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  1. 1. Exam Technique: PAPER 2 Question: How does the content in sources A and B differ ? (6)
  2. 2. What is the Examiner looking for? You are being asked to compare the DIFFERENCES in the content of each source. Focus on the differences in facts, tone, and emphasis. He/She is not looking for your own knowledge or comments on reliability!
  3. 3. MARK SCHEME L1 – Find differences in facts (1-2) L2 – Describe differences in tone OR beliefs OR emphasis (3-4) L3 – Explain your differences by referring to specific words or phrases (5-6)
  4. 4. technique Source A says … WHEREAS source B says …. The tone of source A is …. CONTRASTINGLY , the tone of B is … I know this because words/ phrases in source A like “ QUOTE HERE ” INFER/ SUGGEST … WHEREAS in source B …
  5. 5. SOURCE A: A Republican politician talking in 1938 The New Deal was certainly expensive. It created jobs but only for a short time. Roosevelt often planned for scheme after scheme and agency after agency. The only people that truly prospered were the people at the tax office. Money flowed away from the taxpayer and instead was wasted on paying people to do jobs just to get the statistics down. Expensive isn’t the word! SOURCE B: The secretary of FDR writing in her diary in 1939. Before Roosevelt it was clear that people were not getting the support that they needed. Homelessness, unemployment, farmers getting kicked out of their farms and banks running out of cash – what a mess! However, FDR’s carefully thought out plans brought hope to millions. The young got jobs, farmers’ profits grew, and areas were regenerated: this was success on a massive scale.
  6. 6. How does the content in sources A and B differ ? (6) Sources A and B differ in fact, tone and emphasis. Firstly, source A tells us that the new deal was expensive and unsuccessful. It tells us that money was wasted and that the wrong people benefited whereas source B tells us that it was a success. The tone of source B is negative and sarcastic. I know this because it says ‘scheme after scheme and agency after agency’. This infers that everything was drawn out and pointless. Contrastingly (on the other hand), source B is positive and supportive. I know this because it says ‘carefully thought out plans brought hope to everyone’. This infers that thanks to the new deal everything was back on track. In source A the emphasis is on how the new deal was a failure whereas source B places emphasis on the new deal as a success. I know this because in source B it says ‘the only people that prospered were the people at the tax office. Contrastingly, the source B says ‘this was a success on a massive scale.’