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Wgbc Brochure13 05 2011


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World Green Building Council
Europe Network
“We believe that green business is good for
our planet, our people and our customers.
It is simply good business. We believe that
green building councils are well positioned
to consolidate a common position towards
EU policy makers and to share best practices
on the implementation of EU directives.
This helps drive consistency – and this is
why Skanska is a partner of the WorldGBC’s
European Network.”
Johan Karlström, President and
Chief Executive Officer, Skanska

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Wgbc Brochure13 05 2011

  1. 1. World Green Building Council Europe Network Driving green building practices Creating leadership networks Influencing policyTransforming Europe’s built environment
  2. 2. Global Challenges, Regional Responses The world’s construction industry The European property and construction generates around €5.1 trillion a year, is industry has recognised the need for responsible for around 10 per cent of decisive action and leadership, and global GDP, and employs more than 100 through the World Green Building Council million people worldwide. (WorldGBC) Europe Network, is at the At the same time, the world’s buildings forefront of finding sustainable solutions to account for: climate change. 17% of water usage “The WorldGBC Europe Network represents an explosion of interest “While our challenges 25% of wood harvested in green building right across this culturally and economically diverse are immense, the region. Time and again we see that green and sustainable building 33% of carbon emissions WorldGBC’s influence practices – whether in new builds or refurbishments – are delivering 30-40% of energy use continues to grow. important economic and social benefits as well as critically reducing And as it does, we are 40-50 % raw materials. focused on supporting negative environmental impacts. Our built environment offers twice the cost effective carbon mitigation potential of any other sector, and the development of embracing this opportunity will create hundreds of thousands of new However, the Intergovernmental Panel regional networks to jobs, contribute to energy security and affordability, and green economic on Climate Change has found that the identify and addressgrowth. Europe is at the forefront of the green building revolution that is set to transform the potential of the built environment to local priorities. As the citizens of Europe beginway people live, work and play around the world. Green building councils and their member deliver cost effective, global carbon to embrace sustainability and transform theircompanies are the lifeblood of that revolution. We are proud to introduce the work of the emission reductions is unrivalled. buildings, their cities and their countries, theEurope Network and the ways in which you can get involved.” WorldGBC’s Europe Network will continue The United Nations Environment to educate, advocate and lead the changePaul King, Chair of World GBC Europe Network Programme has argued that “no other required to ensure the built environment of sector has such a high potential for drastic tomorrow is green.” emission reductions.” Tony Arnel, Chairman, World Green Building Councilii 1
  3. 3. A Global Voice WorldGBC Members: Working TogetherAs the largest international organisation The Europe Network is our largest andinfluencing the global green building fastest growing, with more than 30 GBCsmarket, the World Green Building Council at various stages of development, includingis the collective voice of more than 85 seven established GBCs.established, emerging, prospective and The Europe Network’s collective mission isassociated green building councils around to transform the building and constructionthe world. industry. Together, we are furthering policyWe are working together to unlock the and education initiatives, and buildingbuilding sector’s potential to reduce energy capacity within the European region toconsumption in the built environment, create a greener future. The WorldGBC is the only global network governmentswhile also meeting a wide range of socio- of organisations with cross-national andeconomic local priorities such as affordable professional services firms cross-sector representation.housing, energy security and job creation. “The growth of the utilities and energy service providers global green building The WorldGBC’s Europe NetworkThe WorldGBC has four strategic market is underpinned encompasses 20 of the 27 European Union research and education institutionspriorities: by the increasing member states, and also represents the non-government organisations and interests of more than 3,500 companies1. Creating a global common language understanding of across the breadth of the building and associations for green building the long-term value