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Mobile gaming app promotion- mark brill


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Mobile gaming app promotion- mark brill

  1. 1. futuremedia.meGames and App PromotionMark
  2. 2. futuremedia.meHello!Mark
  3. 3. futuremedia.meThe problemwith paid apps …
  4. 4. futuremedia.meApp-Promo Developer Survey, 2012
  5. 5. futuremedia.meBrands are even worse …80% of brand apps aredownloaded lessthan 1000 times*Deloitte, 2012
  6. 6.‘We’d like a gamewhere beans chaseeach other, and toastis involved somehow’
  7. 7. futuremedia.meAre Audi A4sreally thathorrible to drive?...drives likethere is a drunkbehind the wheelIf their cars handledlike this the companywould be in bigtroubleI feel ripped off –even though thegame was free!Just like a real A4 –it’s boring andtediousAudi’s A4 Game
  8. 8. futuremedia.meHow many downloadsdoes it take?25,000 daily fortop 25 free2,500 daily top25 paid
  9. 9. futuremedia.meHow long does it take to get 1million users?9 years9 months9 days
  10. 10. futuremedia.meIf you thought Drawsomething was fast, Line Pop reached 1.75m downloads inthree days (but they had an 80m user base already)
  11. 11. futuremedia.meApp Promotion#1 Understand Your Audience
  12. 12. futuremedia.meThere are category differences
  13. 13. futuremedia.meThere are regional differences
  14. 14. and gender differences*Inneractive
  15. 15. futuremedia.meMore Research?
  16. 16. futuremedia.meApp Promotion#2 Be Strategic
  17. 17. futuremedia.meThe Paid, Owned, Earned mobile is a good one to use forapp promotion
  18. 18. futuremedia.meDiamond Dash used Facebook mobile ads, whichincreased downloads by 25% and ROI by 10%
  19. 19. futuremedia.meAngry Birds understand the value of using apps asowned media69% of revenues are in-app purchases *Distimo
  20. 20. futuremedia.meEarned can still get you to the top …73% download apps after hearing them through other people
  21. 21. futuremedia.meApp Promotion#3 Optimise, Test and Learn
  22. 22. futuremedia.meBasic App Hygiene• Name – needs to be discoverable for the brand/search terms• Keywords – both iTunes (100 characters) and Google Play• Description – first three lines are important• Category & region choice – up to 2 categories• Price (or Freemium) – competitors?Read More:
  23. 23. futuremedia.meApp Store Search is Important
  24. 24. futuremedia.meFree Tools Can
  25. 25. futuremedia.meHistory of an app: Hiscox
  26. 26. futuremedia.mePR and Reviews
  27. 27. futuremedia.meHiscoxPressReleaseTelegraphArticleTime foranupdate?NewVersionReleasedThe Impact
  28. 28. futuremedia.meApp Promotion#4 In Practice
  29. 29.‘Children should not be treated as consumers’
  30. 30. futuremedia.meHow do you promotean app with no in-apppurchase, crosspromotion and nobudget?
  31. 31.
  32. 32.
  33. 33.
  34. 34. futuremedia.meSolution? Play to Their Strengths
  35. 35. futuremedia.meTo Conclude• App stores are busy places• Understand the landscape and your audience• Develop a promotion strategy• Use all of the channels you have(but WOM is the most important)• Optimise your app/keywords and update regularly• Be natural, on-brand and play to your strengths
  36. 36. futuremedia.meThank You!