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Apps4 geo geosolutions


Published on took place on Friday 26th of April 2013. It was a 5 hour long hackaton, where apps (web or mobile) will be developed with a focus on Geodata in Open Data format.

The aim of the day is to bring together Geo data-owners with application developers from enterprise , creative world… in order to get most out of the combination of available open geodatasets and aim for more open datasets. The day is also an interesting learning curve for public geo-authorities, data owners and other participants, in order to improve and ease the opening up of public data.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Apps4 geo geosolutions

  1. 1. Apps4Geo:GeoFeedbackMapPresentation 26 april 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• The business case• Functional decomposition• Demo• Technical
  3. 3. The Business case• There is a lot of open Geodata• Sharing is often in one direction: supplier touser• Feedback on the data would offer added valueto suppliers• ‘Geodata Crowdsourcing’– in this case between gouvernments
  4. 4. The Business case• High quality is needed to stimulate use of thedata– % Coverage– Correctness• Crowdsourcing can improve qualityguarantees, and thus stimulate use
  5. 5. Functional decomposition• The user can search the geodatasets– Using a keyword– Possibility: is there data on this location• A found geodataset can be added to the map• The user can give feedback on the data– By drawing– By typing a comment– By adding or altering attributes
  6. 6. Functional decomposition• The administrator can manage the WMS layersoffered• The administrator receives reports from the users– Are they correct?– How to check?• Why not just send an e-mail?– Hard to find the right adress– Harder to automate, order, sort
  7. 7. Demo
  8. 8. Technical• Using WMS: open standard for sharing mapservices– Not all WMS comply or are always working– We used DOV data + ESRI background• C# services for searching• ExtJs + Openlayers for the viewer