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Brief overview of SHOP.COM's features and benefits.

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  1. 1. marketamerica ®A Product Brokerage Company • Identifies the latest market-driven products • Eliminates the burden of manufacturing • Moves with the marketplace • Does not rely solely on the sales of any one product or serviceMarket America’s Mall Without Walls® • Hundreds of exclusive products and services • Access to multibillion-dollar markets
  2. 2. marketamerica ®Multibillion-Dollar MarketsHealth & Nutrition Financial ServicesAnti-Aging Home & GardenCosmetics Pet CarePersonal Care InternetWeight Management Auto Care
  3. 3. marketamerica ® An Internet Marketing CompanyThe Web Portal combined with Market America’s peoplepower provides the most efficient and friendliestexperience found anywhere on the Internet.
  4. 4. The Web Portal• Make It Your Homepage• Millions of Products & Services• Quick, Accurate Product & Content Search• Comparison Shopping• Hot Deals & Recommendations• Thousands of Exclusive ma® Brands and Products• Program• Blogs & Videos• Entertainment• Social Networking• Custom Nutrition Services• ma Travel• Gift Cards & Certificates• Thousands of Partner Stores
  5. 5. SHOP.COM• Founded in 1997• Initial Launch was 500 stores and 250,000 products• Investors – Bill Gates, Yahoo, Amazon• Developed other shopping portalsYahoo Shopping, Excite, QuixtarShaklee, GM, VISA, Verizon, Sears• Launced Amazon Marketplace• Today SHOP.COM have 40 millionproducts, over 3600 partner storesand 3+ million customers• Award Winning Search• Advanced Search Filtering
  6. 6. Get Paid to Shop• Earn up to 50 percent cash back for purchasing Market America branded products and those from our Partner Stores where you see the Cashback logo.• Earn ½ percent on referral purchases forever
  7. 7. Exclusive ma® Brands
  8. 8. ma ® Health & Nutrition
  9. 9. ma ® nutraMetrix®nutraMetrix is changing the face of health care one health professionaland one patient at a time.
  10. 10. ma ® Health & Nutrition
  11. 11. ma ® Personal Care
  12. 12. ma ® Personal Care
  13. 13. The Next Generation of ENERGY
  14. 14. ma ® Weight Management
  15. 15. ma ® Anti-Aging
  16. 16. ma ® Cosmetics
  17. 17. ma ® Home & Garden
  18. 18. ma ® WebCenters ma® WebCenters
  19. 19. ma ® Financial ServicesThe ma Money Merge Account program is your financial GPS tofind you the quickest “route” to zero debt.
  20. 20. ma ® Conquer Entertainment® Offering the best in artist development and opportunity through the: • UnLabel Owner Program (ULO) • Certified Artist Developer (CAD) You can be an integral force in guiding hardworking artists to success while building your UnFranchise® Business.
  21. 21. Electronics, Outdoors Sports and Garden Department Stores Home & Toys & Games Office Supplies Consumables Apparel
  22. 22. OneCart Filtering Instant Cashback & IBV
  23. 23. Cashback & IBV on SHOP.COM
  24. 24. New Feature - Price AlertsNotifying consumers when a product cost hasreached the amount they would like to pay
  25. 25. eGifts SHOP.COM’s patented eGift technology allowsyou to create a list of items you want to buy for some one. Build the list of products and then send to your friend
  26. 26. eGifts
  27. 27. eGifts
  28. 28. Cashback & IBV Product Comparison Page
  29. 29. Shipping Calculator Enter your zip code and click Recalculate, then we will provide an estimate of shipping and tax by store
  30. 30. Similar Products Also on all product comparison pages, similar products are presented for more options to choose from
  31. 31. Product Specifications
  32. 32. Guided Navigation
  33. 33. Not Sure How or Which to Purchase SHOP.COM offers a number of options from sharing the specifications but also tips and help guides to assist you in making the right purchase Buyers Guides offer tips in the following categories  Fashion  Beauty  Electronics  Home  Sports & Fitness
  34. 34. Buying Information & Guides
  35. 35. Example of a Buyers Guide
  36. 36. NavigationNew Category Added to SHOP.COM
  37. 37. Stores & BrandsShop from all your favorite partner stores plus Market America storesand earn IBV and Cashback All Market America product lines are setupas stores on SHOP.COM
  38. 38. Hot Deals on Store Fronts
  39. 39. Market America Stores on SHOP.COM
  40. 40. BRANDS
  41. 41. Trend Shops• Our latest feature, the Trend Shop, showcases the hottest fashion, beauty, & home décor and other trends.• Trend Shop makes it possible for you to create an appealing trend set or look based on products you love in ANY category.• You can also create trend sets for any interest - including: fashion, beauty, home décor, collectables, art, cooking, etc.
