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Berlin Selenium Meetup - A quick introduction to Selenium


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Introduction Slides for the Berlin Selenium Meetup.

Published in: Software
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Berlin Selenium Meetup - A quick introduction to Selenium

  1. 1. A QUICK INTRO TO SELENIUM MICHAEL PALOTAS 28.05.2015 Berlin @michael_palotas
  2. 2. Michael Palotas Gerbiweg 2 8853 Lachen SWITZERLAND Email: @michael_palotas WHO AM I? GRIDFUSION @michael_palotas
  3. 3. AUTOMATION … is software development @michael_palotas
  4. 4. A LITTLE HISTORY Selenium was so named because Huggins, dissatisfied with testing tools on the market, was seeking a name that would position the product as an alternative to Mercury Interactive QuickTest Professional commercial testing software. The name, Selenium, was selected because selenium mineral supplements serve as a cure for mercury poisoning, Huggins explained. @michael_palotas
  5. 5. WHAT IS SELENIUM? SELENIUM AUTOMATES BROWSERS THAT'S IT ... Almost Selenium is becoming a W3C standard: @michael_palotas
  6. 6. SELENIUM FLAVORS Selenium IDE Selenium Selenium GRID @michael_palotas
  7. 7. WAS IST SELENIUM? Protocol describing user interactions Supports most browsers Supports most programming languages @michael_palotas
  8. 8. WHAT IT IS NOT? performance testing tool reporting tool testcase management tool test data generator drag & drop tool @michael_palotas
  9. 9. SELENIUM 2 / WEBDRIVER JSON  WIRE     PROTOCOL   Client   Java   C#   Ruby   Python   Server   i.e.  Selendroid,  iOS-­‐Driver   Server   Server   @michael_palotas …  
  10. 10. SCALING - SELENIUM GRID @michael_palotas
  11. 11. SCALING – SELENIUM GRID CI   DEV   ….   SELENIUM  GRID   HUB   IOS   ANDROID   LINUX   WINDOWS   OSX   @michael_palotas
  12. 12. OPEN SOURCE It is free Invest into people instead of licenses Faster innovation Independence Employee engagement Hiring advantage Requires a different mindset @michael_palotas
  13. 13. THANK YOU Email: Twitter: @michael_palotas LinkedIn: XING: @michael_palotas