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Fictional persona of a High School online learner.

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Jose Persona

  1. 1. Persona – Jose Maldonado: 1.) An overview of the personas personal characteristics including family and background Jose is from El Salvador, and moved to the U.S. with his Uncle during the Salvadoran Civil War. Before coming here Jose lived alone with his mother, as his Dad was a Caucasian U.S. citizen who never acknowledged his existence.Jose’s mother was connected somehow to the group FMLN, and one night a squad of mencame to the door, and when she opened it that took her, and he never saw her again. Thenext day he wandered to his uncle’s house and told him what happened. The decision wasthen made to come to the U.S.Jose has had problems in school ever since coming to the U.S. First it was learning thelanguage, and he still does not feel he knows as much as he would like. Then there is the factthat many in the Hispanic community to not fully accept him, as he look Anglo due to his U.S.father. His Uncle does not want him to get too integrated into the society at large, as theycame here as undocumented. There is the fear that of Jose is too visible in getting support forhis issues, more checking will be done into his background, and they will be sent back to ElSalvador. The main problem Jose has, which is exacerbated by those just mentioned, isanxiety and depression due to experiencing the loss of his Mother.
  2. 2. His Uncle has provided a computer to help him in his school work, and Jose has gained a highlevel of technology expertise. The problem is that he has to go to the local Starbucks to get aninternet hook-up, and that takes him through some challenging streets. His Uncle cannot bethere to help him do this, as he works several jobs to make enough money to support them. 2.) School characteristicsJose is usually a strong student when he can work in a more one on one environment. Hedoes not work well in group activities, and usually does not “hang out” with a lot of friends.He has been approached by MS-13 members in school who noticed his isolation, but has beensuccessful so far in avoiding them without making them angry.Recently Jose has missed time in school due to growing anxiety. Some of his teachers noticedhe was unable to consistently concentrate in class, and demonstrated growing frustration.Jose has a 504 Plan addressing these issues, so the teachers consulted the Counselor whomanages this plan. A meeting was held where discussion was had about possible solutions tohis growing challenges in school work.
  3. 3. 3.) Motivation for choosing online learning opportunities,One of the proposed solutions mentioned was participation in online classes. Jose actuallyis familiar with the approach, as he heard about the idea and researched their ability in hisschool district. The meeting quickly turned into one where Jose taught the staff membersabout how what was available in their district could help him. They were really surprisedwhen Jose told them he actually had been talking with one of his teachers about using somedigital learning tools to help him get caught up on the days already missed.The decision was made to place Jose into Homebound schooling, with instruction to bedelivered via online methods. The teachers at the meeting advised they were either alreadyfamiliar with strategies that could be used to teach online, or were willing to learn themASAP. This arrangement will be followed only until the end of the Semester. At that timethe placement in Homebound schooling will be reviewed, and either ended, or convertedinto Full Time with work in classes through the Online Academy run through the schooldistrict.
  4. 4. 4.) Available technology and technology competency.Jose advised the teachers he does have a computer, but it has gotten a virus, and hehasen’t yet been able to remove it. Due to his 504 status, he is eligible for support throughthe Adaptive Technology Department of the district. This makes it possible for him toreceive a loaner laptop with all of the necessary software. The school also has apartnership with Verizon, and they will install FIOS service for a reduced fee.Jose reminded the teachers of his technology competency, and volunteered to be an onlinepeer helper during the day, as he will have extra time while learning at home. The decisionwas made to do this through the use of Discussion Boards, Digital Journals, Wikis, andsynchronous sessions. The team felt this may help Jose grow away from anxiety throughhelping others. In addition, it will help provide what Jose feels is safe peer interaction.