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Comcast Business Class Trunks PRI Presentation


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Comcast Business Class Trunks are a switched voice trunk service with ISDN/PRI connectivity from a customer’s Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to the Comcast network, providing a flexible and intelligent way to maximize next generation voice services based on Comcast’s advanced IP network.

Why Comcast Business Class PRI Trunks?
Network Reliability: Comcast’s privately owned and manage network lets us proactively monitor all elements as we strive for maximum PRI service availability
Business Voice Continuity: All voice networks are geographically redundant and phone calls can be routed between networks on a call-by-call basis providing seamless service during network impairments
Service Level Agreement: Your Service Level Agreement will define measurable service assurance and service restoral policies to define faster response times
Security: Voice services are prioritized over all other traffic and all network equipment is secured by 2 layers of authentication
Scalability: Buy what you need when you need it – we let you buy in single channel increments, others do not
Cost Effective: Save money by bundling with other Comcast services – Data or Internet
Easy Integration: Use your existing PBX to consolidate business lines to a single facility for integrated voice and data capabilities
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Comcast Business Class Trunks PRI Presentation

  1. 1. COMCAST BUSINESS CLASS TRUNKS Realize cost-savings with converged, reliable business voice services from Comcast1
  2. 2. AgendaComcast’s Commitment to BusinessComcast Business TrunksService Delivery / CPESpecial Considerations – e911, Toll FraudWhat to Expect Post-SaleCare & Billing Process
  3. 3. Comcast’s Commitment to Business Comcast has Americas leading and most effective converged video, voice and data network. This digital, high-capacity, fiber-optic network enables Comcast to provide an integrated — and unparalleled — product experience to customers. Comcast has a high-capacity network in place, and we continue optimize it for peak performance and future growth. Each day, our network delivers: • 15 million On Demand views • 172 million Web page views • 76 million emails • 99 million phone calls • 2.9 million voice mails The Comcast network is owned, operated, and monitored by Comcast personnel in our Network Operations Centers on a 24x7x365 basis providing you the services you need for your business.
  4. 4. Comcast Business Class TrunksComcast Business Class Trunks enable businesses to converge voice and data onAmerica’s leading networkFor customers with an existing phone system (PBX), Business Class Trunks provide aswitched digital local voice trunk service with a ISDN Primary Rate InterfaceComcast Business Class Trunks are ideal for a customer with the following*- • Serviceable by the Comcast network • A digital PBX with an ISDN-PRI interface card** • Needs up to 23 voice channels • Needs up to 5 Toll Free Numbers * This service is not available for resale (e.g. motel) nor for call center / auto-dialer applications ** SIP interface will be available in the future
  5. 5. Customer Benefits$$ Savings & Cost Effectiveness with converged voice and data services • Data and voice is delivered over the same access facility • Use bandwidth as needed, voice traffic is prioritizedScalability • Size trunks according to your business need • no need to order 23 channels at a time, add one by one as neededReliability & Business Continuity • Data and voice traffic is carried on the Comcast owned and managed network – Both Comcast local facilities and the Comcast national backbone – With Comcast as your provider, you don’t have to worry about your critical communications traveling on leased or public facilities • Destination Unreachable service is included to ensure business continuity – in case of power outage, your phone will automatically reroute to a pre-defined number • Comcast continues to invest in its network both locally and at the backbone level, with increased focus on business services
  6. 6. Customer Benefits EXEMPLARY SERVICE AND RELIABILITY…GUARANTEEDThe Comcast PRI Promise • Comcast backs its PRI service with a 60-day PRI Promise. I • If within the first 60 days you are not completely satisfied you may cancel your service and Comcast will issue a refund for up to two month’s service charges actually paid by you, excluding installation charges, fees, taxes or per-call usage charges.Service Level Agreement• Your Service Level Agreement will define measurable service assurance and service restoral policies and procedures to ensure assigned duties and responsibilities are clearly identified and outlined for better communication, faster response times, and an overall superior service experience.
