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Email Marketing


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Email Marketing

  1. 1. EmailMarketingBy: Jessica Pateras &Brandie Siomos
  2. 2. What is Email Marketing? Reaching a large group of consumers through email Segmentation techniques Updates:  Promotions  New Products  Customer Appreciation Programs
  3. 3. Ethical PracticesPIPEDA“In order to build consumer trust and confidence in conducting e-business in Canada the Government of Canada is committed toestablishing clear rules to protect the privacy of personal information inthe new virtual marketplace. This is being done through theimplementation of Federal privacy legislation, and implementation ofthe new anti-spam legislation implementation” (Industry Canada)Can-Spam Act“A law that sets the rules for commercial email, establishesrequirements for commercial messages, gives recipients the right tohave you stop emailing them, and spells out tough penalties forviolations.” (Bureau of Consumer Protection)
  4. 4. The Use of Email Marketing inBusinessesB2B B2C Must be a subtle  Communicates approach that promotions and/or allows your company sales to build relationships  Encourages Can be harder to sell to other businesses feedback from because they know consumers to build when they are being relationships ,making ‘played’ interaction personal
  5. 5. Cont.For-Profit Not-for-Profit  Low cost Segmentation  Keep those who have techniques participated in the past Ability to override spam with your organization filters up to date on additional activities being held  Can inform a large number at once, saving time and money  Great way to build consumer awareness
  6. 6. Its all about the Subject Line…
  7. 7. ToolsMailChimp Free sign up (0-2,000 subscribers) Monthly plans, pay as you go, high-volume plans Offer a 15% discount to non profits Mobile app How to GuidesCampaign Monitor Clients include: Apple, Facebook, Twitter, McDonalds No phone support Monthly costs ranging from $15/month-$500/month based on # of subscribers
  8. 8. Tools cont.Aweber  Start up fee is $1  Avg. pricing of $19/month  Offers an online chat service  Boats a 99% deliverability rate  Offers an intuitive setup wizardBenchmark Email  Free trial  Email tracking options  Email editor (easy way to take out consumers that don’t read your e-mails)iContact  Helpful for all skill types  Ties into social media  Provides a ‘sign up’ form to turn visitors to your site into subscribers  Segmentation techniques  Optimizes viewership
  9. 9. Tools cont.Mad Mimi Easy to use Site lacks professionalism Customer service: responsive to emails, live chat and phone calls 94%-97% delivery rateGraphicMail Easy to use Includes newsletter templates Low personalization of templates Need applicable system requirements
  10. 10. Tools cont.Campaigner  Offers customer support (reviews gave 5/5)  Easy to use templates  Does not have a spam checking tool, unlike the other tools Vertical Response  Free trial  Great email tracking options  Free image hosting  Customer support (ex. step by step videos)  Spam checkerMailigen  Little template variety  Delivery rates are low  Low cost  Customization  Can send text messages
  11. 11. Demonstration h3wpCrSY mn2hBjg&feature=related
  12. 12. How to get started? Free trials Blogs Subject line research and analysis Review competitors marketing techniques Build an email list Build a company website Know your customer!