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Comcast Business Class VoiceEdge Presentation


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Comcast Business Class has flexible calling solutions for your enterprise business. The scalability of our Business VoIP services: Business VoiceEdge™, Business Class Trunks and Business Class Voice, provide the right amount of service you need and offer a tremendous value. email: or Call +1 786 512 6913

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Comcast Business Class VoiceEdge Presentation

  3. 3. MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE• Simple yet powerful voice communication service for businesses• Fully managed alternative to onsite hardware-based PBXs or Key Systems• All feature functionality is deployed in the network rather than on premise• Affordable solution with unlimited nationwide calling and predictable recurring monthly expense• Complete packages include state-of-the-art Polycom Phones with high definition audio quality• Delivers powerful Fortune 500 PBX features with Microsoft ® Outlook ® integration for seamless mobility
  4. 4. KEY ADVANTAGES AND BENEFITS• No need to buy expensive phone system• Fully managed solution with no maintenance costs• Includes state-of-the-art IP HD handsets• Built-in Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery)• Scalable solution that grows with your business• Unified communications features including 4-digit dialing, Voicemail to Email, Simultaneous Ring, Click to Dial and Outlook Integration• Enables remote workers/telecommuting• Perfect for multi-site locations with a single bill for voice and free on-net calling within and between sites
  5. 5. MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE VS. PREMISE PBX Managed Business Item Premise PBX Class VoiceAcquisition Costs – What -PBX deployments can average Includes Polycom 335 HDequipment do I need to $800 - $1000 per handset plus phones* + Network Equipmentpurchase? install fees with minimal up-front costsMonthly Recurring Costs – Fluctuating costs based on Predictable charges. UnlimitedWhat will my monthly costs be usage, including calls between local and domestic long distancefor usage? How much does it locations included; on-net multi-locationcost to call satellite locations? calls are also includedMaintenance, MACs & -PBXs often have a monthly -Maintenance included.Upgrades - Do I pay extra for maintenance fee built in ~10-ongoing maintenance & moves / 15% of the initial cost, paid -Upgrades are managed for you,adds / changes? annually. and also included. -Sometimes MACs are charged per item at $150 – 200 per -Moves, adds and changes are change – making changes included expensive. *With 3 year term. Otherwise, $4.95/month per line.
  6. 6. UNIFIED COMMUNICATION SEATMost popular and most selected seat typeIncludes one local telephone numberThe Unified Communication Seat service comes with • One Local Telephone Number • A Voicemail Box • Many productivity features, including • Mobility via Be Anywhere and Remote Office • Call Management Portal • Outlook Integration • Telephony Toolbar for Outlook, IE & FireFox • Music on Hold
  7. 7. MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE PRICING ITEM ACTIVATION MONTHLY NUMBER OF LINESLine – 5 lines or less $24.95 $34.95Line – 6-24 lines $24.95 $29.95Line –25+ lines $24.95 $24.95 SEATSStandard Seat - $14.95Unified Communication Seat - $19.95 ADD-ON SERVICES ACTIVATION MONTHLY OTHER SERVICESAuto Attendant $12.00 $24.95Additional Hunt Group $12.00 $19.95Reception Console $12.00 $29.95Additional Voicemail Box - $5.00Desktop Fax (Usage Based) $9.95 - Note: Pricing excludes taxes, fees and usage.
  8. 8. MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE PRICING TELEPHONE NUMBER & USAGE ITEMS ACTIVATION MONTHLY Toll-Free Number (Plus Usage) $9.95 $5.00 Alternate/Additional Telephone Number - $2.95 Domestic Long Distance Usage - - International Termination Usage - - Audio & Web Conferencing Usage - - International Calling Activation - - Audio & Web Conference Calling Activation (Usage Based) - - Directory Assistance per Call - $1.50 Operator Assistance per Call - $2.49 Payphone Surcharge - $0.75 CUSTOMER PREMISE EQUIPMENT Polycom SoundPoint 335 HD - $4.95 Polycom SoundPoint 560 HD - $6.95 Polycom SoundPoint 670 HD - $9.95 Polycom Sidecar - $4.95 Cisco PAP2 ATA - $4.95 Polycom Soundstation 5000 - $4.95 EdgeMarc 4550 (15 WAN Calls) - 1 per physical location - $6.95 EdgeMarc 4550 - 15 to 30 WAN Call Upgrade - $9.95 EdgeMarc 4550 - 30 to 70 WAN Call Upgrade - $19.95Note: Pricing excludes taxes, fees and usage.
