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Be health conscious while programming


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Slides used for a lightning talk that might get you thinking on the lines of why being health conscious while programming is really worth it. This probably can also be applied to those full time jobs where you use a computer for your day to day work.

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Be health conscious while programming

  1. 1. Be Health Conscious While Programming - A learning from experience
  2. 2. Programmers Generally.. ..sit for long hours in front of a system
  3. 3. The Symptoms ● Back Pain ● Neck Pain ● Wrist Pain ..Is that it ?
  4. 4. Eye strain
  5. 5. Did you know? 1. Sitting too long in front of the system increases eye strain 2. People can have power in even one eye 3. You might not feel the eye strain but it can still be there
  6. 6. How to reduce eye strain? 1. First off, get an eye checkup, preferably from an eye specialist hospital 2. Take regular breaks - Pomodoro timer helps here 3. Wear Anti Glare glasses(if doctor’s recommend) while programming only 4. Need more info? Ask away on online forums like ‘The Workplace’(a Stackexchange site)
  7. 7. How can one be more Health conscious at workplaces? 1. Read up on Ergonomics a. Standing desk; Ergonomic chair, keyboard, mouse; etc 2. Discuss with people who have similar workplaces 3. Go for annual health checkups
  8. 8. Hybrid Kangaroo desk in Standing Position
  9. 9. People practicing Yoga at a Dev Bootcamp
  10. 10. If Life was a Hash with key value pairs.. Life = 1. Life["programming in a language you like"] = ($happiness=1) 2. Life["Being Health Conscious"] = ($happiness+=1)
  11. 11. Thank you ● ways-to-avoid-computer-related-eye.html ● http://workplace.stackexchange. com/questions/945/how-do-i-adjust-my-workplace-to- reduce-eye-strain ● desk/ ● ●
  12. 12. Twitter - @mohnishgj Github - boddhisattva Blog - Mohnish G Jadwani