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The 'Leadership Challenge'


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Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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The 'Leadership Challenge'

  1. 1. Doncaster MLDPClosing the Gap Leadership Challenge What? How? Who? When?
  2. 2. Closing the Gap Leadership Challenge• Work in trios/pair – not same school• Coaching with a goal• Help formulate a plan for CTGLC• Quality time 15/20 mins each• In privacy• Enabling colleague to find solutions/make decisions themselves• No writing! – thinking, formulating ideas• Where trios 3rd person observes & time keeps• You will have personal time to write down outcomes from the coaching session before you leave
  3. 3. The skills of client-centred coaching include:– Building rapport– Contracting– Active listening– Use of open questions– Summarising– Demonstrating empathy– Using appropriate challenge– Setting goals
  4. 4. Coaching is not about:• Giving answers or advice• Making judgements• Offering counselling• Creating dependency• Imposing agenda/initiatives• Confirming long-held prejudices
  5. 5. Consider today’s learning!• Where can you have the greatest impact?• Use the statements from your prioritisation matrix• What is the context? Where are the gaps in achievement? Do you know?• If you have already decided on the area explain why. Coach explore reasons, seek clarification & deepen thinking on strategy.
  6. 6. Possible questions• Which cohorts with gaps in achievement are you considering exploring?• What evidence do you have around the gap?• What other evidence might you need to gather?• Have you considered a student voice activity?• What support in school will you need?• Which staff will you engage to help close the gap?• How will you get them to buy in?• How will you present this?• Are there policies that need to be created or implemented to achieve your goal?• What aspect of classroom practice do you think will have the most impact?• Will the staff involved need professional learning to support your initiative? How will you coordinate this?• How will you monitor progress?• What will you do first?• How will you organise an action plan?• How long will your challenge need to be able to see impact on closing the gap?These questions are not prescriptive, merely a guide; listen & respond – you are guiding and clarifying thinking