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Assignment 5

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Portrait of an Elearner - Josh Lesson 2 Assignment 5Characteristics of an eLearner – Write a biography of an eLearner by identifying characteristics fromthe lesson and explaining how the collaborative nature of social media could help this person toachieve his/her goals. Be sure to discuss the past educational experience, goals for the learningexperience, how this eLearner likes to learn, and what this eLearner expects from his/herinstructors. Using your slideshare account from the previous assignment, post the assignment as a PowerPoint.
  2. 2. Portrait of an Elearner - JoshJosh is a 14 year old white male student. While generally a very bright boy, Hehas been diagnosed as Special Needs for his problems with slowness of mathand reading processing.He is socially awkward and shy, so his categorization as SN makes his inclusioninto standard public education often embarrassing and uncomfortable forhim.Josh’s activities include: archery; video gaming with a select group of onlineand offline friends and family (including a father who now resides crosscountry), and listening to music and watching videos online.He has aspirations to be in the military and/or then police work.Josh’s standard day includes waking about noon and to bed about 3 or 4 am.Josh’s mother works long hours, so he makes most of his own meals. 50% ormore of his communication with his mother is by text or cell phone.
  3. 3. Portrait of an Elearner - JoshMatching the Power point on eLearners to Josh we find the following correlations:① Ability to Multi-task – Josh lives online with many windows and a cell phone going② Shorter Attention Span – Josh can go for hours on a game, but minutes on an assigned reading or collection of math problems.③ Slower Reading Speed – Lower Reading Accuracy – Josh has been diagnosed as Special Needs④ Susceptible to Distractions – probably a large element of his Special Needs⑤ Interactions with Technology and Social Media – Josh lives online⑥ Visual Learner – matches Josh’s tendencies and hobbies (archery and video games)⑦ Preference for interactive or networked activities – plays multiplayer games, only connection via facebook to multiple friends and family.⑧ Lack of Reflection – Josh is all about now, not yesterday or tomorrow.As becomes quickly evident, Josh is an ideal candidate for success via eLearning.
  4. 4. Portrait of an Elearner - JoshHow can this lead to Josh working toward his goals?• The adding of positive social interactions online vs. the negative interpersonal interactions a shy, awkward SN student has to deal with in a classic school setting causes a better attitude toward school and learning in general.• The often self or modifiable pacing of online courses allows Josh the flexibility to focus fully on one or a few classes at a time.• The reading can be dissected, looked up, discussed with peers and mentors, before he is challenged to perform on an assessment. This allows for his processing timing and builds his personal confidence in being able to accomplish the course materials.• He can “contribute” to the course as he works at his own pace“Through appropriate course design, we can help learners to pursue their selfish interests of passing thecourse, while at the same time adding value to the learning of other students.” Rennie, Frank (2009-01-19). E-Learning and Social Networking Handbook: Resources for Higher Education (p. 5). Taylor & Francis. KindleEdition.• By using Web 2.0 resources, Josh can improve social interactions as well as his education.
  5. 5. Portrait of an Elearner - JoshBeyond all that, online learning provides Josh excellent tools to promote retention of knowledge.“Blogging, wikis, e-portfolios and social networks are all excellent tools for allowing learners toclarify concepts, establish meaningful links and relationships, and test their mental models. Furthermore, they provide a public forum in which the cumulative process of conceptformation, refinement, application and revision is fully visible to student peers and teachers.By providing a comprehensive record of how concepts take form through multiple clusters ofknowledge, such media can promote more complex and lasting retention of course ideas amongstudents.”Rennie, Frank (2009-01-19). E-Learning and Social Networking Handbook: Resources for HigherEducation (p. 6). Taylor & Francis. Kindle Edition.
  6. 6. Portrait of an Elearner - JoshIn conclusion, Josh would be an excellent candidate for success usingeLearning. His lifestyle, abilities, and interests all serve the choice of onlineeducation.In truth, Josh is a real boy. He has been taking Middle School and High Schoolclasses online for a bit over 2 years now. He has a 3.7 gpa out of 4.0. He haspassed his AIMS state assessment test in Reading and Writing on the first trywith no accomidations. He received an Approaches score in Math, but hefeels (believes) he can pass it next time.He has explored colleges already, set to enter GCU for his law enforcementdegree. All this after the toughest 4 years of school a parent could imagine. Insome cases, eLearning is a Godsend.