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IMS Services

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Ims Services

  1. 1. IMS – SDP - LTE IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Services 2010 Telecom Master Class Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  2. 2. Agenda • Telecom market : Services • IMS services : standards and other • IPTV and IMS • LTE services • The App-store phenomena • Designing and Deploying Services Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  3. 3. Open Business Models coexistence of 3 models Walled garden Partnerships Long tail • Voice, SMS, MMS • Portal content • Group-user- bundle (films, sport, soap, music) generated content • Personal and group calls (blogs, messages) • Hosted-user-generated content • Friends and family (clubs, enterprises) content (photos, videos) • Advertising 70% Revenues 20% 10% 1-10 11-100 101-1000 Services Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  4. 4. IMS services standards Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  5. 5.  services are defined • in SIP AS • or on top of an IMS service exposure layer (ie SDP) Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  6. 6. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  7. 7. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  8. 8. IMS and SDP Service Delivery Platform Moriana SDP* Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  9. 9. Service Delivery Framework User Equipment Plane Community Mashup Application Application Forum Widget tool Showcase Testing & Device Certification Management Plane Next Gen Portal/storefront Service Common Governance Subscriber Profile Content Enablement Service Orchestration Context Framework Framework (SGF) Manager (CAAS) Manager Management Service Delivery SIP Servlets ParlayX Web Service Web 2.0/REST Plane Location Messaging Presence Conferencing NGIN Service Enablers Identity Device Profile Charging UDCR etc Gateways & HLR/HSS Profile OCMP XDMS PDE Telecom Service Network Services Mgr MRF App Server Control Plane IMS IPTV SS7/Legacy Network Real-Time IP IP Circuit-switched Infrastructure Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  10. 10. 3GPP/ETSI Parlay X 3.0 Telenor => Operators expose capabilities as Parlay X API Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  11. 11. IMS in UMTS Rel 6 • Presence and Group management • Conferencing • Instant Messaging • Push to talk over cellular • Interworking with IP and CS networks • Lawful intercept • Support for public service identities • Support for interworking with IPv4 endpoints => Key element is Group Communication Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  12. 12. Presence : SIP simple Subscribe, Publish, Notify Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  13. 13. Push to talk session Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  14. 14. IPTV and IMS * The Quad Play market : fixed- mobile-internet- IPTV * IPTV and IMS interaction and services Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  15. 15. Market size March 2010 update : 29 million IPTV subscribers Led by : US, France, China, Japan Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  16. 16. IPTV in europe Note – Parks and Associates target 27M ww IPTV users in 2011 Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  17. 17. IPTV middleware vendors (1) Global Middleware Rankings by Deployed Subscribers Comany Rank 1 Thomson 2 Cascade 3 Alcatel-Lucent 4 UTStarcom 5 Siemens 6 Motorola 7 Orca 8 Minerva 9 Netgem 10 UIEvolution 11 Tandberg 12 Kasenna 13 Oki 14 Microsoft Source: Market Leaders Report, March 2007 Copyright © 2006 MRG, Inc. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  18. 18. IPTV middleware vendors (2) • Alcatel-Lucent MiViewTV, • Cascade QualiTView, • Espial Evo, • Kasenna LivingRoom, • Microsoft Mediaroom (formerly Microsoft TV IPTV Edition), • Minerva Networks iTV Manager, • Nokia Siemens Networks’ Myrio Microsoft Mediaroom platform, • Orca Interactive RiGHTv, Evolution of MSTV edition platform. • Quative TV Service Delivery announced on June 18, 2007 , has Platform, been adopted by AT&T (U.S.), BT • SeaChange TV Platform, (UK), SingTel (Singapore), T-Home (Germany) and Reliance (India) as • Thomson SmartVision TV, their IPTV delivery platform. The • UTStarcom RollingStream. software is slated to be ported for the Xbox 360 platform soon. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  19. 19. IPTV / IPTV platform Fig. 1 System structure of IPTV Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  20. 20. IPTV and IMS : possible scenarios • 1) basic caller ID on IP TV screen • 2) actions upon receipt of caller ID – Pose current channel or record current channel etc • 3) IMS service being sent to IPTV screen when on – Ie karaoke/birthday greeting – check if IPTV on, if yes, fwd to IPTV screen • 4) Parent remote approval – Kids home, want to watch a program with parental control, request sent to SDP-IMS to check parent approval via SMS, IM or phone call and DTMF approval Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  21. 21. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  22. 22. IMS integration with IPTV Call handling Caller ID Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  23. 23. Other scenario: remote approval •Kids are at home •They try to watch specific program •Parents get to allow/deny approval Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  24. 24. RCS : Rich Communication Suite Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  25. 25. RCS specifications • GSMA initiative launched in Aug 08 • RCS release 1 : Dec 08 • RCS release 3 : Dec 09 • Followed by 50+ companies incl leading operators ww • Objective is to define interroperable solution for rich communication Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  26. 26. RCS Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  27. 27. RCS services example Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  28. 28. New Services with LTE Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  29. 29. Service Evolution with LTE Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  30. 30. Multi Media will drive LTE growth Initially dominated by messaging and data networking, gaming, television and music will contribute 30% of LTE non-voice revenues by 2015. Strong growth in paid information services and m-commerce Content, Classical infotainment broadband, internet communications gaming, Personal / High quality still professional images, health generated content devices … Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  31. 31. LTE Mobility Applications HP Confidential Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  32. 32. New device categories will appear Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  33. 33. Release 8 : LTE Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  34. 34. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  35. 35. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  36. 36. ETWS workflow Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  37. 37. MANDATORY in Europe Every new car in 2010 Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  38. 38. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  39. 39. eCall in europe eCall will impact every new Car in Europe eCall is an emergency call either generated manually by vehicle occupants or automatically via activation of in-vehicle sensors when an accident occurs. When activated, the in-vehicle eCall system establishes a 112- voice connection directly with the relevant PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point), which is a public authority or a private eCall centre that operates under the regulation and/or authorisation of a public body. At the same time, a minimum set of data (MSD) – including key information about the accident such as time, location and vehicle description – is sent to the PSAP operator receiving the voice call. The minimum set of data may also contain the link to a potential Service Provider by including its IP address and phone number. If the user is subscribed to a Service Provider, additional information can be sent from the service provider to the PSAP as illustrated below. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  40. 40. eCall in europe • Au cours des deux dernières années, l'UE a fourni environ 160 millions d'euros à la recherche sur les TIC destinées aux transports. • Les accidents de la route coûtent à l'économie de l'UE plus de 160 milliards d'euros chaque année. • Équiper du système eCall les 230 millions d'automobiles dans l'UE permettrait d'économiser 26 milliards d'euros par an … • ROI 5+ans … Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  41. 41. Note – always have an “ICE” number on your mobile Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  42. 42. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  43. 43. Other services that could leverage IMS Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  44. 44. Service Provider Services • With all IP and IMS, Service Providers have knowledge and control on all your devices and everything going on in the network in real time ! • With IMS, he can also manage real time group communication with multimedia content mix • His objective is now to create services that enterprise and residential will pay for ! Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  45. 45. Services : Common and Composite Consumer Enterprise Game Community EIP CRM (Application) + Context Niche Logistics Fleet Video/Music COMPOSITE Personalize management management Personalization 24/7 Convenience Infotainment Centrex Collaboration (Communication) Sharing Broadcasting Push Forward + Multi-media Mass Address COMMON Presence Location Notification Multi-device Multi-net IM Conference Message Talk Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  46. 