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V3 gamingcasestudy


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Published in: Technology
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V3 gamingcasestudy

  1. 1. Darling Family “Maker” Project MICHELLE, Product Management GLENN, Infrastructure CHLOE, User Experience Big Data Case Study: Online Video Games
  2. 2. Case Study: YOURCraft Online Video Game  Very popular MMOG (massively multiplayer online game.)  Wide appeal: Kids aged 5+ to Adults.  “Indie” game: not commercial, similar to OpenSource software.  Distributed: Thousands of YOURCraft servers throughout the world.  Educational: builds logical, analytical, spatial reasoning, math, problem-solving skills.  Crowd-sourced: Users build worlds using blocks similar to“virtual Legos”. Examples: Cities, Sports, Harry Potter, Disneyland & more!
  3. 3. Challenges  GRIEFING – bad player behavior. Mixed-age, unmonitored play leads to bad language, block destruction & online bullying.  BIG DATA VOLUME & VARIETY – One busy server = 100GB/month  1.17TB /year of saved maps, weblogs, player messages, game metadata. Key Trends: Online “Virtual World” Games Strategies  STICKINESS - Increase user time spent in the game through:  CUSTOWNERS – Ability to build fun, engaging, immersive worlds builds customer loyalty & ownership.  DATA MYNING – Game personalization based on user data (age, hours played, location.)  FREEMIUM - Give away game for free, then charge for premium services.
  4. 4. Case Study Problem Highlights GOAL: Set up YOURCraft server to ensure safe, engaging & educational experience for family, friends & classmates. Requirements:  Analytics: Monitor player behavior to block griefing, encourage building, improve game features, find monetization option$ (so we can pay the bills!)  Skill Level: Must be easy enough for teenager, 8yo and busy mom.  Fault-Tolerant: Can’t afford to lose user data such as world maps.  High Availability: Provide 24x7 access to games.  Low Startup Costs: $0 if possible.  Scalability: Start with dataset from one server… ingest datasets from hundreds later. GRIEFING
  5. 5. Proposed Solution: Technology Stack  Analytics: Splunk Storm ingests weblogs & player comments.  Scalability: AWS & Splunk scale “from laptop to datacenter.”  Fault-Tolerant: AWS S3 provides secure data storage.  Skill Level: AWS AMI template enables easy setup.  High Availability: AWS EC2 provides 24x7 access.  Low Startup Costs: AWS EC2 Free- Tier for 1st Year = $0 • Splunk Storm for Weblog & Sentiment Analysis, Anomaly Detection, Dashboards. Splunk Indexes files directly; no need for ETL or database management. Analytics & Visualization • AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service) -- similar to Hadoop HDFS.Data Storage • Game Hosting AMI (Amazon Machine Image) for YOURCraft Server. Wizard-based template. Application • AWS EC2 (Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud)Infrastructure
  6. 6. Proposed Solution - Architecture YOURCraft Server • Game Web Logs • Player Messages • Game Metadata • User Data AWS S3 DATA SOURCES: Game Web Logs Player Messages
  7. 7. Proposed Solution Benefits  Infrastructure  Cloud-based game hosting – No need to buy any hardware. Secure, scalable, high-availability, fault-tolerant storage & resources, 1st year free. Easy enough for teenager to setup and maintain.  User Experience  Web log Analysis to track user “stickiness” and player activities. Easy for an 8yo to monitor dashboards and report “griefing” so users & IP addresses can be blocked if needed.  Product Management  Sentiment Analysis & Data Visualization to gain insights on attracting & retaining users, fee-based services, monetization. Splunk works directly on AWS S3 files – no ETL or database needed. Easy for busy mom to define new algorithms & business questions.
  8. 8. Sample YOURCraft Weblog Data elements we can search, summarize or graph: • Player logins • Player IP Addresses • Player session time • Blocks placed • Blocks broken • Dangerous block placement (fire, water, lava) • Player deaths • Player in-game messages • Player issued commands
  9. 9. Splunk Dashboard: Monitoring Player Behavior
  10. 10. Splunk Anomaly Detection “Griefers” vs. “Busy Builders” “Blocks placed” point to high- value players who do a lot of building and should be rewarded. “Blocks broken” can signal destructive behavior. If needed, can block: • Specific users • All users from a specific IP Address.
  11. 11. Splunk Data Visualization: User Behavior, Stickiness
  12. 12. Splunk Sentiment Analysis: Player Conversations Sentiment analysis can reveal popular themes, characters, game features. Users can be banned if they engage in negative comments or online harassment.
  13. 13. Deployment strategy Year 1: Setup YourCraft Server  Use Analytics to gain insights on server admin best practices.  Use insights to improve user experience, game features.  Share insights with other YOURCraft admins (9,000+ servers worldwide!)  Recruit other server weblogs for bigger, richer analytics datasets.  Rinse and repeat… Year 2: Innovate & Monetize  AWS Free Tier expires! Start offering premium fee-based services such as:  Safe sandbox – parents control game content; limit playtime hours.  Members-only access to videos, tutorials, game objects, “playdates” with other players.  Use analytics to check effectiveness.  Rinse & repeat… Innovate & Iterate Analyze Acquire Data