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Building Elixir App Release with Distillery and Docker


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ElixirTw Meetup 2016 Dec

Published in: Technology
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Building Elixir App Release with Distillery and Docker

  1. 1. Deploying Your Elixir App Mickey
  2. 2. 我在2015年年底發現 Elixir 後立⾺馬買下 這樣我也是⼤大⼤大惹
  3. 3. 但是建構摸⿂魚了了整整⼀一年年
  4. 4. 是⼤大概有點框架了了啦....
  5. 5. –忘了了是 Dave Thomas 還是 Sandi Metz 說的 “I always start with ‘Hello World’.”
  6. 6. So I made this…
  7. 7. …and use distillery • • A replacement for exrm • run migration from release (maybe?)
  8. 8. Syntax error near (
  9. 9. 注意你的 System Architecture • If you built your release on Mac, you can only run the release binary on a Mac Host. • Don’t include ERT • Build with docker, then pull out the release. • walkthrough.html#deploying-your-release
  10. 10. This is my Dockerfile… • After following the distillery guide… • Dockerfile • docker run -it -d elixir_tw:latest bash • docker cp <container_id>:/app/rel/elixir_tw/ releases/0.0.1 ./rel/docker_rel • docker rm -f <container_id>