How to Read Books on iPad Mini/The new iPad


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Want to read some books on your iPad Mini? The article here rightly shows you how to read books on iPad with ease. Go ahead to check the details now!

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How to Read Books on iPad Mini/The new iPad

  1. 1. All rights reserved— to Read Books on iPad Min/The new iPad?Oct 24 , 2012 9:00 am / Posted by Sebastiane Alan to iDevice Tips Follow @Sebastiane Alan weetIt would be a good choice for you to read some books on your iPad/iPad Mini so as to consumeyour free time as well as learn more from reading. There are many ways you can get ebooks toread at leisure time. For example, you can directly download books on your iPad via the readingapp for instant reading when you are free. Or you can also visit some free ebook sites via yourcomputer to get a pile of books you want to read on your iPad.There is not any hassle to get and read books on iPad Mini directly with installed reading appsince the books got via the app are compatible with your device. The problem is how to importdifferent formats of books you downloaded from websites on your computer to iPad toconsume your free time. So, here we will mainly focus on how to transfer/import booksdownloaded on computer to read on an iPad.How to Transfer Books to iPad Mini for Reading?Method 1: Directly Transfer Books from Computer to iPad Mini with iTunesMethod 2: Convert Books on Computer to iPad ePub for Leisure ReadingTo import books to iPad for leisure time reading, you should first consider if the iTunes and theebook reading app are compatible with the books. If yes, then you can rightly follow the firstmethod to transfer your books to read on iPad. If your books are not compatible by your iPadreading app or you can not ensure about the compatibility issue, then you can rightly go to thesecond method to learn how to import books to iPad. Here just lets start the first solution.Method 1: Directly Transfer Books from Computer to iPad Mini with iTunesIf you are using iBooks for reading on your iPad/iPad Mini, then you are able to directly useiTunes to transfer PDF and ePub format books from your computer to iPad for reading. Hereare the steps.Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer, and directly drag and drop the compatible bookfiles into the “Books” playlist on the left bar of iTunes application window.
  2. 2. All rights reserved— 2: Connect your iPad/iPad Mini to the computer. Select your wanted books below the“Books” tab, and then sync them to your iPad.Step 3: After synchronization, you can then disconnect the iPad to see the books are addedin your iBooks library. You can then read these books on your iPad freely at your leisure.Method2: Convert Books to iPad ePub for Leisure ReadingAs it knew to all, ePub is the most commonly used e-book format for Apple devices. So, onceyour books are incompatible with your iPad Mini, then the most effective way to make themcompatible by converting them to ePub format books. To convert files to ePub, you can give atry to iPubsoft ePub Creator. It provides the all-around solutions to convert Word, PDF,HTML, Text, MOBI, etc. to ePub with no hassles. You just need to launch the program, addsource files, set output destination and finally click "Start" to convert your various books intoePub for leisure reading on iPad.Well, no matter your books on computer are compatible with your iPad or not, the solutionslisted above would help you to transfer/import books to iPad for leisure reading. Hope you willenjoy these two methods.Read More:Free Methods to Read ePub on PCHow to Read Kindle Books on iPhone 5/4S/4