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Comcast Business VoiceEdge Presentation 2014_call 1 786 558 4440


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VoiceEdge (hosted PBX) Fully-managed alternative to on-site, hardware-based PBXs or key systems User-friendly, yet powerful voice and unified communication service for businesses Complete, affordable packages

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Comcast Business VoiceEdge Presentation 2014_call 1 786 558 4440

  1. 1. Comcast Business for Your Business
  2. 2. Welcome to Business VoiceEdge TM
  3. 3. Why Hosted VoIP/Unified Communications According to industry analysts, the top drivers for choosing a VOIP Solution include: Cost Savings Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Increased Productivity Ability to Support Remote Workers Improved Customer Experience “UC deployments continue to be driven mainly by business interest in individual employee and workgroup productivity and support for remote working and customer service” From Gartner’s UC&C Hype Cycle, 2013
  4. 4. Businesses Who Use UC More Companies Are Choosing to Invest in VoIP/Unified Communications 13% 16% 56% Home office 1 to 19 20-499 Employee Size Source: Comcast calculation from IDC’s Emerging Services Survey, September 2013. N=478 businesses with 1-499 employees. 47% of businesses using UC will continue or increase UC Investment over 12-24 months 41% of non-users plan to acquire UC within that time period
  5. 5. Comcast Business Is #1 in Hosted VoIP/Unified Communications “Comcast is the market leader for Hosted VoIP Services. For the 2nd straight year, Comcast has the distinction of being the largest North American provider in terms of hosted VoIP seats.” Infonetics Research Hosted VoIP providers ranked based on: Installed base Market strategy Service capabilities Financial stability Support options
  6. 6. Comcast Business Is #1 in Hosted VoIP/Unified Communications “We believe that Comcast Business VoiceEdge is well‐suited to meet the rigorous demands of the contemporary SMB. It’s simple to use, has a low total cost of ownership and is delivered on a solid network from a company that people know and trust.” John Macario Vice President, GrowthMark
  7. 7. Next Gen Voice Portfolio VoiceEdge (hosted PBX) Fully-managed alternative to on-site, hardware-based PBXs or key systems User-friendly, yet powerful voice and unified communication service for businesses Complete, affordable packages Trunks/PRI Connection from PBX to Comcast network Scale service as needed in channel increments Great value when bundled with Internet + Data Voice Lines Fast and simple set-up for business voice services Unlimited local and domestic long distance calling Advanced call management with hunt groups, online voicemail and 13 other features Business continuity features across portfolio re-direct calls during disasters or power outages so businesses can keep operating
  8. 8. What Is Comcast Business VoiceEdge? A simple, yet powerful voice communications service for businesses Brings enterprise-class phone features to small-to-medium businesses Fully-managed alternative to on-site, hardware-based PBXs or key systems Flexible, cost-effective solution for single- and multi-site businesses Everything you need in one comprehensive solution End-to-end IP solution available through a variety of affordable packages
  9. 9. The Network to Deliver VoicEdge Nationwide San Francisco 24x7x365 Proactive Monitoring from Redundant NOCs and Backed by Specialized and Dedicated Support for Business Customers 20 of top 25 markets 39 states and Washington, D.C. Nationwide IP network with MPLS core 618K plant route miles, 140K fiber route miles 122K optical nodes 6 Tbps of capacity and growing Extensive fiber and HFC infrastructure Physically diverse network (routes, access points, building access, etc.) Experienced Sales and support professionals in every market Network monitoring and management in every market
  10. 10. The Benefits to VoiceEdge Customers One Vendor, One Solution, All You Need IP network, network services, unlimited nationwide calling, Polycom HD phones at no extra charge, professional installation and multiple training options Empowers Employees, Boosts Productivity Allows employees to work from anywhere…at home, on the road… and never miss a call Scalable, Cost-effective Solution Minimizes Capital Expenses and Gives You Room to Grow Voice communication infrastructure with features and functionality delivered and upgraded from the cloud Built-in Business Voice Continuity Ability to automatically redirect incoming calls to back-up numbers to help keep businesses operating during natural disasters or power outages High-definition Voice Quality Superior call quality for important business communications
  11. 11. How Does Business VoiceEdge Stack Up Against a PBX Item Premise PBX Business VoiceEdge Acquisition Costs: What equipment do I need to purchase? PBX deployments can average $800 to $1000 per handset Additional fees for data network access Includes Polycom 335 HD phones* plus network equipment with minimal up-front costs Monthly Recurring Costs: What will my monthly costs be for usage? How much does it cost to call satellite locations? Fluctuating costs based on usage, including calls between locations Additional fees for data network access may apply Predictable charges Unlimited local and domestic long distance included On-net multi-location calls also included Data network access is included Maintenance, MACs and Upgrades: Do I pay extra for ongoing maintenance & moves / adds / changes? PBXs often have a monthly maintenance fee built in ~10-15% of the initial cost, paid annually Sometimes MACs are charged per item at $150 to $200 per change – making changes expensive Platform maintenance included Platform upgrades are managed for you, and also included Moves and changes are included *With 3 or 5 year term. Otherwise, $4.95/month per seat.
