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New facebook scheduling options


Published on Facebook have been busy! There are lots of updates rolling out – both to the timeline and new Facebook scheduling options #socialmedia #digitalmarketing

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New facebook scheduling options

  1. 1. Social Media & Digital Marketing Tips! New Facebook Scheduling Options
  2. 2. Here’s how the scheduling tool looks (or used to look if it’s disappeared from your page too):
  3. 3. The new scheduling tool is next to the “Post” button (see below):
  4. 4. And check out the new scheduling options. 1. Schedule Post 2. Backdate Post 3. Save Draft
  6. 6. WITH THE NEW “DRAFT” OPTION……you can edit the post including removing and changing photos.
  7. 7. What do you think of these changes? (Hop on over to the MMSpark FB page and leave a comment)
  8. 8. For the full blog post and step by step details, visit