  7. 7. Customer Benefits, continuedUnparalleled Product Experience • Dedicated Account Executive to help sell the service • Dedicated Project Manager to guide you through the installation process • Dedicated supportFuture Proof your Business Communications • When you are ready to upgrade your phone system, Comcast will be there with you – Our CPE may change but our network does not change • Comcast continues to invest in Business services to ensure you have access to a reliable network with the services you need for fast business
  8. 8. Business Class Trunks DetailsChannels (concurrent call sessions) o Minimum of 6 channels o Maximum of 23 channels (full PRI) o D Channel is always Channel 24 o Channels configured by default to be 2-way, but we support 1-way incoming / outgoingLong Distance & International Usage o Free unlimited local calling including IntraLATA calling o Domestic Long Distance  200 minutes per channel per month, billed on a pooled basis  Usage in excess is charged extra (current rate is 3 cents per minute billed in 6 second increments) o International, Operator Services, Directory Assistance are billed per current posted rates and on full minute basis o 3 levels of long distance are offered to reduce impact of potential fraud hits  Domestic Only, Limited International, Expanded InternationalE911 supported via Billing Telephone Number or Customer Provided TN (up to 10)
  9. 9. Business Class Trunks FeaturesIncludes all the basic phone features you would expect- • Trunk Groups • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) and Direct Outward Dialing (DOD) • Incoming Caller IDInterface options and capacity determined by transport and CPE o IAD with eMTA: 1 PRI over DOCSIS 2/3 o Major flavors of PRI supported (NI-2, ATT, DMS) over an RJ-48C interfaceTrunk Group Unreachable ensures business continuity • In case of power outage, your phone will automatically reroute to a pre-defined number • During the provisioning process, you will be asked to provide a number (per Trunk Group) to activate this feature • If the Comcast CPE is unreachable (such as power outage), then inbound calls to the trunk group will be re-directed to the customer defined TN • This feature is provided at no extra charge
  10. 10. Comcast Business Class Trunks – Rate CardService Charges CONFIGURATION OPTIONSFractional • 6 channels minimum/port MRC $349.00/ Trunk No ChargePRI Port • 2 ports/location allowed port Group • Unlimited local, inbound and IntraLATA calling Additional MRC $5.00/ • Domestic LD – 1200 Minutes Block of 20 Block-20 (200/channel), 6 second billing, TNs pooled per location per port; Overage w 6 second billing at Additional MRC $20.00/ $0.03/min* Block of Block-100 • First block of 20 TNs 100 TNs • Caller ID • E911 Toll Free MRC $5.00/ TFNAdditional • Domestic LD – 200 minutes/channel MRC $14.00/Channels with 6-second billing; Overage w 6 channel Toll Free NRC $9.95/ TFN second billing at $0.03/min* InstallationFull PRI Port • 23 channels maximum/port MRC $489.00/ Toll Free • Continental US, Alaska & Hawaii and Usage $0.030/min • 2 ports/location allowed Full PRI Usage US Territories (Guam, US Virgin • Unlimited local, inbound and Islands, Puerto Rico), 6 second billing IntraLATA calling • Calls from Canada, 60 second billing $0.089/min • Domestic LD – 4600 Minutes • Payphone Surcharge $0.75/call (200/channel), 6 second billing, pooled per location per port; DID/DOD No Charge Overage w 6 second billing at Enable per $0.03/min* Trunk • First block of 20 TNs Group • Caller ID • E911Port MRC $500.00/Installation portInternational • Domestic Only Usage Per Trunk • Limited International International • Expanded International Rate ListOPS/DA Usage Per existing rates
  11. 11. Comcast Business Class Trunks – Rate Card Additional Features Additional Fees ANI/DNIS per MRC $50.00 / Trunk Technician NRC $75.00 / hour Trunk Group Group Assistance (2 hour minimum) Vanity TN No Charge Search Trunk NRC $100.00 / event Reconfiguration Monthly Call MRC $50.00 / Fee Detail Location Records Unreturned CPE NRC $890.00 / Device Download Fee Destination No Charge DA/DL Per Existing Rates Unreachable for Business Voice Continuity
  12. 12. Service Delivery / CPEFor PRI service, Comcast will install 2CPE – an eMTA (or cable modem) andan IADThe eMTA (or cable modem) provides aDOCSIS interface and provides a dataport as well as 2 Line ports. • The data port is used to connect to the IADThe IAD connects to the customer PBX • Customer facing PRI is via an RJ-48 C
  13. 13. Special Topics – e911E911 • Comcast provides two options for e911 calling support – OPTION 1: Comcast will capture location information for the Billing Telephone Number (BTN) of the trunk group – OPTION 2: Comcast can capture location information for up to 10 Telephone Numbers (TNs)  This requires the customer’s PBX technician to ensure the correct TN is sent to Comcast  This is a convenient way to provide more granular location information, perhaps by fire zones or floors • Customer is always responsible for ensuring location information is current / updated with Comcast – Regulations concerning the provision of location information to the ALI databases varies by state and many states are currently updating their laws. Customer must also ensure they are in compliance with the most current laws and requirements.