46. Wireline VoIP Applications Voice, Web Collaboration, Video Advanced Find-Me, Follow-Me “Personal Communications Portal” Conferencing Virtual Receptionist Prepaid Calling Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  47. 47. Mobile Applications Initiate Set Custom Greetings, Music Clips Connect Hear Custom Greetings, Music Clips Mobile Conferencing Caller Ringback Tones IMS Client HTTP RTP SIP Multi Player Gaming Media Push, Music Sharing Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  48. 48. Convergent applications Advanced Find-Me, Follow-Me With Presence, Advanced phone book Outlook integration Initiate Connect Enterprise IP Conferencing Media sharing Mixed, integration with VoIP, VPN, IP Centrex business tools ie SAP Voice, Web Collaboration, Video With entertainment Consumer IM, Conferencing, Gaming tournament group communication, Karoke contest etc media sharing Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  49. 49. Real-time instant group communication Mobile, Instant, Group & communities Instant Keep presence chating Instant Keep messagi talking ng instant instant confer. gaming Audio Audio Audio + video Audio Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  50. 50. Multi Party Network Gaming PRESENCE + TALK + PLAY Simultaneously with your buddies HP + Ubiquity SIP AS + Terraplay Gaming platform + IMS software client for multiple handsets CSCF OpenCall HSS SIP AS ATCA Presence Server SIP Control, Presence and Audio conferencing OpenCall Media Server Network Game Network Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  51. 51. Music Demo scenario – Consumer market scenario Stage 1: Mike checks his buddy list to find out who is online (IM) IM “Hello guys, wanna hear great music …” “cool , yep …” IM Stage 2: Mike Peter sets up a conf call with buddies interested and pushes the music Voice, music “this is so great – who s playing ?…” voice Krista shopping Mike just found out great music Stage 3:Frank asks where he can buy the music Data Get it on music store… Voi Carla founds an other one and shares it voice ce ,m voice usic “guess what there is an other one even better …” music stream Stage 1: IM, presence, Stage 2: voice conf call, music sharing mu Stage 3: more sharing sic Carla decides To use song as Ringback tone Frank & Carla Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  52. 52. Music Sharing 3G Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  53. 53. Outlook Conferencing (combining outlook with SIP AS and Opencall media server) • Scheduling Conference • Outlook Integration • Establish Conference Call Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  54. 54. Context awareness redirection Example: Presence based routing Select appropriate device based on callee’s presence and route calls. Presence based routing example network Office (4) Look for presence and select routing Callee’s presence Out (3) Call •Location •Device in use (2) Presence updated •Availability, etc. Incoming Home Voicemail call service (1) Come home and turn his PC on Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  55. 55. Instant media push – Image, location Zoom into a part of PC screen and push it to your friends’ cellphones. Video can also be distributed OK My house is here. Cold beer is ready! Voice Conference Image Yep session Got it Audio is bidirectional (Conference call) Video is unidirectional(1-N distribution) Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  56. 56. Instant Conferencing (Combining Instant messaging, SIP AS and Opencall Media server) From the Instant Messaging Conference With real time presence Select a few buddies And Conference them Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  57. 57. See what I see Select buddies Instant conferencing Share what I see Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  58. 58. Amazon + IMS : leverage mobile billing (IMS if IMS network) Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  59. 59. Typical business user scenario 8:20 – pick restaurant taxi 8:15 – IM/Presence For dinner Conference Send map, picture 8:00 – Taxi check urgent email, Calendar, outlook conf 8:30 – Office Seamless Secured Public/Private Wless Network Video conference 9pm – dinner 6pm – drink – 9:00 – Meeting IM, video push Call home, video, See what I see Marie-Paule Odini - HP IM, file push
