staff18USC SCHOOL OFSOCIAL WORK• Regional Coordinator• Field Faculty Advisor• Seminar Instructor/Liason/Academic Advisor• External Field Instructor(EFI)Student PreceptorAGENCY
  19. 19. Issues That May Delay Placement• Change in Concentration• Not Accepted by Agency• Relocation• Late Placement• Agency Clearance Policy• Limited Availabilityin Schedule• Background Issues• Certain Geographic Areas
  20. 20. What to Expect in YourConcentration Year
  21. 21. Concentrations• Community Organization,Planning & Administration (COPA)• Families and Children• Health• Mental Health• Social Work and Business in a GlobalSocietyConcentrations• Military Social Work &Veterans ServicesSub-Concentration
  22. 22. Who Are Served by Military Placements?• Families and significant othersof deceased soldiers• WWII Vets• Widows and Widowers• Returning Vets• Vietnam Vets• Families of Active Military
  23. 23. Additional Training with Military AudiencesVirtual Clinical Experience (VCE)– Guided learning experience in the online classroom.– Students meet in small groups with a faculty member to work throughsimulated cases with military clients (played by actors).– Immediate feedback and supervisor as students engage with theclient.Internship with a Military Lens (IML)– Build capacity at your agency to provide services to military audiences.– Supervised by field instructor.
  24. 24. Join the Trojan FamilyJoin an alumni family that is lifelongand worldwide!• Nearly 230,000 alumni on five continents• The USC Social Work Alumni Association
  25. 25. • No GRE required• Completed bachelor’s degree with a preferred interdisciplinaryliberal arts background• Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of approximately 3.0• Strong academic promise to perform successfully at thegraduate level• Sensitivity and responsiveness in relationships, capacity forself-awareness, concern for the needs of others, ability forabstract reasoning, conceptual thinking and strongcommunication skills.Admission Requirements
  26. 26. Transfer Credit Policy• Up to 12 credit hours can be considered• Credits must be earned from an accredited MSW program• Must have earned a 3.0 or better to be considered
  27. 27. Advanced Standing Program• 3.25 cumulative GPA• 3.5 GPA in social work coursework• BSW from an accredited school in the last five years• Two letters of recommendation from field instructor and professor• Passing grades for six-unit bridge courses prior to concentrationyear• Two tracks: three- or five-semester program; 35 units total
  28. 28. • Online Graduate Admission Application• Supplemental Form: Social Work• Résumé• Statement of Purpose• Two Letters of Recommendations (third optional)• Official Transcript(s)Online Graduate Requirements
  29. 29. Important DatesVirtual Academic CenterClass Start Application DeadlineAugust 7, 2013 June 25, 2013September 3, 2013(advanced standing)July 1, 2013September 3, 2013 July 22, 2013Transfer Applications for August 7 May 20, 2013
  30. 30. Get Started TodayVirtual Academic CenterPhone: 1.877.700.4MSW (4679)Email: sswvac@usc.eduWebsite: msw.usc.eduUniversity of Southern California School of Social Work