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  • Slide 1: Image isn’t everything. Many aspiring vocalists have been slighted in some singing competitions.
  • Slide 2: Victimized By Superficiality
  • Slide 3: The Voice knocks out American Idol
  • Slide 4: The ability to judge fairly and without bias. This topic is important because it will minimize unfair and biased judgments and fairly assess an individuals talent
  • Slide 5: My audience should listen to me because I know first hand what it feels like to be in a competition and not be given a fair opportunity to showcase my talent because of biased and superficial individuals
  • Slide 6: American Idol viewers before "The Voice" were trapped in shallow world of superficiality
  • Slide 7: Point 1 - American Idol is less focused on being a singing competition
  • Slide 8: Supporting Point One: Past American Idol contestants
  • Slide 9: William Hung (non vocalist)
  • Slide 10: "General" Larry Platt (civil rights activist)
  • Slide 11: Point Two - The Voice is structured to focus more on the vocalist
  • Slide 12: Coaches can only view an artist by first hearing the artist and then pushing their button to turn their chairs around
  • Slide 13: The artist selects his/her own coach if more than one pushes their button and turns around
  • Slide 14: Point Three - The set up for "The Voice" is structured better than American Idol
  • Slide 15: The battle set up on "The Voice" is more entertaining than American Idol
  • Slide 16: Elimination rounds are faster on "The Voice" leading up to a quicker selection of a winner of the competition
  • Slide 17: Base your selection of the best singer on vocal ability and nothing more
  • Slide 18: Singing competitions should focus on vocal talent and not image
  • Slide 19: The Voice is a better Singing Competition than American Idol
  • Slide 20: Fairly assessing vocal performances in singing competitions without favoritism or bias makes for authentic artists and credible songs
  • Alston Bryan Ignite_Presentation_Slideshow

    1. 1. Image Isn’t Everything
    2. 2. Victimized By Superficiality
    3. 3. The Voice KO’s American Idol
    4. 4. Better Judgment!
    5. 5. LISTEN UP!
    6. 6. Before “The Voice”
    7. 7. Where’s The Focus?
    8. 8. Past “American Idol” Contestants
    9. 9. William Hung
    10. 10. “General” Larry Platt
    11. 11. Focus on “The Voice”
    12. 12. Fair “Hearing”
    13. 13. I Choose You!
    14. 14. “The Voice” Is Better Structured
    15. 15. Epic Battle Strategy!
    16. 16. Rapid Pace!
    17. 17. Pure Vocal Talent
    18. 18. Summary!
    19. 19. “The Voice” over “American Idol”
    20. 20. Fair Assessment!