individuals. of green building. construction industry, including:2. Building a strong global GBC Buildings are no longer developers community viewed as simple “United Technologies Corporation has been a building owners and facility managers3. Increasing the profile of the green ‘services’, but rather as central to business keen supporter of the green building council building movement performance, community development and a engineers, architects and designers movement since its inception. The creation Demonstrating the value of green nation’s ability to provide a high-quality life4. for all its citizens. Green building councils in tenants of the WorldGBC Europe Network marks an building to governments. important step in its evolution and we are Europe are at the forefront of this paradigm contractors and builders proud to be a partner.” shift.” manufacturers and distributorsOur primary vehicle for delivering on United Technologies Corporation Jane Henley, Chief Executive Officer, World financial institutionsthese four priorities is through our five Green Building Councilregional networks in Europe, the Americas,Africa, Middle East and North Africa, andthe Asia Pacific. Number of Member Companies Across the Network 63 129 140 341 340 88 1000 74 18 182 45 120 45 22 43 118 500 24 46 203 102 672 3
  4. 4. Our Track RecordWe mean business “InterfaceFLOR shares the goal of theIn less than two years, the WorldGBC’s WorldGBC’s Europe Network to demonstrateEurope Network has grown from a zero the business case for sustainability and tobase to a group with a committed chair minimise the global impacts that the builtand steering committee, policy and environment has on people and the taskforces, and three regional The European Network has an outstandingpartners. In addition, the network as a calibre of members; bringing together thesewhole meets quarterly to drive the green diverse organisations to share best practicebuilding agenda. We’re committed to will help deliver the radical changes neededtransforming Europe’s built environment. within the industry to ensure a sustainable future for all.” Industry supportGreen growth We are proud to be supported by some of Lindsey Parnell, “The Serbia GBC ‘Green Building Roundtables’The Europe Network is WorldGBC’s fastest Europe’s leading building and construction President and Chief Executive Officer, bring together building owners currentlygrowing. We now represent 21 GBCs and companies. These connections are our InterfaceFLOR EMEAI pursuing green certification to give them10 associated countries, as well as more greatest asset. information and inspiration. We presentthan 3,500 organisations. international guests with green building “Green building councils, given their experience, who share their knowledge and comprehensive and democratic structures, provide encouragement to Serbian building provide a good representation of the building owners just starting out on their green building sector throughout our cities and regions. The journeys. Many people are surprised to discover WorldGBC’s Europe Network offers us an that green building is affordable and achievable efficient way to collaborate. We look forward in developing European nations. The Serbia to establishing a closer relationship between GBC is demonstrating that green building is the Europe Network and the Covenant of applicable to all nations and marketplaces.” Mayors.” Serbia GBC Pedro Ballesteros Torres, Programme Manager - Covenant of Mayors, European Commission 82 85 64262626 “We believe that green business is good forEurope 7 Established GBCs 3326 planet, our people and our customers. ourNetwork 6 Emerging GBCs 26 It is simply good business. We believe thatGBCs 8 Prospective GBCs green building councils are well positioned to consolidate a common position towards 10 Associated Groups 2007 2008policy makers and to share best practices EU 2009 2010 Current on the implementation of EU directives. This helps drive consistency – and this is why Skanska is a partner of the WorldGBC’s European Network.” Johan Karlström, President and Chief Executive Officer, Skanska4 5
  5. 5. Leading Industry Action Supporting Green SkillsThe WorldGBC’s Europe Network is “One of the critical ways to achieve sustainable “The GBC of Croatia has hosted a numberbuilding strong relationships with national building and planning practices in Bulgaria is of symposia on green building with theand European Union governments to by collaborating with the government. The aims of increasing awareness and educatingpromote and support the industry’s Bulgarian GBC is working in partnership with professionals. We have launched the ‘Bettertransition to more sustainable buildings. the Ministry of Regional Development to adopt Building’ breakfast series to bring together a national sustainable building and urban representatives of green building, sustainableThe Europe Policy Task Force was formed planning system, DGNB Bulgaria. We