  60. 60. The App-store phenomena Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  61. 61. Appstore • The market is split between : – Internet vendors, device agnostic: handango, handmark, getjar – Device vendor or device/OS : Apple, OVI, RIM, microsoft, google android… – Operators / device agnostic : T-Mobile, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone … – Operator’s consortium : WAC-JIL Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  62. 62. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  63. 63. Handango platform -16,000 content providers (ie app developers ) -9 platforms supported -7 years commercial usage -Millions of users -140,000 apps -15,000 apps for blackberry Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  64. 64. End User Many platforms Getjar Developer Free apps Beta Tester Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  65. 65. Qualcomm Plazza Retail multi OS/device & Mobile Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  66. 66. developers desktop OVI by Nokia Store Nokia Apps Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  67. 67. BlackberryCool Appstore Minimum price : 2.99$ , max 999.99$ Launched May 09 - 2,000 applications available in July 09 Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  68. 68. Android developers & market Google Android OS now open source – SDK for developers and device handset vendors Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  69. 69. App-store comparison Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  70. 70. Orange web 2.0 portal API events Live network lab test Application Shop On site capability Devices, and testing capabilities Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  71. 71. Telefonica web 2.0 portal APIs, blog/forum, SDK, tutorial, videos Live events, competitions Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  72. 72. Telecom Italia web 2.0 portal Forum API SDK events Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  73. 73. OneAPI : Operator 1 API Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  74. 74. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  75. 75. WAC – GSMA PR Feb 15, 2010 Create an ecosystem for the development and distribution of mobile and internet applications irrespective of device • WAC : Wholesale Applications Community Supported by LG Electronics, Samsung and Sony Ericsson 24 operators : América Móvil, AT&T, Bharti Airtel, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, KT, mobilkom austria group, MTN Group, NTT DoCoMo, Orange, Orascom Telecom, The alliance plans to initially use both the JIL and OMTP BONDI Softbank Mobile, Telecom requirements, evolving these standards into a common standard within Italia, Telefónica, Telenor the next 12 months. Ultimately, it will collectively work with the W3C for a Group, TeliaSonera, SingTel, common standard SK Telecom, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, VimpelCom, Marie-Paule Odini - HP Vodafone and Wind
  76. 76. JIL Developer portal Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  77. 77. Designing a Service Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  78. 78. Different Steps to launch a service • Target market -> consumer, • Software development enterprise, vertical industry ? • # module, open interface, device • Target device -> PC, mobile, PDA, client cars, etc • Unit testing • Service high level functions • System testing • Service components • Management interface : monitoring, • Reuse of existing network or service provisioning components • Billing interface • Architecture • Lab testing • Service prototyping : device UI, • Trial service logic, simulators • Deployment • Cost estimate, resources • Marketing launch • SW pricing estimate • Enhancements • Service pricing estimate • Support • ROI • etc • Marketing review • Financial review • etc Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  79. 79. Overview of key steps • 1- Define which device will be used – IMS client – devices • 2- Define SIP service logic – Interaction with SIP service enablers : presence, SIP media server – Interaction with SIP Call control – SIP AS platform development environment • 3- Define the high level Service logic – Compose versus coding – BPEL platforms , mashups • Test, Deploy Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  80. 80. Devices and IMS clients Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  81. 81. From Device to network key standards : JSR 116, 289 and 281 Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  82. 82. Multiple Devices to access # technology, # bandwidth Phone, PC, Tablet Entertainment Handheld Laptop Voice Data Home 3G Video wifi 2-2.5G PSTN Car BB PDA 2G 2.5G 3G SIP Airplane phone Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  83. 83. Mobile Device Architecture iMode, Vodafone Live, T-Mobile Telco brand Not branded Trigenix/Qualcomm, Surfkitchen, Savage, Access, Reqwireless, Integrated services Vendor Action Engine, optional Qualphone, Movial IMS UA ISV Security SOAP QoS Web XML SDK + J2ME Services execution engine MDM* SIP NW OS : Symbian, Windows CE/mobile, Linux, Palm OS Services chipset SIM card MDM : Mobile Device Management – ie NSPBU sol Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  84. 84. Phone shipment – vendor % • 1- Nokia – 38.5% • 2- Samsung – 19.5% • 3- LG – 11% • 4- Motorola – 5.5% • 5- Sony Ericsson – 5.1% • 6- Apple – 2% Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  85. 