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Video marketing

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Video marketing

  1. 1. Helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses with online marketing and social media Vnu Cn‘)%C ‘ ‘tr: 1.‘: Lihketlflyi. r . "' olI, ll. r 9‘5 e Discover more. ..h'i"£'pmm$park. Com
  2. 2. lvllvlspork - Why Video Marketing On Facebook Should Be Part Of Your Strategy In 2015 I've been talking about needing to make more videos for a long time but haven't fully embraced this — or taken the necessary action — until recently. Firstly, let me share the stats from one of my video posts, and from a couple of clients (identity hidden for confidentiality).
  3. 3. lvllvlSp<: srl< l. 5 215 142 103 694 204 302 180 —-o —| (DUI
  4. 4. lvllvlSp<: srl< *»~‘ ‘Eh This screenshot is taken from Facebook Insights and clearly shows the impact of video. Not just the reach (10 x the usual average reach) but the engagement, again 2-4 times the usual. And this is a page with a small fan base. Consider another page: Fri * 54 ‘,3 59 ‘ 131 10 I 3 2 752 IE I E: 54 I I ~ 135 3 <9‘ 5° 3 I 57:. E: *3‘ III: ,3’ g 199 $7 , I E: 55 3 ‘ IE1 225 E: C as ‘ ‘
  5. 5. Mlvlspork - Here, the impact is even more pronounced. The “link’‘ post with a reach of 752 is actually a link to a video and you can see the impact. The video post has a reach of 1.2k, which is 5-10 x the usual, and engagement is up to 100x higher (301 instead of 3). This page has a higher fan base (over 1000) and increasing engagement but we don't usually see such a marked jump in the numbers. Over the past couple of weeks we've been testing videos on these pages and the results are remarkable. At the same time I've been testing videos on the MMSpark page and we‘re seeing the same increases in reach and engagement. THE SECRET TO VIDEO MARKETING ON FACEBOOK The secret is to upload the video within Facebook (as opposed to posting a link to a YouTube video). Here‘s how you do it: a status Piiotomaeo Offer, Event+ Q, Say something about this video. .. .1. H custom callto Action (Optional) ['9] - Remove URL (Required) ‘’ "0 B‘m°“ URL you want people to visit Shop Now Book Now Leam More Sign Up 9 9 Download Boost Post Watch More
  6. 6. /vllvlSporl< *9 ‘fir. Facebook uploads are relatively quick and include a “Call To Action” button. TOP TIP: A clever trick here is to load the first couple of minutes of a valuable video and then set the Call To Action to “Watch More" with a link to the full video on your website. This is a strategy I'll be using soon to promote my webinar replays! TOP TIP: Set the Call To Action button to “Watch More" and add a link to your YouTube channel. If you're tapping into a new market of video lovers they'll subscribe to your YouTube channel and give you another opportunity to build your following on a new platform. So get posting those videos! Are you using videos on Facebook? What results are you getting, and what tips do you have? Pop over to the MMSpark Facebook gage and share your top tips and stories.
  7. 7. Helping entrepreneurs create successful businesses with online marketing and social media Vnu Cn‘)%C ‘ ‘tr: 15' Lit., ,. r . "' 0ll, Il. r 9‘5 e Discover more. ..h'i"£'pmm$par‘k. Com