also development and corporate responsibility toto provide GBCs with: serve on the advisory board to the Bulgarian exchange views and information and to discuss a knowledge-sharing platform on Parliament to update regulations and bring how to drive market transformation in Croatia.” policy initiatives and best practices about unification with EU standards.” GBC of Croatia resources and support in their work Bulgarian GBC with governments and the business community to ensure successful Johannes Kreissig ED, DGNB “The Romania Green Building Professional national implementation of EU policies “UK-GBC is the only cross-industry group Certification program was launched in 2010 and directives focused solely on the sustainability of the Transforming Europe’s building and to educate green building professionals built environment in the UK. Our advocacy, construction industry is dependent on across a range of disciplines, including design, an integrated approach to sustainable in support of the green building agenda, is a professionals with green skills. The Europe engineering and management. This training construction which represents all GBCs vitally important part of our work, and we have Education Task Force is establishing course has been created to give professionals and their member companies when successfully lobbied the UK Government to baseline standards and best practice the skills and knowledge, and the market the engaging with the EU legislative process commit to ‘zero carbon’ for all new homes from benchmarks for green building education confidence that they are employing people with up-to-date intelligence on EU policy 2016, a ‘green deal’ package to finance energy across the region to ensure our industry the most up-to-date skills.” and new legislative changes that impact efficient refurbishments, and mandatory has the skills to deliver. the built environment. disclosure of energy certificates for commercial Romania GBC buildings.” “The alliance of the WorldGBC reveals the UK-GBC “The Czech GBC has established a ‘Green multitude and diversity of national initiatives, Building Club’ to inspire people within our and enables GBCs to takes part in the industry to change their mindsets. Our goal “France GBC’s connections with the evolution of sustainable building practices is that each participant learns new skills WorldGBC ensures all the players within the and awareness at a worldwide level.” and connects with other people in the Czech sustainable construction industry have a Jérôme Gatier, Director, Plan Bâtiment Grenelle, Republic’s green building industry.” single, common voice.” French Ministry of the Ecology, Sustainable Czech GBC Philippe Pelletier, President of the French Development, Transports and Housing Strategic Committee, Plan Bâtiment Grenelle (French Governmental Mission for Sustainable Buildings)6 7
  6. 6. Building Capacity WorldGBC Europe NetworkThe Europe Network is committedto strengthening each green building “The Sochi Olympics delivery body, Olympstroy, Members and Partners is currently designing ten of the top Olympiccouncil in the region. We are a conduit venues to BREEAM International standards. Establishedfor information and knowledge sharing, These ten green projects are being supportedcreating a stronger group of GBCs as a by GBC Russia and carried out by our members.result. We: Once complete, we’ll have a showcase of green Deutsche Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen e.V. connect GBCs, industry leaders and buildings and established green benchmarks for German Sustainable Building Council influential policy makers within the the industry.” European building and construction GBC Russia industry support the rapid and effective development of new councils with “The DGNB in Germany is currently working hands-on help on ‘Open House’, a three-year project of the European Union. Commencing in February 2010 host networking activities and and involving 20 partners, this initiative will events, as well as regular meetings of the steering committee and taskforces, develop common indicators for the evaluation Emerging of sustainable buildings across Europe. The and the network as a whole Open House project will be aligned with the RY GR EEN BUILD ING C O A UN NG participate in annual WorldGBC development of current European standards for CI L HU events, such as the WorldGBC sustainable buildings.” G YA R SÜ L YE Congress, committees and forums KÖ EG R YE DGNB N É S ZE ÍT T TU P D A T OS É influence the future direction of the green building industry in Europe. Prospective Associated Groups Czech Republic Iceland Norway Denmark Ireland Slovakia Georgia Montenegro Ukraine Regional Partners Global Partner8
  7. 7. For more information contactDominika CzerwinskaManager Membership and Europe NetworkWorld Green Building CouncilEmail: dczerwinska@worldgbc.orgWorld Green Building Councilc/o Build Toronto,200 King Street West, Suite 200Toronto, ON, M5H 3T4Canada