85. Different approach for user agents Technology vendor + - Symbian = Symbian SDK Ie Nokia – Free download on Easy to download, no ISV IP Only for Symbian Nokia web Develop from scratch, no predefined appli, call flow Microsoft = Microsoft SDK Microsoft free download on Easy to download, no ISV IP Only for MS device (? Microsoft CE , mobile) MS web Linux ? open standard very few devices support linux Java J2ME = JVM + SDK Ie IBM java JVM , SUN java on top of OS – works on Develop from sratch – no JSR 180 for SIP most devices predefined appli or call flow SIP softphone on MS – ie Many vendors ie eyePmedia, Ready to go for SIP voice - Quality not always ipaq XNet, Jphone etc incl deployable Microsoft roadmap in – not integrated with IMS windows mobile - UA – ISV IP & licencing cost SIP softphone on mobile Some mobile phone vendors Ready to go for SIP voice tight to a vendor phones support SIP phone – Java based IMS SDK for Qualphone - US/Italy Time to market - ISV IP and licencing mobile phone Agreement with many phone vendors to include SW in phone IM and Presence UA on Movial – Finland Time to market - Prepackaged -- Does not work on all Symbian, Linux solution with SDK and phones predefined application , call -- ISV IP and licencing Marie-Paule Odini - HP flows - -- only for IM and Presence
  86. 86. Java J2ME Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  87. 87. What is J2ME ? Source : SUN Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  88. 88. J2ME is the open technology with the highest market penetration rate (compared to Symbian, WinCE) J2ME Web Services The main goal for JSR 172 is to add to the J2ME platform support for XML memory footprint of 35 KB parsing and SOAP/XML-based web services, particularly to allow J2ME (uncompressed) Specification (JSR clients to access SOAP-based web services 172) Security and Trust SATSA provides a set of APIs for managing and accessing a Security use cases for SATSA include digital Element (SE), which provides secure storage for private keys, certificates, rights management, copy protection, API (SATSA) for service credentials, and sensitive personal information. The SE also mobile payments J2ME (JSR 177) provides cryptographic operations Location API for Numerous location-finding technologies exist for mobile devices, including Global Positioning Service (GPS), methods based on cellular networks, J2ME (JSR 179) Bluetooth local positioning, and so on. The Location API provides a uniform interface for estimating location based on one or more of these services Wireless Messaging API to send and receive messages over a variety of messaging transports, such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) 03.40 Short API for J2ME 2.0 Message Service (SMS), GSM 03.41 Cell Broadcast Service (CBS), Code (JSR 205) Division Multiple Access (CDMA) IS-637 SMS, Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), and others. SIP API for J2ME SIP is an application-layer control protocol for establishing, modifying, and User location (determining the end terminating multiparty multimedia sessions, which can be used to deliver system to be used ) (JSR 180) real-time services (such as digital telephony, video conferencing, and online User availability games), as well as non-real-time communication services (such as instant User capabilities (media) messaging Session setup & management Mobile Media API The Mobile Media API (MMAPI) extends the functionality of the J2ME include support for simple tone platform by providing audio, video and other time-based multimedia support generation, tone sequencing, (MMAPI) JSR 135 to resource-constrained devices. As a simple and lightweight optional audio/video file playback and package, it allows Java developers to gain access to native multimedia streaming, interactive MIDI, and services available on a given device audio/video capture. Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  89. 89. Service Creation environment Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  90. 90. Service Creation environment Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  91. 91. Service creation steps • Develop the IMS client application – > and test with emulated SIP server • Develop the IMS back end application (ie with SIP AS) – > and test southbound with emulated IMS network – > and test northbound with emulated IMS client • Test integrated solution : IMS client + IMS application on SIP AS + IMS simulated network • Deploy on trial IMS network • Launch commercially Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  92. 92. Typical development tools BPEL editor (scripting) Java development environment Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  93. 93. Typical testing tools Test management • Define tests • Test bench • Analysis • Reports Device testing Ex: HP Quality Center (ex: Device Anywhere) Marie-Paule Odini - HP
  94. 94. Summary • Designing a new service : – Pick a tool for the IMS client & client SW application (portable to # OS, # device) – Code SIP intensive service logic on a SIP AS – Compose Service Business Logic with a BPEL tool – Test all the components individually and globally Marie-Paule Odini - HP