  14. 14. Special Topics – International Toll FraudComcast offers 3 levels of Calling international to reduce exposure to toll fraud • Domestic LD Only - Includes US-50, Canada, US Territories • Limited International – Opens up access to lower cost countries, except black list destinations • Expanded International – opens up access to all countries served by Comcast, except black list countries • Comcast also implements a black list of countries where the suspected fraud is highestA customer may select / swap options based on their current needs at no costComcast Fraud Policy • The customer is responsible for all usage charges incurred with the service • The customer is expected to secure their facilities to protect against unwanted usage • Comcast monitors for fraud and will take actions necessary to protect both the integrity of Comcast’s network and the service provided to the customer
  15. 15. What to Expect After the Sale Activation Steps Details 1. Welcome Call • Meet the Project Manager who will be your single point of contact throughout the install • Establish time for the Design Review Meeting 2. Complete the Design • Your Project Manager will email you a Design Review Worksheet to ensure we configure the Comcast Business Class Trunks exactly as Review Worksheet needed. 3. Premise Survey • A site technician will visit to conduct a premise survey and avoid surprises in advance of the installation. 4. Design Review Meeting • During this meeting, you and your technical contacts (if needed) will speak with your Project Manager to confirm/discuss the Design Review Worksheet. 5. Customer Premise • On premise equipment (EMTAs and an IAD) will be installed a few days prior to the Activation Date. Equipment Installed 6. Day of Activation • Your Project Manager will confirm the activation date, and on that date, your phone system vendor will do the cutover to Comcast Business Class Trunks. Comcast will perform tests remotely and service is complete!15
  16. 16. Customer Install Timeline From Order to Install is approximately 20-40 business days, depending on construction requirements, number porting and customer requests/time limitations. If at any point in the process you have questions, you will have the direct line and email for your dedicated Project Manager.* Order Premise CPE Placed Survey Install Welcome Design Activation Call Review Date Meeting* All intervals are approximate (expected averages) and Customer Scheduled dates will be provided by theComcast Project Manager. Meeting such intervals requires that all forms are duly completed and in order,and that the customers Points of Contacts can provide information on a timely basis
  17. 17. Reminders – Customer Responsibilities •Schedule your phone system technician for Day of Activation • On the Day of Activation, your phone system technician will complete the cutover of services and Comcast will test services remotely •Equipment/Space for Day of Activation • Provide cross connect wire (RJ48C) from IAD to customer phone system • Space and environment to install equipment • (2) 110v dedicated outlets17
  18. 18. Care / Billing ProcessesDedicated support number to call for Business Class Trunk customers which willcover any and all services: (877) 543-3961 • This number will reduce handoffs and ensure you quickly get to the Comcast Business Services professional who can help you.Invoice • Monthly invoice by location with summarized charges per Business Class Trunk- PRI port • The Business Class Trunks-PRI Invoice is a separate invoice from the invoice for Business Class Internet, Business Class Voice and/or Business Class TV. • Should you purchase a PRI/BCI package, the package discount will be reflected on your Business Class Trunks-PRI bill as a “Multi-Product Package Discount”Call Detail Records • For an additional $50 per month (per location), download monthly call detail records (CDR) for further analyses
  19. 19. Feature Terms & Definitions Feature Description BenefitsDID – Direct Inward DID trunks are configured as incoming only trunks. DID numbers Callers have convenience of reachingDial are routed directly to a PBX station without having to go through an called party directly, avoiding going through attendant. This requires that the trunk signal a number to identify an attendant the station to the PBX (typically 3 or 4 digits). The digits signaled may be the last 4 digits of the TN assigned as DID. The PBX then determines the station associated with the signaled DID digits.DOD – Direct DOD trunks are configured as outbound only trunks. DOD numbers Callers have convenience of not having toOutward Dial allow a PBX station to make outside calls without having to first dial go through an attendant. an access code such as “9” to receive dial tone from the PSTN.DNIS – Direct Represents a value add toll free service that identifies the toll free Used for call routing but based on toll freeNumber Information number dialed by the caller. This is usually a look up table number dialed. Also used for trafficService associating toll free numbers to specific digit code that is sent to the analyses. PBX.Trunk Group This feature allows for a sub-segmentation of contracted call Allows customers to better plan staffing capacity to meet needs of specific functions within the company, levels, better utilize key functions that have such as Customer Service Group. calls without adversely affecting other functions.Destination If Comcast provided CPE is not reachable (not registered), then Offers a level of disaster protection inUnreachable inbound calls to the trunk group will be forwarded to customer common occurrences such as power defined destination outages.