  42. 42. Trend Shops great tool to use to create sales stories ( looks for less, new styles, customer favorites) great for creating excitement around sharing products. ready made library of images to compliment your trend makes it possible for shop consultants create mini sharable catalogs to shop from can create personalized trends based off your customers personalities/purchase behavior to share new products with them as a sales call
  43. 43. Trends
  44. 44. Trend Shops for MA Products
  45. 45. Share your Trend w/Friends
  46. 46. Single Sign-On & One Account One account across all properties  SHOP.COM,, Unfranchis e, Isotonix, Motives One email address & password Single profile and address book
  47. 47. Single Sign-On & One Account One cash back & business account Changes on one are automatically populated to the others Easy access to all your shopping
  48. 48. The Power of OneCart® Improved conversion• Single password-protected account and profile across hundreds of stores• Complete cost (price + tax + shipping) transparency• One navigational experience with uniform store layouts• One account to manage address book, order histories, favorites, list , date reminders and more
  49. 49. 400 Plus Instant IBV Stores
  50. 50. Coming Soon to OneCart Thousands of electronic devices Office Supplies Home Consumables Travel Sized consumables
  51. 51. More Consumables to Come from!
  52. 52. The Power of OneCart® Improved conversionCombining OneCart stores and EZ- Cart Stores, means more instant IBV and cashback for you!
  53. 53. Ordering & Checkout (cart)
  54. 54. Ordering Checkout (Cart)Features Allows users to see products by merchant in the cart. Amount of cashback by merchant displayed Allows users to see shipping cost by merchant in the cart by typing in zip code. Zip Code will be prepopulated if already on file in profile. Allows users to see tax cost by merchant in the cart.
  55. 55. Ordering Checkout (Billing &Ship)
  56. 56. Ordering page (Billing & Ship Completed)
  57. 57. Added to SHOP.COM
  58. 58. Recommended Products Along with the Offer now in every email confirmation, you will also get recommended products that relate to your most recent purchase.
  59. 59. SHOP.COM New Features A more important item for the new SHOP.COM site will be that we will only charge sales tax in the following states for all MA Branded Products  North Carolina  Florida  California
  60. 60. Cashback Account Cashback account information is now available on SHOP.COM It will reflect the same balance as on Cashback and IBV will be available to be used for redemption or to request a check on SHOP.COM just like on
  61. 61. Cashback Header Info
  62. 62. Cashback Bank Info
  63. 63. Cashback Reports
  64. 64. Cashback Check Request
  65. 65. New Shop Consultant Search New Customer Signs up Option to Search for a Shop Consultant
  66. 66. New Contact Us Page
  67. 67. New Invite Friends Area
  68. 68. Invite Friends ImportsSupports: Gmail Yahoo Mail Hotmail Outlook
  69. 69. CashBack Features
  70. 70. Cashback Info page w/new video
  71. 71. Do You Want New Customers? Well, not only does the bonus pool requirements awards you Free IBV but by meeting the requirements, you will be in the batting lineup to receive existing SHOP.COM customers Here is another reason to achieve the bonus pool
  72. 72. Sending email to all existing(millions) SHOP.COM customersexplaining the shop consultantprogram and cash back.Inviting them to “Sign Up” for theprogram.If they click on “Earn CashbackNow” they will be automaticallyassigned to a shop consultant bytheir zip code to the nearestshop consultant by the battinglineup process.
  73. 73. When an existing shopcustomer logs intoSHOP.COM for anyreason a shopconsultant willautomatically beassigned to themthrough the battinglineup process only onthe corporateSHOP.COM domainbased on their geolocation.
  74. 74. SHOP.COM New Features Important part of this was the site knowing who a customer is. SHOP.COM will know this about our customers:  Login Information  Who their shop consultant is  What portal they belong to • If they are a Personal PC or Regular PC  New Customer Registrations  Profile Updates
  75. 75. Are you Ready!
  76. 76. What Happens to Your Portal Address Your current portal address still remains active You will receive your own SHOP.COM address www.SHOP.COM/loren
  77. 77. OneCart Products Reviews TrafficN/A BV / IBVN/A CashbackN/A Shop Consultant
  78. 78. But we are not done yet!
  79. 79. Current Portal Address Your Portaladdress will continue to operate untilthe full feature set of Market America is on SHOP.COM
  80. 80. Features Still to Come Later this year the following items will be added to SHOP.COM  Home Shopping List  New Hot Deals Design  PC Points Redemption  Ability to make SHOP.COM the only place to shop (Shop Consultants will be able to purchase ma Branded products – which will make you even better shop consultants)  Consumers will be able to ship to multiple locations on the same order.
  81. 81. Why Have Two Portals?After this is complete, you and your customers will shop on your SHOP.COM address only.
  82. 82. So what happens
  83. 83. What Happens to After integration, will become a page that will be for you to recruit  Ability to show the plan online  Ability to for information on the company  Option to shop directly to your portal  Access to your Unfranchise Administration