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Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Informational


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See how we at Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc can assist you in your business or personal needs.

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Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Informational

  1. 1. Colorado Investigative And Recovery Service Inc.Fugitive Recovery and Professional Investigations35306002120900Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc has instructed U.S. Army Special Forces for over 6 years in surveillance/counter-surveillance techniques, interviewing, and briefing/de-briefing of witnesses and suspects. We connect the small details: clues left at a scene or within documentation to reveal facts about legal, financial or personal matters. Christian Values making Business DecisionsAt CIRS Inc, our integrity is of foremost importance. Investigations will be performed by following all laws and regulations in order to maintain the integrity of the case in order to be victorious in court. Our clients appreciate the fact that we will not stoop to the level of those we are investigating, however we will adapt and overcome to obstacles in order to achieve legally obtained results.CIRS Inc is formally trained to perform low or high-tech physical surveillance. We have performed hundreds of hours of surveillance gathering information on our target individuals, confirming a subjects’ intentions, be it infidelity, theft or fraud. We conduct foot or vehicle surveillance or a combination of the two to obtain the evidence you need to make your case. No matter how long it takes or what the hour may be, we are ready to assist you.CIRS Inc assists individuals, businesses and attorneys by finding and analyzing information relevant to their case. CIRS Inc provides assistance in criminal and civil liability cases, insurance claims and fraud, child custody and protection cases, missing persons cases, and premarital screening.CIRS Inc provides an avenue to our corporate clients to verify background checks on their prospective employees by authenticating and substantiating facts from previous employment, credit worthiness and references. By conducting reference checks, SSN verification and criminal checks we relieve that burden from you and ensure you’re hiring legal, qualified and competent employees. We dedicate the time to make the necessary phone calls and site visits required to secure your decision and protect your investment. 457200457200Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc specializes in long-term surveillance corroborating insurance fraud, fraudulent workers compensation claims, mortgage fraud and infidelity cases. Whether covert or overt, our team of professionals has the surveillance and analytical experience necessary to make your case a successful one. CIRS Inc will document evidence in accordance with your specifications, to include video, audio and still photos in order to be presented at trial successfully.Our clients are kept informed of our activities, observations and discoveries throughout the investigation process by employing today’s best technology. Using twitter and SMS we will notify our clients of our progress in real-time either daily or at the end of each major section of the investigation. Our investigators are not afraid of confrontation if required. We will do everything in our power to avoid disrupting or diminishing your case. With over 23 years of combined experience we are capable of making quick decisions and adapting to and overcoming any obstacle. Good interviewing and interrogation skills are also important to our success as investigators. Sometimes it’s not what is said but the hidden nuances that give away a subject’s intents and involvement. We are trained to identify those clues. Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc. performs the following functions during our investigations:* Determining the Identities of the Parties Involved in an Investigation* Validate Personal Injury/Workman’s Comp Claims* Observe Compliance and/or Non Compliance of Company Policies by Employees * Determine the Methods of Operation of Suspected Criminal Activities by Employees* Prior Background Investigations, if needed* Telescopic photographs for those close-up shots* Professional video showing continuous movements and activities of the monitored subject * Fixed-Mobile Surveillances * Court Room Testimony * Comprehensive Detailed Reports* Every facet of an insurance investigation: surveillance, scar photos, diagrams, activity checks, background checks, locators and statements. * Presenting court testimony as needed * Consulting with clients * Field Interviews of suspects and witnessesDetermine Whether a Violation of the Law or Company Policy Exists or Will Exist by the Employee * Prevent the Commission of a Crime through investigating shortcomings in company security and/or Capture Documented Information on a Suspected Employee During Criminal ActivityCIRS Inc has instructed U.S. Army Special Forces for over 6 years in surveillance/counter-surveillance techniques, interviewing, briefing/de-briefing of witnesses and suspects as well as the use of technical equipment to enhance an operation. Having used these techniques in training environments as well as employing them in non hostile and hostile real world environments we have been able to perfect our tactics and distinguish between what works and what just sounds good.You can be confident in knowing that we have the capability and experience to complete any task assigned to us in as efficient a timeline as possible. “We will not quit, we will not falter and we will not fail.”- George W. Bush.Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance. Stalker Identification. Process Service. Fraud. Pre-Hiring Checks. Infidelity. Skip Tracing. Missing Persons. Fugitive Recovery.21488404572004572004572003975100457200Computer Forensics Investigations.Almost all cases of abuse and child predators involve the use of a computer. With our expert analysts using today’s most advanced programs and techniques we will obtain the evidence needed without compromising the case, guaranteed.Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc.45720021971004826005397500Infidelity Investigations.Feeling as if your no longer the apple of that someone specials eye? We will confirm or deny for you the potential there is an act of infidelity being committed and bring you peace of mind to rebuild your relationship.Insurance Fraud Investigations.We thrive with motivation to get the client what they need to successfully avoid paying to criminals. With our creativity we are able to perform our investigations within the constrictions of varied environmental factors.Skip Tracing.Through our thorough investigations we use a multitude of databases to locate those that owe your company money. We will locate them for you which allows you to go after them legally and obtain restitution of your accounts.Mortgage Fraud.During the last 9 years many lenders took up the practice of defrauding the mortgage industry as well as the home buyer by putting them into a mortgage they could not afford deceptively. We will find them and help you prosecute them.4826003846195482600694626548260084963006019800457200<br />Christian Values making Business Decisions.At Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc, our integrity is of foremost importance. We would rather lose a case or a client because of our uncompromising morals and values than violate the law just to make a profit. Investigations will be performed by following all laws and regulations in order to maintain the integrity of the case in order to be victorious in court. Martin C. McGrath, Owner/Lead Investigator6020 Erin Park Dr, Suite DColorado Springs, PLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkState Colorado =" " " [State]" USERPROPERTY WorkState Colorado Colorado * MERGEFORMATColorado PLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkZip 80918=" " " [Postal Code]" USERPROPERTY WorkZip 8091880918 * MERGEFORMAT80918www.cirspi.comadmin@cirspi.comColorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc.Colorado Investigative and Recovery Service Inc.<br />