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  1. 1. Name of Client Brief description O R I G I N A L L O G O D E S I G N 5 1 0 - 7 2 4 - 8 2 2 5 | m l a w t o n @ m e . c o m
  2. 2. City of Hercules Proposal for new City of Hercules identity commemorating their 100th anniversary (design and type modification)
  3. 3. Barkley’s’ Superdog Identity for a chain of hot dog stands around Lake Tahoe (design, illustration and hand lettering) T M Q U A R T E R P O U N D N E W Y O R K S T Y L E
  4. 4. Allied Brokers Identity for a real estate brokerage firm in Walnut Creek (design and type manipulation) A OF CALIFORNIA, INC. A L L I E D BROKERS
  5. 5. The Coordinating Center Identity for new senior living program in Maryland (design, illustration and typography) Getting the services you need to stay in the home you love. Opting for Independence
  6. 6. Junior League of Contra Costa County Fundraising identity for gaming night (design and type manipulation)
  7. 7. Merge Together Website identity for online living together support (design and type manipulation)
  8. 8. Friends of Pinole Creek Watershed Identity for a non-profit creek group in Pinole (design, illustration and hand lettering) ©
  9. 9. Faux Wheelers Bike Group Identity for informal bike riding group (design and illustration)
  10. 10. Lake Tahoe Regional Transit District Proposal for banner for Lake Tahoe; each district would have it’s own identity/banners (design, illustration and type manipulation)
  11. 11. The Learning Company Identity for educational programs for kids (design, illustration and typography)
  12. 12. Mosaic Licensing Distributor of table top decor and accessories for the home (design and illustration)
  13. 13. Diablo magazine Identity for restaurant listing and reviews in the magazine (design, illustration and typography)
  14. 14. Nexxus New York Salon Care Proposal for new packaging logo and branding (design and lettering)
  15. 15. Granny Goose Foods, Inc. Ding bat illustration for California-style potato chip packaging (design and illustration)
  16. 16. UC Berkeley Botanical Garden Paul & Barbara Licht Fund campaign proposal (design and illustration)
  17. 17. Hartford Media Electronic publishing company (design and typography manipulation)