Privacy and mobile apps - status 2013 Belgium


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Privacy guidelines applied in Belgian context
Ilse Haesaert, AGORIA

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Privacy and mobile apps - status 2013 Belgium

  1. 1. Privacy and mobile apps : Agoria FAQ’s workshop Mobile App Policy Guidelines - 4/11/2013
  2. 2. Data protection requirements 1. Transparency requirements about • • • • 2. Base of processing • • 3. 4. who collects what is collected and purposes of processing to whom it is transmitted free & informed consent necessary for offering of the service Data minimisation and purpose limitation Security measures 2
  3. 3. Complexity 1. A lot of parties involved (with sometimes shared responsabilities) • • • • • App Developers App owners App stores Operating systems & device manufacturers Third parties (advertisement) 2. Difficult legislative environment as discussion on EU level 3. Towards extended powers of privacy authorities 3
  4. 4. Guidelines in the format of FAQ 1. Guidelines needed as no clear view on • • how the requirements can be pragmatically implemented How the privacy authority enforces. 2. Important to be open for dialogue as a sector 3. Based on experience with member companies 4. Objective : continuous dialogue with our members about the feasibility and practical implementation of the guidelines also forward looking and taking into account new legislative developments (for example regarding the draft regulation on data protection). 4
  5. 5. Examples 1. Which is the applicable legislation on the processing of data by means of apps ? 2. Differences between EU-legislation , Belgian legislation and US-legislation 3. Which obligations have to be respected by which party involved in the app development landscape? 4. Beste Practices for parties involved in the app development landscape 5. Special requirements regarding apps for children 6. Rules regarding the use of cookies 5