  9. 9. Fortune 500 Features
  10. 10. POWERFUL FEATURES… FOR UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILITY• Voicemail-to-Email integration to receive messages in your inbox• Be Anywhere and Simultaneous Ring to integrate your work linewith your mobile number and allow calls to follow you• Microsoft ® Outlook ® and Internet Explorer ® integration with aTelephony Toolbar for click-to-dial and feature control• Remote Office for working as if from the office while on the road or from home. Makes any phone your desk phone!• Plus, a lot more!
  11. 11. POWERFUL FEATURES… FOR UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILITY INTEGRATED TELEPHONY TOOLBARManaged Business Class Voice UnifiedCommunication seat includes a toolbar that isfully integrated with, and resides in Microsoft ®Outlook, Internet Explorer ®, and FireFox® Wouldn’t you benefit from•Click-to-dial functionality from existing Outlookcontacts or from phone numbers on a web having control of your callspage from the applications in which•Pop-up Toast that displays information aboutincoming calls with click to answer to send to you work?voicemail capability•Answer calls, end calls and forward callsusing the toolbar. One click of the mouseactivates the speaker phone or headset Included with a Unified Communications seat
  13. 13. POWERFUL FEATURES… FOR UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILITY AUDIO & WEB CONFERENCINGOn-demand audio & web conferencing Advanced features – No fee to sign up and get a subscription Share desktop – Billed just for minutes used Whiteboard, Pen and Erase Share ApplicationsAudio - $0.05/minute/participant – Up to 96 participants per audio Share Slides conference Control desktop – Every user get’s their own virtual conference room – Instant access to anyone in the world – No reservation requiredWeb - $0.10/minute/participant – Up to 2,000 participants per web conference – Full desktop sharing – Conference recording service available – Podcast creation included
  14. 14. POWERFUL FEATURES… FOR UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS AND MOBILITY DESKTOP FAX (Coming soon…)Electronic Fax-to-email Solution – Takes an email (including attachments) or scanned document and sends to a legacy fax machine – Takes a document sent via a standard fax and delivers to an email addressService includes toll-free fax telephone number – LNP & Local numbers are availableReceive faxes in .pdf, .tif orencrypted formats
  15. 15. BUSINESS CLASS INTERNETA Natural Complement to Managed Business Class VoiceComcast Business Class Internet up to 100Mbps download / 20Mbpsupload, receive up to 20 Hosted Exchange with Microsoft Outlookmailboxes included for use with Managed Business Class Voice service.Managed Business Class Voice seamlessly integrates into MicrosoftOutlook - now broadband, phone, and email are all integrated.Note: Managed Business Class Voice and Business ClassInternet billed separately
  16. 16. Comcast Upware™ and New Customer Portal• Upware™, our new broadband-powered cloud marketplace for Business Class customers. Upware is a hand-selected suite of business grade cloud- based applications, including data back-up, data security, and collaboration.• Our partners include: Carbonite (data backup), DigitalSafe (data backup) and Mozy (online backup) in the data backup aisle; Norton (security) and Websense (security) in the data security aisle; and Box (online storage), Microsoft (Web collaboration), Soonr (online file sharing), and YouSendIt (document collaboration)• Business Signature Support• The new portal is available at 16
  17. 17. Business Continuity
  18. 18. BUSINESS CONTINUITY With Managed Business Class Voice, incoming calls will automatically re-route in case of a power outage or natural disaster (snow storms, floods, fires, tornado…) . Can your business survive the loss of incoming phone calls?
