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Health and education in second life


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This is a record of my experience of a couple of virtual world spaces. also with a link to a wiki with many links to good sites

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Health and education in second life

  1. 1. This slide show is for people like me Who have struggled to find good useful places to explore in Second life I am Dacary Dumpling in Second life I am a midwife and midwifery educator in real life.
  2. 2. I found this wiki, which has many links to good quality Second life virtual spaces. Worth exploring for learning and education
  3. 3. I found a link to this health information island.
  4. 4. There was a lot of information at this place. And many useful spaces for gathering or for being alone. It was possible to complete surveys and also to link out to wiki pages and online databases For more information on particular topics of interest. I can see potential use for education and continuing professional development for midwives and other health workers with these types of resources
  5. 5. I also went to Leicester University’s Media Zoo virtual place This is their conference space
  6. 6. Here I am on top of the boat house at Leicester University’s Media Zoo
  7. 7. Here I am at the virtual movie place at Leicester. This was amazing when you go here you are surrounded by a 360º real life picture. I felt as though I was really in this place Of course I could only look, cannot interact with it at all but none the less amazing