  12. 12. Inside Business VoiceEdge TM
  13. 13. Key Business VoiceEdge UC Features Be Anywhere Simultaneous Ring helps to integrate your work line with your mobile device, home office, or other locations Allows calls to follow you and push/pull them between devices Productivity Enhancers Remote Office for working as if from the office while on the road or from home; makes any phone your desk phone and further enables one-number service Receive messages in your inbox so you can listen to voicemail messages anywhere email can be accessed Mobile Application available as a free download for both iOS and Android platforms Telephony Toolbar Click-to-dial and feature control from inbox and web pages Microsoft Outlook®, Mozilla®, Firefox®, and Internet Explorer® integration for point-and-click feature control and calling Plus a Lot More!
  14. 14. Popular UC and Mobility Features Be Anywhere Simultaneous Ring Incoming Call Desk Phone Business Cell Phone Home Phone Personal Cell Phone Your phones ring simultaneously so you may receive calls on any one of several phones. Headed to a meeting? Turn off simultaneous ring to cell from your cell phone. After the meeting turn it back on. “Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could answer your calls from your nearest phone?” Seamlessly pull call to desk phone Safely commute to the office Initiate call using cell phone application Be Anywhere Call Pull Find Me / Follow Me–Sequential Ring Incoming Call Desk Phone Business Cell Phone Personal Cell Phone 1st 2nd 3rdIf No Answer If No Answer “I wish I could ‘pull’ a phone call from my mobile to my desk phone seamlessly once I arrived at the office.” “Wouldn’t it be more effective if your calls followed you wherever you went?
  15. 15. Outbound calls are made from a remote workplace (hotel, home office, etc.) but appear to be made from your office When inbound calls ring your desk phone they are routed to the remote location (hotel, home office, etc.) Desk Phone Rings Customer’s hotel phone, home office, etc. rings Included with UC Seat Remote Office Voicemail messages are delivered to email inboxes as .wav or .mp3 files Client leaves voicemail on office phone Voicemail is converted to .wav or .mp3 and sent to email address Voicemail can be played from anywhere email can be accessed Included with UC Seat Voicemail-to-email Integration “Couldn’t you be more responsive to your office voicemails if you could listen to them from your cell phone or laptop?” “Wouldn’t you miss fewer calls if your office could come with you?” Productivity Enhancers
  16. 16. Unified Communication includes a Telephony Toolbar fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox Click-to-dial functionality from existing Outlook contacts or from phone numbers on a web page Pop-up toast that displays information about incoming calls with click-to-answer to send to voicemail capability Answer calls, end calls, and forward calls using the Toolbar; one click of the mouse activates the speaker phone or headset Integrated Telephony Toolbar “Wouldn’t you benefit from having control of your calls from the applications you work in – especially if it is included in the service?”