  19. 19. BUSINESS CONTINUITYManaged Business Class Voice is proven and reliable• The feature Call Forwarding Not Reachable, set up at the point of provisioning, automatically re-routes incoming calls to a pre-defined number when service is unavailable• Auto Attendants, voicemail, etc. work even if your site does not• Remote Office allows you to relocate your work space in case of an emergency• In case of power outage, snow storm, flood, or other failure – business calls continue to go through and be answered without intervention from you
  20. 20. Premise Equipment
  21. 21. POLYCOM HD VOICE PHONES POLYCOM 560 HD POLYCOM 335 HD Cutting-edge SIP feature set meets Entry-level SIP desktop phone with Polycom® HD Voice™ technology Polycom HD Voice™ and high- • Four-line phone resolution, backlit display • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) • Two-line phone switch to enable bandwidth-intensive • High-resolution backlit LCD applications • $4.95/month • Backlit, easy-to-read LCD • $6.95/month $215 Retail Value, $369 MSRP $139 Retail Value, $199 MSRP21
  22. 22. POLYCOM HD VOICE PHONES POLYCOM 670 HD POLYCOM IP 5000 HD A premium SIP desktop phone with Advanced IP conference phone with color display Polycom HD Voice™ clarity, designed • Six line phone for small conference rooms and • A large, vibrant color display for easier executive offices viewing and navigation • Outstanding clarity • Integrated Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) • 7-foot microphone pickup range switch to enable bandwidth-intensive • $4.95/month applications • $9.95/month $295 Retail Value, $419 MSRP $348 Retail Value, $419 MSRP22
  23. 23. ADDITIONAL DEVICES POLYCOM Attendant Console Cisco PAP2 ATA Delivers advanced call handling Analog FXS telephone to SIP converter capabilities to help boost productivity may be used to connect analog phones of a telephone attendant and compatible paging systems to • Productivity-enhancing solution for MBCV telephone attendants • $4.95/month • Simplifies management and monitoring of a high volume of concurrent calls • $4.95/month/module $176 Retail Value, $239 MSRP23
  24. 24. MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE PHONE OPTIONS Polycom Polycom Polycom Polycom 670 + Polycom Cisco User/Location Type 335 560 670 Expansion 5000 PAP2 ATA (3-lines) (4-lines) (6-lines) Module Lobby Phone or Warehouse – an entry-level phone with less device- X based functionality Desk Jockey –uses the phone regularly, may need some X X enhanced device functionality Power/Executive User – uses the All phones support phone constantly, intuitive High Definition interface and device features X X Voice and offer optimize user experience Speaker phone Front Desk/Reception – likes capabilities ability to monitor additional lines X X via sidecar expansion module* Conference Room – optimal full room audio experience X Devices requiring an analog port - fax, conference device, etc.. X Office with Gigabit LANs – devices that are GigE LAN compatible X XNote: Additional monitoring of lines is available via the Shared Call Appearance feature (for one or two lines) and/or via aReception Console desktop client for up to 200 monitored contacts. Prices vary by device type.
  25. 25. QUALITY ASSURANCE DEVICEThe EdgeMarc 4550 is an on-site Quality Assurance Device,that provides- – Traffic shaping • Provides higher priority to voice traffic – NAT and Firewall • NAT and Firewall functions are available for both voice and data traffic – Provides remote testing capabilities • Proactive monitoring – Survivability • Enables failover capabilities that utilize Comcast’s geographic redundant architecture
  26. 26. Comcast Corporation
  27. 27. COMCAST CORPORATION 22.8 Million Video CustomersComcast is one of the nation’s leading 16.9 Million Internet Customersproviders of entertainment, information andcommunications products and services. 8.6 Million Voice CustomersThe largest Cable Operator in the U.S. 100,000 Employees in 39 states. $37.9 Billion in Revenue
  28. 28. COMCAST NETWORKThe largest facilities-based last mile alternative to the phone company The first fully 40G backbone and 100G router interface deployment Self healing, redundant core network architecture 100% owned, managed and maintained by Comcast
  30. 30. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MANAGED BUSINESS CLASS VOICE Miguel Spencer Senior Business Account ExecutiveAdvanced Products Team | PRI & Voice Edge Sales p +1 786 512 6913 | f +1 305 704 8516 e