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Persuasive Writing Review


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Persuasive Writing Review

  1. 1. Persuasive Writing Review Melissa Hyatt
  2. 2. Format HOW MANY PARAGRAPHS? • Beginning=1 paragraph • Middle=4 paragraphs • End=1 paragraph HOW MANY SENTENCES? 5- 8 sentences per paragraph 30-48 total sentences HOW MUCH TIME? 11/2- 2 Minutes per sentence in a 60 minute test.
  3. 3. Beginning • Begin with a dramatic opening sentence. Example: A recent survey was administered to students at EAJ and the results may astound you. Mrs. Hyatt was named the smartest teacher in room 102! • Provide important background information. • Build powerfully toward your position statement.
  4. 4. Middle Paragraphs Should consist of 4 YOUR WEAKEST paragraphs. POINT Each Paragraph has: • Topic Sentence= your YOUR SECOND points STRONGEST POINT • Support Details (plan on 3 sentences for this) YOUR STRONGEST • Concluding sentence POINT with TRANSITION!! COUNTER ARGUMENT
  5. 5. End • Powerfully restate your position Example: It is obvious to everyone at EAJ, that Mrs. Hyatt is the smartest teacher in room 102. • Sum up your 3 reasons • End with a final insight. Example: As a future teacher, I hope that I will someday be as smart as her.
  6. 6. Prewriting: RULES OF THREE
  7. 7. Prewriting: WHY CHART
  8. 8. Your Turn to Try Draw the “Why Chart” on your paper.
  9. 9. Your Turn to Try Draw the “Rules of Threes” Chart on your paper.
  10. 10. Tips • Use your outline as a writing guide. • To allow room for changes, write on every other line. • First Paragraph should introduce controversy and state your opinion. • Don’t forget the counterargument!
  11. 11. Mnemonic Device???