  17. 17. Video Calling “Wouldn’t it be good to see the expressions of your caller?” Bring HD video calling to your business Makes video calling as easy as audio calling H.264 codec Peer-to-peer video Not multipoint Other caller needs a video enabled device
  18. 18. Dial from your company directory Add video to your call Easy to transfer calls and perform other In-call functions Softphone Access Your Business VoiceEdge Service Using Your Computer, No Matter Where You Are… Change your service settings Place and receive calls from your PC or Mac computer
  19. 19. Online Management Portal Robust web portal for service and feature management Access levels User Personal feature management Technical Admin Group feature access Password resets Customer Admin Same as technical admin, plus invoice, billing and CDR access User Portal View
  20. 20. Business VoiceEdge Mobile App Puts your office phone system in the palm of your hand Alerts of new calls, voicemails at the office Check office voicemail from your mobile Set up Be Anywhere and other UC features on the go Initiate calls from your mobile that look like they are from your office line Simplify communications and enhance productivity with one-number lifestyle Integrates your work line and mobile device Free download for iOS and Android devices
  21. 21. Business Voice Continuity Incoming calls are automatically re-routed in case of outages or disasters: Power outage Snow storm Flood Fiber cut Earthquake Hurricane Fire Tornado Other Can your business survive the loss of incoming phone calls? Quality Assurance Device Data Connection PSTN Internet Business VoiceEdge Platform IP Phones IP Network If access circuit is down or phone is not registered, then incoming calls will be re- routed automatically to a pre- determined number – Never miss a call or a voicemail! With managed services hosted in the cloud, calls are routed to AA or voicemail even if there’s a power outage or fiber cut to the building – Never miss a call or a voicemail!
  22. 22. Advanced Features And Applications Auto Attendant with Professional Voice Recordings Hunt Group Reception Console Shared Call Appearance Call Queue Agent – Basic
  23. 23. Flexible VoiceEdge Packages for Any Business TM
  24. 24. Business VoiceEdge Service Components Customers Choose the Number of Lines and the Type of Experience for Each User with Subscription Available to Further Reduce Costs Line A call path with access to the PSTN Unlimited inbound, local, and US long distance Toll-free (optional) International long distance Calling line identification 411, 711, E911 support Pricing: 1-5: $34.95 6-23: $29.95 24+: $24.95 Standard Seat Assigned a 4 to 6-digit extension number Line Features plus… PBX functionality Web portal to manage customization Business Voice continuity Free on-net calling 3-way calling Hunt group (1 per seat) Call waiting, call transfer, call return Pricing: 1-49: $14.95 50+: $ 9.95 Unified Communication (UC) Seat Includes one local telephone number (existing or new) Line and Standard Features plus… Telephony Toolbar Voicemail-to-email integration Be Anywhere Remote office Call forwarding always, busy, no answer, selective Music on hold Pricing: 1-49: $19.95 50+: $14.95
  25. 25. Reception Polycom 670 Expansion Module Conference Room Polycom 5000 Desk Jockey Polycom 335 (2 Lines) Conference Room Polycom 6000 Suite of HD Devices and Experiences for Different Users Power User Polycom VVX500 (12 Lines) Executive Video Polycom VVX1500 (6 Lines) Executive Polycom 670 (6 Lines) Polycom® VVX® Camera
  26. 26. Business VoiceEdge Customer Education Live Webinar Series Interactive sessions Schedule online for easy registration or re-play of recorded session Includes series of sessions with phone basics, unified communications features, and tech administration Custom webinars Onsite Training Onsite training available for an additional fee Complete curriculum including tech administration
  27. 27. …and VoiceSecond to None in Data… Industry Leadership: First MEF-certified CE 2.0 service provider Technical Foresight: Network development to support tomorrow's applications Commitment: Network and solutions designed for business requirements Industry Leadership: Business phone service rated the best in call clarity Technical Foresight: “Anytime, anywhere” access via an integrated unified communications solution Commitment: Enterprise-class clarity and continuity so you’re always able to communicate Comcast Business Delivers Best-in-Class Communications Services
  28. 28. Data & Internet Voice Portfolio Business VoiceEdge Business Trunks – PRI Business Class Voice Complete Portfolio of Business Solutions Ethernet Private Line Ethernet Virtual Private Line Ethernet Network Service Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access Healthcare Customer Network Host Sites (4) Medical Centers (7)Data Centers (1) Health Clinics (3)Surgical Centers (2) Hospitals (9) Comcast CRAN 300Mb 300Mb 100Mb 100Mb 100Mb 100Mb
  29. 29. To learn more contact Miguel Spencer Senior Business Account Executive Call +1 786 558 4440 or Thank You!
  30. 30. Comcast Business for Your Business